Friday, June 30, 2017

Review & Giveaway: KISS Album Cover Coaster Set In Miniature Guitar Case

We received a KISS Album Cover Coaster Set in Miniature Guitar Case from the great people at the internet toy company Entertainment Earth to review. We will also be giving a brand new one away to one of our lucky followers.


KISS Miniature Guitar Case Replica

The miniature KISS guitar case is a pretty sweet piece of collectible, even without the 18 KISS album wooden coasters that are included inside. We love 'anything KISS' that comes in a cool case or tin. In this case, the black miniature guitar road case that the album cover coasters come in is very well designed and sturdy. The latch to close and open it is well made and closes tightly. The two KISS logos on the front and back of the case are eye-catching and would make it a great centerpiece for any collection. Inside, the case is lined with a sleek red velvet material that protects the album coaster set. This mini road case is great.

KISS Album Coasters

Wowzers. These album coasters are really well made and capture the iconic KISS album covers like we've never seen before in another collectible. The album covers are coated with a shiny gloss that make them stand out and also protect them from any liquids you may put on them (if you decide to use them as actual drink coasters). The photos of the album covers are about 3 1/2-inches square in size and are attached to a thick cork backboard with the famous KISS logo stamped on the back of each one.

As mentioned before, you get 18 classic KISS album covers neatly packed inside the KISS guitar case replica. The covers include: KISS, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Alive, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun, Alive II, Double Platinum, Gene Simmons Solo , Paul Stanley Solo, Ace Frehley Solo, Peter Criss Solo, Dynasty, Unmasked, Music from the Elder, Creatures of the Night, and a coaster with the KISS Army logo on it. This set is limited to 1,000 pieces and comes individually numbered with a holographic sticker.

Review Conclusion

This is a very unique and cool little piece of KISS kit. Our rule of thumb; any KISS collectible that comes in a snazzy replica guitar road case or a painted tin is an instant classic with us. The band logos on the front and back of this collectible are also a huge seller for us. They sure do stand out. An example; just like the KISS logo on the small KISS guitar case box sets that were out in the early 2000's. Having a collectible with the iconic KISS album covers is a must have in any KISS collection -- new or old.

Get this KISS collectible! We think it's very well made, great looking, and is priced reasonably in comparison to other collectibles. The KISS Album Cover Coaster Set in Miniature Guitar Case would make a great addition to any KISS collection. Order yours today HERE.

The Giveaway

We are giving away one of these nifty KISS Album Cover Coaster Set in Miniature Guitar Case to one of our lucky followers. Check out the information below for full details on how you can win this from us and Entertainment Earth toys.

Good luck to all entrants of our giveaway!


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