Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nikki Sixx Makes A Statement To Paul Stanley

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KISS lead man Paul Stanley has taken to his twitter account to tell Motely Crue bassist Nikki Sixx to stop commenting in public about Gene Simmons' Prince comments.

Paul tweets:
"Jesus Christ Nikki Sixx! Would you please shut up, find another way to be in the news and get off your self inflated pedestal.

Regardless of some things Gene Simmons has said that I may take issue with, his influence on musicians (you included) is undeniable and will continue.

More importantly, his work, generosity and monetary contributions to numerous causes and charities for those less fortunate makes your ongoing rant, in the scheme of things, the unimportant but annoying squeak it truly is.

Move on."

Nikki SIxx wasted no time to post a comment directed at Paul Stanley on his official Facebook page: Nikki writes:
"Looks like good old Paul doesn't like that someone called out his buddy Gene again...I will give him a standing ovation for calling out Gene himself publicly and then trying to hold my feet to the same fire but you can't save him. If the press wants to run with a story they got legs and we all know they need fresh content.I have to admit calling the next Kiss album "Move On" would be a clever idea though...Love to the Starchild. ❤️

We all give to charities and support our troops etc because that the right thing to do with our success.Telling a depressed kid to kill themselves etc etc etc etc is not...So don't confuse issues."


Kyle Knight said...

They're all a bunch of jackasses that have no clue what real life is. Nikki brags about dying from heroin OD...Gene is an ignorant asshole who really should shut up, Paul is a bitch. Prince farted more talent than these has beens will ever collectively have.

Unknown said...

First, big fans of both. Paul, awesome words and after 40years you have the right to bust on Gene. However, Nikki, take note... Yes he spoke out against Gene, but he also has his back. It upsets me as a fan that you continue to spin the spotlight on this issue. He said it, he also explained himself. If you wanted to comment on that, OK. But he was clear when he said drugs and alcohol kill people, pot, you were dead. You don't do that anymore. That I'm happy for that. But don't lose the fact that his point is, not to give up.
Your fan, their fan. Kent

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