Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gene Simmons & Eric Singer Meet Chris West In Charlotte

KISS' Gene Simmons and Eric Singer met up with fan Chris West at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, July 19, 2104. Chris is 15 years old and is battling Hodgkins for the third time.

Update: "WOW! What a night!! I know everyone is dying for an update, so I will leave you in suspense no longer. Chris went to the concert, had a nose bleed but took a rest in the parking lot for a while in between meeting the bands and the music.About 20 minutes after kiss hit the stage he was too tired and came home. We didn't post yesterday because a) Chris didn't know we were trying to get him to meet the band and b) we didn't know exactly how it would all work out. So ALOT of people tried contacting all sorts of people to make a meet/greet with Def Leppard work, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We really appreciate the support of Chris!! So a wonderful nurse at Blume was able to get 2 passes for the VIP experience with Kiss for Brian/Chris with help of someone they know who works with the band. He said he wasn't able to work out much with DL since they are 2 different camps, but try to talk to someone while they are there. Well a week ago Vivian Campbell (the guy from DL w/hodgkins) posted on this page saying alot of people were telling him to meet Chris when they came to town, and he wanted to setup something. Passed info back and forth and he said we would hear from him a few days before show....but we never did. That's fine we have plan a When they got there, Brian told someone what we were trying to do they said they will see and like 2 secs later (before the person could see) DL manager called Brian to say they would get Chris after KISS thing per DL guitarist. And then the manager at PNC came over and said DL had worked out upgrading their seats (we said all along they have tix, we were good in that dept) to about 15 rows from stage! He had a great time at the KISS part; after acoustic set the drummer signed the sticks he was using and walked over and gave to Chris. Kayla got a hello kitty dressed like kiss for her 16th bday (from someone on page I believe ) and got that signed. Brian asked the manager if he could give Kayla his pass to go backstage and he gave them one for her too! Best night ever for the two of them! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in it!! He really had a good night!" ~Michelle