Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ace Frehley Reveals Space Invader Track List

Ace Frehley has unveiled the track list for his upcoming solo effort Space Invader. The LP, due August 19, is more hard hitting than his previous release, Ace told Guitar World magazine:

"I know that everyone is hoping that this album is heavier than the last one, and it is."

"I did most of the recording at my friend's studio in Turlock, California, called the Creation Lab. Turlock is in the middle of nowhere . . . and there are absolutely no distractions when working at this place. You record for eight or 10 or 12 hours, then you go back to the hotel and go to sleep. You wake up and go back to the studio. There's nothing else to do there, which means it's the perfect place for me to record."

Space Invader track list:

01. "Space Invader"

02. "Gimme A Feelin"

03. "I Wanna Hold You"

04. "Change"

05. "Toys"

06. "Immortal Pleasures"

07. "Inside The Vortex"

08. "What Every Girl Wants"

09. "Past The Milky Way"

10. "Reckless"

11. "The Joker"

12. "Starship"

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