Thursday, May 29, 2014

Q&A With KISS Drummer Eric Singer

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I would like to thank everyone for submitting questions for this Q&A and having Eric taking his own time to answer them! Enjoy and thank you all for the support! - Kevin Ganley - page admin of

Q: From Bob Trottier: Why did you decide to put the CHIKARA symbol on your vest??? IT LOOKS AWESOME BY THE WAY! Thanks!
ES: Since we decided to not have "new" costumes this year, I thought I would kinda "add " to my existing outfit with small details. I'll keep doing that with what I wear thru out the year (belt buckles,necklace etc...)

Q: From Thomas Schiphof: Eric, Are you still doing session work as drummer besides KISS, and what do you think a good session drummer has to be capable of? Thx a lot!
ES: I do not do much outside KISS as I used to. I love all types music and enjoy playing different styles, but KISS has kept me busy for the most part and no need to look elsewhere
As for "session" type drumming ? It takes discipline and practise on a regular basis to stay on your game. Not something many people can do. That is why there are only a handful of guys who do most of the session work.

Q: From Sacha Thevenin: Hi Eric, I want to know, who inspired you when you were young and what kind of music you're listening when you're at home apart from KISS?
ES: I was inspired by a home filled with Music as my parents both were/are musicians themselves. My Brothers and Sister also played instruments. I loved mostly 60-70's music and still listen to my favorite bands to this day (Sabbath,Zeppelin,Sweet,Deep Purple, Montrose, Bad Company etc...) But when at home I usually listen to Classical Music with Mozart being the favorite of all.

Q: From Jérémie Tremblay: Hi Eric! I am 13 years old and I play drums because of you. When I'll be older, I'd like to play in a band. What advices can you give me to play well night after night without having pain in the arms and to stay myself in this crazy world? Thank you, keep up the great work!
ES: I suggest maybe try exercise to keep your body strong and in shape. It really helps my drumming for sure. And of course being rehearsed and prepared so you can relax and "enjoy" the music and play as if your breathing naturally will also contribute to consistency in your drumming. Remember to take all things slow and easy and build up your drumming and strength one day at a time...

Q: From Rod Ward: Hey Eric, given that KISS plays mostly the "hits" do you ever ask Paul & Gene to play anything from Carnival Of Souls or Revenge? Paul says he didn't care for Carnival of Souls- he said Gene pushed more for the album.....Thanks!!
ES: We talk about different songs from time to time, I don't think many of those songs work for a Live show unless it's a diehard KISS audience ala the KISS Kruise ! But you never know what we may pull out of the hat one day
I'm always open to play anything.

Q: From Jack Smith: Hey Eric, I'd like to know what your favorite on stage memory was?
ES: Hard to say as there have been so many. I think getting to play with so many of my influences and bands that I grew up on is at times like a dream to me. So although I cannot single out a certain gig, I will just say everything in my ongoing storyline in the music biz has been awesome !

Q: From Zack Ouellette: Hey Eric, I'd like to know what is your favorite costume or outfit that you have worn in KISS?
ES: Never thought about this question. hmmmmmm ?
I like the vest(s) I have used past couple years since I designed them and was able to contribute to the details to personalize them

Q: From Mark Wells: Hi Eric, what do you think of your signature series snare and do you use one on stage?
ES: The Eric Singer PEARL snare was a great drum (10 ply maple with 3 air vents in Silver Sparkle paint) A VERY Loud drum. I have been using a 13" x 7" PEARL steel shell drum
that I just love. I switch from time to time. I also have been using a 70's PEARL "Jupiter: chrome over brass shell 14" x 5" for some stuff. Love those drums too

Q: From Alzi Clanton: Hi Eric, I know you're a noted watch collector, do you have a favorite watch in your collection? Is there a type of watch you'd would like to own that you do not yet have? - Alzi
ES: I like/love all watches from inexpensive to haute horology timepieces. I Guess Vintage HEUER chronographs PANERAI,ANONIMO,Jaeger LeCoultre,OMEGA,Hublot,Rolex,BALL etc... are some favorite brands that come to mind. But I really have passion and love for so many brands/watches !

Q: From Rhiannon Smith: Hi Eric, can't wait for the next tour to start! My question to you is have you ever seen both Queen and Olivia Newton John live in concert?
ES: I saw QUEEN 3 times with Freddie Mercury and twice with Paul Rodgers (I also did a few gigs with them as a 2nd drummer early 2000's)
Never saw Olivia Newton John, but I was in one of her videos in 1984 !

Q: From Simon Bondesson: Hello Eric! My question is: Why are your cymbals tightend so hard during the Rock the Nation tour?
ES: I many times do a lot of "cymbal catches" and need control over the movement of cymbals when I hit them or I end up with gashes on my knuckles ! Also I like the even symmetry of the all flat cymbals set-up

Q: From Charity Marie Jackson: Hi Eric, how does it feel to be a part of KISS? Does it bother you that people say you aren't the real catman?
ES: I have always been proud and honored to play with all the bands/artists I have worked with thru out my career. Being in KISS is no easy task, and I have enjoyed all of it, the ups and downs during my journey I love making music and playing drums and that justifies everything for me.

Q: From Astrid Maldonado: Hello Eric!, what is your opinion on Mexican KISS fans? Best Regards, Astrid
ES: All KISS fans are great around the world, but I have to say Latin American countries are special because of their outward pouring of emotions that they proudly wear on their sleeves and share openly for us to see and feel ! Very intense indeed !!

Q: From Bryan Thouvenel: Hey Eric, 2 questions; Do you think KISS will or could continue without Gene and/or Paul? and Would you ever wear the Fox makeup as a tribute to the late great Eric Carr?
ES: I have no idea about the future regarding this type scenario. I live in today's KISS and just enjoy what we do now. Although I respect Eric Carr and know what he means to his many fans , I do not see that happening...

Q: From Mark Willett: If you had the chance to put together a Supergroup for a one night performance with members from who you have played with in your career, who would be in the band?
ES: Brian May and Gary Moore on Guitar, Bob Daisley on Bass, Ray Gillen & Glenn Hughes on vocals And for musicians I have not played with? Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury or Steve Marriott, John Lord, Paul McCartney, John Bonham

Q: From Devena Besley: Do you have any future plans for the Eric Singer Project?
ES: Bruce, John,Chuck and I speak occasionally about trying to play some dates with ESP. Just not an easy task based on all our schedules as we play in different bands with our main gigs. Possibly sometime end of year or 2015 perhaps. Always open to that in the future if/when possible.