Monday, April 7, 2014

Paul Stanley's "Ask Me Anything" Session On Reddit

Paul took part in an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on this morning. Here are his answers to the many questions that fans asked:

* Paul_Stanley: I am Paul Stanley – author of the the book Face The Music, musician, author, cook, painter. Oh and I almost forgot…KISS. AMA

toborknip: Unlike many other bands, KISS seems to be passed on from parents their children, what would you tell the little ones that freak out and get excited watching your performances, and the ones that you inspire to follow the path of music / rock ? How do you feel about being able to reach out to new generations with your art?

* Paul_Stanley: KISS at this point is almost more a tribe. We're much more than a band. The idea that there is a right of passage from one generation to the other is humbling & rewarding. That parents want their children to share something that is and was important to them is profound. I'm humbled.

finnlizzy: I want to rock and roll all night, but have other commitments during the day.
How do you do it?

* Paul_Stanley: Don't do it every night.

kenp2: I have read that you have gotten a cochlear implant in your right ear and can hear sounds on that side thru bone conduction. does this mean that you experience music in a stereo sense? or is it still different? BTW huge fan! I met you at the KISS/Aerosmith meet and greet and was too nervous to say anything other than to shake your hand twice! You signed an ID sheet I bought at the KISS auction.

* Paul_Stanley: Great question! I did have a bone conduction implant done. But honestly at this point in my life, it's very difficult for your brain to adjust and rewire in a sense - in other words, I've spent my life hearing the way I think of as "normal" and to hear any other way is very confusing. I took the implant out.

jerry1013: Hey Paul, What's a good "hidden gem" in the KISS catalog for you? As someone who loves all of your albums, it'd be interesting to find out what song(s) you feel deserve some praise they don't usually get. (Nowhere To Run would be my pick)

* Paul_Stanley: I'm with you.

eskebaeb: Hey Paul!! I've been a fan of Kiss for 30 years and I actually helped put together the first online Kiss F.A.Q back in 1993 You were always my favorite member of the band (for songwriting, voice, and on-stage persona) Can you give us a quick story of a funny prank you (or one of the other guys) pulled on someone else in the band back in the day?

* Paul_Stanley: Gene hates any kind of shellfish among other things. One night i had lobster for dinner before the show, and saved the body with the tentacles on it. During a blackout between songs, I snapped it on his microphone, and when he went to sing, it was staring him in the face. He freaked out!

mikescherrer: Hey Paul big fan of Kiss, I don't have much to ask but thank you for the music you have given the world, But what is your favorite pizza topping.

* Paul_Stanley: Oh boy. Grilled prosciutto, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms. PLUS CHEESE!

blackdiamond19: How different do you think KISS would have been if the late and very talented Eric Carr were still alive? Did he bring something different to the band that other members have not? Would the makeup for Tommy be different and do you think there would be less controversy about Ace and Peter if the band never went back to using their makeup? Thank you for all the great music and shows, can't wait to see you again in Sacramento!

* Paul_Stanley: Eric, in a sense, was a wakeup call for us. And a reminder of what we had lost. He was a devoted member of the band, and reminded us of who we were when we started. It's a nonstarter as far as different makeup for Tommy. We have nurtured our image for 40 years without ever abandoning the band. And in fact, are proud to continue those 4 iconic images without any regard to any past members including Ace and Peter. After all, if it meant so much to them, they wouldn't have sold them. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU in Sacramento!

OhShitItsSeth: Hey Paul, thanks for the AMA! My question is: What Def Leppard song are you most looking forward to hear this summer on your co-headlining tour?

* Paul_Stanley: Photograph.

Kknowsbest: What is the best advice ever given to you?

* Paul_Stanley: Don't listen to advice. Follow your passion.

hesouryou: What's your favorite snack food when touring?

* Paul_Stanley: That's tough because my favorite snack foods aren't the ones that are best for me, but they taste great. I've got a serious sweet tooth and love chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake for starters. How can anyone say a carrot tastes better than those?

operation_hennessey: Tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising.

* Paul_Stanley: At this point, you know a lot!

kevinb2k6: Did you ever want to punch Gene Simmons in the face?

* Paul_Stanley: I'm really not a violent guy. But like all great relationships, we have had some moments where I was very angry or frustrated. Punching someone is never the solution.

TiltDogg: Hi, Paul! Thanks so much for doing this! As much as I would love to ask you something about one of your many other talents and endeavors, there is a KISS related question that has burned in my mind a million times over. So there you are, on the stage in front of 45,000 screaming fans, blasting out an energetic classic like Detroit Rock City, and the rush has got to be AMAZING... But, there is so much energy and preparing and shit-to-do... Are there some show mornings when you wake up and just don't feel like f**king with it? Do you have to MAKE yourself get into that mood to project that vibe to not disappoint the fans, or does it just happen? I would suspect that, at SOME point, you have to be like, "Man, f**k this s**t... I just wanna eat pizza and watch Leave It To Beaver."

* Paul_Stanley: HA! The truth is, there are days when it may look like a big mountain to climb but by the time I get to the show, I can't wait. When I'm sick, when I'm not well, at those times, it's a testament to the fans and the adrenaline you produce in me that turns me into superman.

seajellie: Have you seen the movie Role Models? Any thoughts on their LARPing with your band's likeness? Thanks!!!

* Paul_Stanley: I thought Role Models was very funny, and when you are a part of the consciousness of society, and find yourself in films and TV shows, you probably have done something right.

nutwrinkles: Hey Paul - KISS was my first concert - '77 at the Garden. Any place you haven't played yet that you still like to?

* Paul_Stanley: Gee that's a tough one. We've played the arena in Verona where the gladiators used to fight. And that is pretty awesome. As far as places we haven't played, I'm sure I could come up with a list. But not now.

riguitargod: Hi Paul! Looking forward to meeting you in TriBeCa tonight! Are there any aspects of a stage show that you've wanted to incorporate, but for technical reasons, haven't been able to? I loved the spider stage on the monster tour!

* Paul_Stanley: We are always trying to push the envelope and still retain our edge. I think the Monster stage is the best stage we have ever had, and incorporates technology without being overwhelmed by it.

vh7884: What is your favorite KISS guitar solo?

* Paul_Stanley: I guess the most signature solo would be Detroit Rock City.

toborknip: Hey Paul, will your tour include Argentina? say yess! xoxo

* Paul_Stanley: I will do my best and you know we always try to come see you and most of the time, we do.

Birks1: Hey Paul Is Gene really the Marketing genius they portray him on Television as? If so, was that a big part in the success of kiss?

*Paul_Stanley: Gene is my brother. And he is most adept at marketing himself. We have done great things together.

TReilly24: Starting a new pro sports team can be a risky undertaking. Were you ever hesitant about getting involved? Thanks for always making tour stops in Scranton, PA.

* Paul_Stanley: No guts, no glory! Why hold yourself back? The gains can be so much bigger than the possible downside. The football team was too enticing to not do. We are delivering great sport and spectacle at a price that everyone can afford. What's bad about that? So far, it's been a huge success and I couldn't be prouder.

VIParadigm: The name. How did it come aboot?

* Paul_Stanley: I thought of KISS as a name that would seem familiar worldwide. It's a word everyone seems to know, with many meanings. It's also in my book, Face The Music.

DerianDomitruk: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?

* Paul_Stanley: Erin. And my four kids. I'd sneak them under my jacket or in a suitcase but they're coming!

BRAman22: What is your favorite Kiss song to play live?

* Paul_Stanley: I love Detroit Rock City!

4orced4door: My parents "accidentally" named me Paul Stanley, so I'd just like to say thanks for having middle aged people ask me if I've ever heard of KISS twice a month. I think my Mom may have secretly been a fan. Once I had some repairmen march into my house singing "I Wanna Rock and Roll all Night" because of my name on the work order, so that's a plus.

* Paul_Stanley: Your mom has great taste! And by the way, I love your book, Face The Music.

smelltheglove81: How did you feel about punk rock when it started getting big back in the late seventies?

* Paul_Stanley: I thought it was fine. I just think that a message, no matter what it is, doesn't validate poor playing. It can't be a substitute.

Pennstater22: Hey Paul! I will be at your book signing in NYC tonight! If I give you an "everybody said she's looking good, and the lady knows it's understood," will you finish it for me???

* Paul_Stanley: Strutter!

Virez: Are u a gear geek/freak ?...or do u just play whatever is around.

*Paul_Stanley: I'm not a gear geek.

coolbeansbrah: Do you Live to Win?

* Paul_Stanley: Yes. Living to Win doesn't mean that you always succeed, but you are a winner just by following your own path.

GoProDad: I lost a girlfriend in Canada to a guy who was in a Kiss Look A Like band called Alive. His name was Spearo and he dressed as Gene Simmons. From this day forward, I hated the band. Do you know Spearo? Tell him I am still going to kick his ass.

* Paul_Stanley: I know Spearo. And he's a great guy. He just dressed as the wrong member!

ptanaka: Hey Paul - I saw you on CBS this morning. Were those your paintings in the background? If So... HELLO?!??! ! You be talented. And if not... YOU COLLECT WELL. Either way, a win for Paul!

* Paul_Stanley: Yes they are mine. And thanks!

* Paul_Stanley: I'm told I've gotta go now. I hope you've enjoyed this half as much as I have, if not more! I'll be looking for all of you on tour and also if I'm doing a book signing in your town, come see me.