Thursday, April 10, 2014

Audio: KISS 1973 Loft Rehearsal


Gray Flannel Videos: Rare recording of Kiss rehearsing at their New York City loft (10 East 23rd Street) in May 1973. I cannot vouch 100% for the authenticity of this recording, but to my ears it sounds l...ike the real deal. And if it's not then, hey, at least you didn't have to pay to hear it!

At the time this recording was supposedly made, Kiss had already performed their first handful of shows and were still taking up residence in local New York clubs (at least one reference to the Daisy (a club in Amityville) can be heard on this tape). They had not yet been signed to a record contract.

Track Listing:

- Soundcheck
- Strutter
- Firehouse
- Watchin' You
- Let Me Know
- Life in the Woods (false start)
- Life in the Woods
- Acrobat