Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today In KISStory - 1996 | Photo: wikipedia

Today In KISStory - March 12, 1996: "KISS Unplugged" is released.

On August 9, 1995, KISS performed on MTV Unplugged in what fans consider the beginning of the eventual KISS Reunion Tour. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons contacted former members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley and invited them to participate in the event. Fan reaction to Criss and Frehley at the Unplugged show was so positive that, in 1996, the original lineup of KISS reunited, with all four original members together for the first time since 1980. It also marked the only time the original lineup performed live without their trademark makeup, other than at Ace Frehley's wedding, and was also the only time Frehley and Criss shared a stage with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Further, it was the first time Eric Singer had part of a lead vocal (shared with Peter Criss on "Nothin' To Lose").

Track Listing:

1. "Comin' Home"
2. "Plaster Caster"
3. "Goin' Blind"
4. "Do You Love Me?"
5. "Domino" 6
6. "Sure Know Something"
7. "A World Without Heroes"
8. "Rock Bottom"
9. "See You Tonight"
10. "I Still Love You"
11. "Every Time I Look at You"
12. "2,000 Man"
13. "Beth"
14. "Nothin' to Lose"
15. "Rock and Roll All Nite"
16. "Got to Choose (Japan Bonus Track)"