Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three Sides Of The Coin - Episode #65 - We Discuss YOUR Hate For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And KISS

KISS is not playing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as of today, lol). This announcement has sent shivers through the KISS Army and might have actually divided the army. The hate is is more than we can ever remember around KISS. What is with all this hate from the fans towards KISS and towards other fans?

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C Medek said...

The 3 Sides panel Michael Brandvold,Mitch Lafon and Tommy Sommers talk about the behavior of some KISS fans regarding their performance or non performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.They go over KISS comments and former band statements. The conclusion is we really won't know until the day after.Also discussed is the terrible behavior of some fans,name calling (including family members) and even threat to the health of current members.While many of us have enjoyed being KISS fans this behavior is uncalled for.It can give all of us KISS fans a bad name even though most can act responsibly.

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