Monday, March 24, 2014

Social Media Helps Sick Johnson County Boy's Dream Come True


PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - A Johnson County boy's dream is coming true. The 8-year-old has been through several operations including four jaw surgeries. He has a unique music interest for a young boy...and thanks to social media he will meet his musical heroes.

About 6 months into her pregnancy, Natasha Miller, received devastating news.

"They unfortunately thought it would be in my best interest to terminate my pregnancy at that point," explains Miller.

Miller says she could not do that, and went to see specialists in Cincinnati where a few months later her son was born and diagnosed with Nager Syndrome.

"When he was born there were 90 documented cases and 24 survivors," says Miller.

Now, eight years later..."He has a trach, he has a feeding tube, he has a medi-port, he has shortened arms, and he does not have thumbs," Miller explains.

However, what Isaac does a love for the 70s rock band, KISS!

Miller says her son discovered the band one day while watching videos on YouTube.

"Our lives have not been the same ever since. It is KISS birthday parties, KISS halloween, everything...he wants a KISS hermit crab, a KISS hearing aid," she explains.

A few days ago she found out that this summer, the group is playing in Cincinnati...the town where Isaac was born.

Miller says, "I was overwhelmed with people who were like, 'I want him to go! I want to help'."

So, a website to raise money for tickets was set up.

"Before even 24 hours, there was over $1,300 in there," says Miller.

The website spread like wildfire through social media with the help of groups like the 'KISS Army'. Bringing in donations from several states as well as Canada and Australia.

Miller says, "Okay that's enough we got enough for tickets...they were like No! We want him to have a limo ride, a nice motel room, one t-shirt of every kind."

They also worked to get the attention of the group, and it worked!

Thursday night, Miller, received a phone call from a man who works with the band.

She says, "He explained to go ahead and get our tickets, but don't buy meet and greet tickets..that he was going to take care of that for our family."

Folks from all over coming together, to make sure Isaac's dream comes true. As he will rock and roll all night with the band that puts a smile on his face

"Shows you there are still good people out there," says Miller.

The KISS and Def Leppard concert is July 15th.

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