Monday, March 17, 2014

Rock Hall Band Members Inductees


I wonder if anything is going to change down the road regarding multiple band members getting inducted. It's pretty clear the Hall itself doesn't know how to handle any of this. The carelessness of past snubs has never been corrected. Anyway there's this bit of NomCom history:

Former NomCom member Jeff Tamarkin wrote this on his Facebook page:

As much as I despise Kiss, Paul Stanley is actually correct when he says that the R&R Hall of Fame bends its rules at whim. He cites the Grateful Dead's induction and his take on that is 100% accurate. I was on the Hall's nominating committee when the Dead were being inducted. Jon Landau, Bruce's manager and one of the big shots at the Hall, asked me to find out from the Dead which members they wanted included. The word came back from their spokesman: "all or none." And so Robert Hunter, their chief songwriter who was never an official band member, was inducted along with, I think, 11 or 12 others. That even included Vince Welnick, who had only been playing keyboards with them for several years.

Similar situations have occurred with other bands, and then there has been the opposite: many instances where a lead singer was inducted but not the band members (which is why the E Street Band are going in now), or situations where key members were inducted but not later or earlier ones (as with Jefferson Airplane, who chose to induct only the best known six members from their prime years, shunning Skip Spence, Signe Anderson, Papa John Creach, Joey Covington and John Barbata).

In other words, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame remains a big joke.

Also for all you Dave Marsh haters, more from Tamarkin:

Jeff Tamarkin ....that doesn't explain why only six of the Airplane's full-time members were inducted. In each case it was left up to the bands to decide. And having been a member of the committee when both of them were nominated, I can tell you that there was some definite opposition--mostly from the loudmouth likes of Dave Marsh, who hates most West Coast music--against nominating the Dead, the Doors and others from both halves of the state.

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