Monday, March 3, 2014

Eddie Trunk: "New KISS HOF Info"


Eddie Trunk: "Quick update on the Kiss R&R HOF drama. My sources telling me that as of now, unless Gene and Paul change their mind and decide to play with the original band, there will be no performance of any kind for the bands induction. Common thought was that perhaps an all star band would be assembled to tribute Kiss since there is no performance from them now with any version of the band. But there will be no tribute either. Likely just a video package on the screens. So where we stand now is no performance at all of any kind related to Kiss, or the original band does a song or two in or out of makeup. And we all no as of now that ain’t happening. Still time for things to change but very reliable sources telling me that’s the HOF position as of now. Also each of the four original members get 3 minutes each for their speeches during the induction and only those inducted are at the podium for those speeches."

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C Medek said...

Gee and those forced reunions worked so well for Guns & Roses,Van Halen CCR.What I gather from the KISS statement is an offer was made to include all.Ace,Peter didn't wish to share the performance with others.So now we have the KISS ultimatum "Induct all or no performance" .The HOF ultimatum only originals perform or no performance.The common ground appears to be no performance.Thanks HOF for taking KISSAPOOLOSA and turning it into a TV appearance.

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