Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peter Criss Addresses Rock Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Original KISS drummer Peter Criss took to his official website to address KISS' Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony coming up this April at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Peter writes:

To KISS fans,

"It's disappointing to have to say to you, the fans, that as of today, Ace and I have been denied a performance with Gene and Paul for our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Tickets go on sale on Monday, Feb. 24th, and I wanted to make sure that fans understood that no original performance, in or out of makeup, has been offered to us before they purchased their tickets. This is disgraceful and I feel bad for the fans who were looking forward to the four of us being inducted together."

God Bless,

Peter Criss - The Catman

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Veronica Seabrook said...

I was incredibly happy to know KISS has at last to have their induction - but this has soured it. We know others have contributed to KISS over the years - but this should be Gene and Paul, along with Peter and Ace giving a special historical performance that will never be repeated. The decision sucks not to have it happen.

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