Monday, February 3, 2014

KISS' Gene Simmons Talks His "Smart Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle"

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Gene Simmons is tired of wannabe rockers being drawn to the "stupid rock 'n' roll lifestyle".

The KISS rocker doesn't understand why so many up-and-coming musicians experiment with drugs or drink excessively. Gene, 64, insists there is more to being a rock god that pushing your health to the limits.

"There is a smart rock 'n' roll lifestyle and a stupid rock 'n' roll lifestyle. No one ever talks about the intelligent one, while the stupid one has always appealed to many," he told

"But in the end the coolest rock stars are all dead. Perhaps they were the coolest, but they are dead now. Jimi Hendrix is dead, Jim Morrison is dead, Kurt Cobain is dead... I am clever and I'll survive because I live a smart rock 'n' roll life. I've never done drugs and it's a personal choice, I am not interested in harming myself. If you want to run your personal marathon you gotta go at your own pace, it doesn't matter if someone else overtakes you, the turtle will win, and turtles know rock 'n' roll."

The bassist's bandmate Paul Stanley echoed his friend's remarks. He worries many youngsters have totally the wrong idea about being a rock star, insisting it is about your state of mind and following your passion rather than living a life of debauchery.

"Being rock 'n' roll doesn't mean having tattoos on your arms, earrings, or a bandana on your head. It means being free. You can live the rock 'n' roll life even if you are a doctor, or a cleaner. I never give too much importance to criticism; I just follow my heart and my passions. And this is something anyone can do, really," he explained.

"People think that the rock 'n' roll lifestyle is stupid, or destructive. Mutilating your body and poisoning your mind in the name of rock 'n' roll is, in fact, stupid. You should get the best from your life, without giving up any part of it."

Paul would like people to understand it is hard work and being responsible that are the most important things, not pumping drugs into your body to try and get heightened experiences. He puts more value on being open, honest and proud of his achievements.

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