Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eddie Trunk: "Ace Frehley & Peter Criss Not Being Allowed To Play With KISS At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame"

Radio and T.V. personality Eddie Trunk just spoke with original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley on his Friday night radio show. Eddie Trunk just tweeted:
"Exclusive news now breaking on my radio show! @ace_frehley @PeterCriss not being allowed to play with @KISSOnline at R&R HOF!"

Story developing...

Read the KISS Army's reaction to this story and leave a comment HERE.

*Update @ 2:17 A.M. EST Feb. 22, 2014

Eddie Trunk: "As I have said consistently, when there was news on what will happen w/ @KISSOnline & the HOF I would let it come from them, and it just did. The HOF made it clear they want the original band being inducted playing. Gene & Paul have declined to allow that as per Ace & Peter tonight.
About to start the drive home to NJ. Shitty news indeed for fans hoping for a song at least one last time. But at least we know. Thanks to for using my show to break that exclusive. Wish it was better news but it is what it is & as Ace said time to move on. Ace also explained he needed to get this out now w/tix for HOF ceremony about to go on sale. Didn't want people misled they will see reunion."


Anonymous said...

Gene and Paul have undeniably lost their minds and will undoubtedly lose many fans over this ridiculous and absurd decision.

Mkaay said...

So a tribute band is playing....

Nelly Perez said...

Such a MF'ing Damn shame

Anonymous said...

SOLUTION: As KISS is famous for stealing everything they do from other bands who proved successful in their own merits (make-up from Alice Cooper, NY Dolls, "Live" album from Peter Frampton, acoustic album from Rod Stewart, Telsa, Nirvana, etc.. reunion tour from you-name-it, farewell tours, etc.), here's an idea in which they can steal from themselves. Remember their pathetic "Acoustic" show on MTV? They had Ace and Peter walk out and join the band for a few songs which triggered a reunion tour. Do the same thing with all the members at the RNRHOF. Play songs starting with original line-up, move to replacements and then finish with original. Shake hands and get on with your lives. NO MAKE-UP unless... KISS would like to be somewhat original and make Tommy and Eric develop new characters ala Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr, so there is no more comparisons to the Cat and Spaceman and fans will not look at them as their own tribute band! Again, they intoduce the new characters and move on. End one era, continue with another era. That is exactly what the fans want and NEED. What a fitting way to acknowledge the original musical KISS and the current touring band KISS all at the same time. Now that's closure!

Anonymous said...

I read the statement by kiss about Ace & Peter & the decision to not perform at all with any line up. I think it's a damn shame that people in the media can make comments without all of the facts - it sounded to me like KISS wasn't going to deny playing with them or honoring what they were to the history of the band, to do so would be a disgrace to the fans and to them as well. Fans want KISS in any form (true fans anyway)people say they have stolen ideas from other bands well so have other bands it's the music business for God's sake that shit happens. I have been a fan of every line up and will continue to be a fan as for the so-called fans stop your damn bitching and ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!!

Veronica Seabrook said...

I have read about how Peter said he and Ace are both disappointed to "have been denied a performance with Gene and for our Rock and Roll Hall of Induction."
If they are willing, and the fans want it - why doesn't Gene and Paul let it happen? We know others have contributed to KISS over the years, but Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace are the line up that should be there at this never to be repeated special occasion.

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