Saturday, January 4, 2014

Will Original KISS Line-Up Play Rock Hall Induction Ceremony?

KISS frontman Paul Stanley made it clear yesterday to fans on Twitter that the original KISS line-up will not be forming again to tour after their induction in to the Rock Hall of Fame this April at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Today we woke to more news from Paul Stanley on Twitter that the original KISS line-up might not even play together on the same stage (once more) at the Rock Hall induction ceremony. Paul tweets, answering a fan question last night:

Q: @CMahrle: "is gene ace and peter and yourself going to play the hof together."

A: Paul Stanley: "Seems unlikely."

Story developing...

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Daniel Eidet said...

My wife and I just bought tickets to NYC and joined the Rock Hall just for the purpose of witnessing the original four perform for one last time. They absolutely have no respect for their fans. The Spaceman and the Catman are characters that they dress Eric and Tommy up in. Ace and Peter wrote and performed their biggest songs. My point? They were more than just the "characters" that Gene and Paul think we want to see. It's B.S. and yet just another reason I've lost so much respect for them as a tattooed member of tge KISS Army since 1978.

Allymylove said...

First of all, congratulations award. I love KISS. It is an attitude that values ​​lot of songs sophisticated, performance, and fan. I think that it does not talk about the original members without success and glory of KISS now. Yes, it is the presence Poul, Gean, Ace & Peter are to be respected # 1. Paul told interest is not in the Reuniom tour. I thought again, KISS now that he's a possession of Gean and Paul. KISS fan of many of Japan has been rooting for them since the 1970s. And Eric came involved the original members, to KISS, the other members are also respected. Why Ace or would have been loved by many fans still? The reason for the one, I think in a place not a Yesman? My husband said this. And, I have only two men of KISS now. I did not understand the meaning. But I will tell you if now. What I want to say No. 1, is that the original members is that it is there to be respected # 1. For example, Van Halen is as was the case. I want you to not be in the band of only making money on KISS. I love KISS! Domo Arigato & Thank you. H. N

Allymylove said...
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