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No Reunion Tour Planned For Original KISS Members After Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony This April | Source:

Well, don't expect another reunion tour with original KISS members anytime soon. Apparently, this coming April's Rock Hall induction ceremony will not be the beginning of another KISS reunion tour with the four original founding members like back in 1996.

Paul Stanley was answering some questions today on his official Twitter account when a fan asked if the original KISS line-up would reunite after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Paul's answer was brief, clear, and to the point.

Q: @chrisipacs: "do you think the rrhof induction ceremony could bring another reunion tour? ( fingers crossed)."

A: Paul Stanley: "Not interested"
KISS' induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is on April 10th. 


Anonymous said...

Paul and Gene are always so flip about the original other two guys.

They both tend to forget that Peter & Ace helped them get to the comfortable financial places they are both enjoying today.

While they love to take credit away from Peter, it was the song Beth, whether he wrote it or not, that brought them into the mainstream. Gene has been pecking away at Peter and his contribution to Beth. No he didn't write it all, but he helped tweak it. But why do these two diminish what he and Ace contributed?

Peter's delivery of that song brought KISS into the mainstream. To go back in time, if it wasn't for Beth, who knows where KISS might've ended up? A few years in the '70's only to slide into obscurity like Twisted Sister and other metal bands who only had a short while of staying power? Or become an underground cult band like Gawr?

I'm sure some here will beg to differ with me, but Peter's rendition of Beth firmly cemented KISS in the mainstream. Sure they had other minor league hits and Rock and Roll All Nite is the national sporting anthem, but they're most well known for their break outside of tradition with Beth. That put them on the proverbial charts.

So to keep diminishing and flagrantly putting out there that 'they' meaning Paul & Gene 'aren't interested' in further tours and such just makes them sound as bitter and they accuse Ace & Peter of being.

They don't have to do any reunion tours, but they could be a bit more graceful about 'shutting that door' instead of bitter comments.

When the band started in '73 Gene & Paul both knew that Ace & Peter had issues and were/could be disruptive early on. So with this in mind I wonder why they both tolerated it until '79? As both of them are teetotalers I would think the drinking/drug culture that Ace & Peter belonged to would have been a sore point from the get go- so I wonder why they stuck with them for several years? Because they knew the FANS loved them ALL as a group.

But you know, they spent many good years together and both Gene & Paul have to know that Ace & Peter were the pages to G&P's binding. One faction wouldn't have made it without the other at that time in music history.

So Gene and Paul should be more gracious about this- for the sake of one more appearance. Paul could've easily said that KISS is now Tommy, Eric, Paul and Gene so no, we won't be touring w/the original members. He would've gotten his point across without sounding bitter. His stark and tart 'not interested' comment makes me think he really has forgotten where they all came from back in 1973.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the alive album put them on the map, following that beast of an album was a task, it was also a new direction in sound & music. The album (destroyer) was extremely commercial, actually ahead of its time as far as glossy/pop/ polished rock goes.I listened to destroyer today and was very impressed, alot when into these songs, overly produced perhaps, as well as eliminated ace in ways due to the slick, commercial direction, however what he did play was largely felt.
This album was tanking as Detroit rock city was being ignored by radio due to length my guess. Peter brought the song Beth to gene etc, though he thought of letting rod Stewart record it for obvious reasons. This song by PETER criss saved the album, I was there in 76, I recall how it went down. Peter also sang, maybe wrote hard luck woman from a different release, another song that radio embraced. These are hardly my fav kiss songs, but these cheesy songs sung by Peter kept them on the radio, opening doors to albums sold, sold out tours , as well as people embracing the edgier kiss songs. It was also Peter that sings one of kiss' s best songs ever ( black diamond) and of course the kiss sound/vibe is pure ace frehley. Gene/Paul know this, they now are in denial, it's actually gene/ Paul that are nothing in the band.Gene is an avg. At best bass player, and can't sing, nor can Paul, both are pure hype...pretenders in ways, living off a past that other members had a huge part in. Gene now looks like an old & outdated cartoon figure, some type of Tonka toy, gee...don't us think it's time to revamp the aged look? Paul looks aged, and out of place on stage, very girly looking on stage.

Poor gene is afraid of change, afraid of moving forward with new ideas, what the band was once built on, he's afraid of changing the coke can/marketing look which may lead to lost fans.
I won't even comment on the scab players that dress up like the originals( refer back to coke can look for $) the ace robot has the exact hair style/ length from the mid 70's, even an exact colored guitar, it's a scam for ignorant people. Gene is a con artist. Sick of it? Boycott kiss, hit gene where it hurts....don't go to the cheesy/lazy shows, or buy anything kiss related, but buy everything from Peter and ace.

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