Thursday, January 30, 2014

KISS - Live At The Daisy - 1973 (Upgrade)

Necramonium: This is one of the most earliest possible audio recording of a KISS concert! This is KISS as raw as you could get! Until now only Acrobat was available from the show, but the full show, 2 sets, appeared in the bootleg scene in the end of the 2013! The show is a bit different from what a KISS show eventually would become a year later.

What is most prominent is Gene completely overdoing it in some songs, he probably was just too exited to play. Peter introduces 1/2 songs, doing what i think better than Paul did over the years, especially Peter screaming "Let's take this place down!" when they go into "Firehouse". Gene also introduces a song but uses that mostly to promote so people can get on their mailing list. But what has to be the most special about this gig is that they played a song from their Wicked Days, Simple Type, even though Gene was a bit too exited in his vocal parts. Also interesting is the band doing a very early KISS song that pretty much got dropped/forgotten completely (KISS played it by request on KISS Kruise II in 2012!) called "Life In The Woods", even fans were allowed to sing along on the stage as you can hear! Set two only holds a few songs and is in poorer quality.

All the songs have been upgraded, a more clearer crisp sound, the most of the prominent hizzing noise has been removed as well and a small amount of bass has been added.

*The pictures used in the video are not from the Daisy June gig but from the Daisy gig in April of 1973! At that show, pretty much nobody showed up.*

Location: Amityville, NY
Venue: The Daisy
No Opening Act
Promoter: In-house
Attendance: Unknown


1.Nothin' To Lose
3.Life In The Woods
4.Simple Type
7.100,000 Years
8.Black Diamond

Set 2:
2.Watchin' You
3.Let Me Know
(rest is not available)