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Today in KISStory - 1999


Today in KISStory - Dec. 31, 1999: KISS plays Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and records/films material for what should have been 'ALIVE IV' but was later titled "Alive: The Millennium Concert".

From Youtuber "almosthuman56": The Millennium Concert (recorded on December 31, 1999 at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, Canada) was originally to have been released as Alive IV in 2000 but because Kiss' parent label Mercury was swallowed by the Universal/Vivendi merger, Alive IV was shelved. Universal later agreed to Kiss using Mercury to release what would become The Millennium Concert as Alive IV, but then it was shelved indefinitely and the band would release the Symphony: Alive IV album released on Kiss Records/Sanctuary Records in 2003. The 72-page booklet that comes with the set mistakenly credits songwriting for "Cold Gin" to Paul Stanley instead of Ace Frehley. "Rock and Roll All Nite" is the only track from The Millennium Concert to be released prior to the Alive! Box Set, showing up previously on the band's 2001 release The Box Set. "2,000 Man" and "God of Thunder" are Best Buy edition bonus tracks, Detroit Rock City is the iTunes bonus track.

Set List:

Psycho Circus
Shout It Out Loud
Heaven's On Fire
Shock Me
Do You Love Me
Let Me Go, Rock ''N Roll
2,000 Man
Cold Gin
Gene's Solo
God Of Thunder
Peter's Solo
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
100,000 Years
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
Into The Void
Ace's Solo
Rock And Roll All Nite

Here's the entire show filmed by fans back in 1999 at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Today in KISStory - 1996


 Today in KISStory - Dec. 31, 1996: KISS performs at The Continental Airlines Arena On New Year's Eve. Segments are shown on on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Today in KISStory - 1993


Today in KISStory - Dec. 31, 1993: KISS performs on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Here's video footage (above) of KISS performing "Makin' Love" while taping for Dick Clark's New Years Eve show on December 12, 1993. .

Today in KISStory - 1973


Today in KISStory - Dec. 31, 1973: As Gene Simmons breathes fire at the end of "Firehouse", he sets his hair on fire for the very first time onstage during KISS' New Year's Eve show at the Academy of Music in New York City.

Blender Magazine reports:
"As the bombastic Kiss bassist certainly knows, one of the perils of breathing fire is that you can't always control where the fire goes. Problems arose the very first time Simmons attempted the stunt onstage on New Year's Eve 1973, in New York City. Toward the end of "Firehouse," Simmons walked offstage to fill his mouth with kerosene, but when he returned to the center of the stage and blew a large fireball, it set his copiously hair-sprayed locks ablaze. A roadie quickly extinguished the flames with a wet towel, but Simmons hardly learned his lesson: He'd repeat the mishap another half-dozen or so times in his career."
The video clip above is not from that exact incident in 1973, but we're sure it would have looked similar.

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31 Years Ago: Vinnie Vincent Plays His First KISS Concert

 www.ultimateclassicrock.com | by Matthew Wilkening

On Dec. 29, 1982, Kiss played their first concert with guitarist Vinnie Vincent, who took over for founding member Ace Frehley during the recording of the band’s ‘Creatures of the Night‘ album.

The opening night of the group’s 10th anniversary tour was meant to be two nights prior, in Rapid City, S.D. But according to KissFAQ.com a severe snow storm cancelled that concert and made the Bismarck, N.D. show on the 29th the kickoff instead. It was their first time on a U.S. stage since a July 1980 New York City club show, which oddly enough served as the debut for new drummer Eric Carr.

As the half-empty arena in a secondary market testified, it was not the best of times for Kiss. Besides being down two original members, the group’s popularity had taken a huge hit since their late-’70s heyday, partially as a result of two pop-leaning albums that alienated their original fanbase.

Bassist Gene Simmons wasn’t sure Vincent was the right man to help Kiss stabilize their lineup and commercial fortunes, but there were time pressures in play. “With ‘Creatures’ done, we either had to lose the window of a tour or go off on tour with this guy,” he explains in his book ‘Kiss and Make-Up.’ “We decided, rightly or wrongly, to go on the tour with him.”

Paul (Stanley) designed Vincent’s ankh makeup, the sixth and final makeup character ever employed by the group. Justifiably proud of the ‘Creatures of the Night’ album, the band played six songs from it during the opening night’s 19-song, two-solo set.

Unfortunately, apart from a highly successful series of shows in Brazil, the result was the least successful tour in Kiss history. The band realized a big change was needed, and took off their trademark makeup prior to the release of 1983′s ‘Lick it Up‘ album. The combination of their new image and second straight strong record was finally enough to reverse the band’s fortunes. But despite his impressive songwriting contributions, relations between Vincent and his band mates / employers continued to get worse.

As a result, they parted ways prior to the release of 1984′s ‘Animalize,’ and a series of lawsuits and press battles followed. After a stint leading his own group, the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, the guitarist mended fences and returned to help Simmons and Stanley co-write a few songs for their 1992 ‘Revenge‘ album. However the camps soon found themselves at odds again, and Vincent has largely been off the radar ever since.

Read original story HERE: http://bit.ly/19xmStj

KISS Plot Major Vinyl Reissue Series

  www.ultimateclassicrock.com | by Matthew Wilkening

Kiss will re-issue nine of their old albums on vinyl in March of 2014, and also release their 1998 effort ‘Psycho Circus‘ on the format for the very first time.

Among the nine titles returning to record store shelves on March 18 are the band’s self-titled debut and sophomore ‘Hotter Than Hell’ albums (both from 1974) as well as their double-live 1975 breakthrough album ‘Alive!‘ — which was already reissued back in 2008. Also arriving are 1976′s ‘Destroyer,’ 1979′s ‘Dynasty,’ 1980′s ‘Unmasked,’ 1983′s ‘Lick it Up,’ 1984′s ‘Animalize’ and 1992′s ‘Revenge.’ No further details about bonus tracks or packaging features have been released so far, although the albums are available for pre-order on Amazon.

If you can find a pattern somewhere in those choices, be sure and let us know; to our eyes this looks like a roughly equal blend of properly recognized classics and acknowledged misfires. There’s also some very curious omissions — hopefully there’s a second wave to follow, with ‘Dressed to Kill, ‘Love Gun,’ ‘Creatures of the Night‘ and so on. And are we the only ones who’d like a non-bootleg copy of ‘Carnival of Souls‘ for our collections?

One thing you can’t question is the timing of this reissue campaign. These records will be out about a month before the group is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2014. Which is also the same month frontman Paul Stanley‘s autobiography is released.

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KISS To Play At Stadium Series - Los Angeles Kings Vs. Anaheim Ducks Game

 www.sportsmedia101.com | By Suzanna Bezyan

A claim made on the Twitter account of KISS co-founder Gene Simmons states that KISS will be performing at the Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium where the Los Angeles Kings will face the Anaheim Ducks on January 25, 2014.

YES. KISS IS PLAYING THERE. RT @njdevs1982: @genesimmons Are you going to the Kings Ducks outdoor hockey game Jan. 25 at Dodgers Stadium? -Gene Simmons (@genesimmons) December 27, 2013

On December 3 before the Kings vs. Ducks game at Honda Center Simmons and co-founder of KISS Paul Stanley dropped the ceremonial first puck. They dropped the puck for captains Dustin Brown and Ryan Getzlaf.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Peter Criss' Note To Original KISS Members & Rock Hall

Here's the note that appears on the top of original KISS drummer Peter Criss' official website www.petercriss.net.

Peter writes:
"Congratulations to Gene, Paul, and Ace. And to Bill Aucoin, who I wish could have been here to share this with us. Thank you to all the fans! Thank you to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. God Bless, Peter Criss"

Paul Stanley Discusses His Struggle With Deafness In Memoir

 Photo: Paul Kane, Getty Images | www.ultimateclassicrock.com | by Dave Lifton

Given the rock n’ roll lifestyle he’s led, we can expect a lot of juicy gossip in Paul Stanley’s upcoming autobiography. But in a new interview, the Kiss singer says that, in the book, he also discusses something a lot more serious, his lifelong struggle with microtia and partial deafness.

“Y’know, my book is about my life starting from the very beginning and certainly a certain amount of adversity and having a birth defect and being deaf on one side and the family that I came from,” he told Pulse of Radio. “Certainly people have had more adversity in their lives — and some less — but I, I would think some people would get a certain amount of inspiration and a sense that positivity and belief in yourself will ultimately lead you to a great place.”

Microtia is a congenital disease where the external ear is underdeveloped. Stanley suffers from Grade III microtia, which has rendered him deaf in the right ear. It is believed to occur in one out of every 8,000 – 10,000 births.

Although it’s not something he discusses often, Stanley hasn’t kept this a secret. He is an honorary director of AboutFace, a Canadian organization devoted to people with facial differences, and has appeared at many of their fundraising efforts over the years.

Stanley’s memoir, ‘Face the Music: A Life Exposed,’ will be published April 22, 2014.

Original story HERE: http://bit.ly/1cGg56r

KISS Performing "Life In The Woods" Live At The Daisy

Here's audio of KISS performing "Life In The Woods" live at the Daisy in Amityville, New York on June 16th, 1973.

Thanks to Geoffrey Blasiman for sharing this with KISSopolis.

Paul Stanley Deals With Birth Defect And Deafness In Upcoming Memoir

Although he swore he would never pen his memoirs, KISS' Paul Stanley will be the final member of the original lineup to publish his autobiography on April 22, 2014. Stanley promises that the book, titled "Face The Music: A Life Exposed", won't be the standard rock star fare, which doubles as being both an ego trip and press release highlighting a glorious career.

Stanley explained to The Pulse Of Radio that if his book was going to follow the pattern of some of the other books he's read, he would've passed on writing it all together. "I think I took a tact different than a lot of these books," he said. "Y'know, rock n' roll autobiographies tend to be a love letter — to the author. And they tend to be about how smart and creative and how this person was responsible for the creation of the world. And if that were the tact for the book, I never would've written the book."

In "Face The Music", Stanley talks frankly about his early struggles with hearing — he was born with Level 3 Microtia and is deaf in his right ear. Microtia is a congenital deformity of the cartilage of the outer ear that can affect normal hearing.

Stanley, who grew up half-deaf and scarred with a deformed right ear, explained to The Pulse Of Radio that by touching upon the more difficult episodes in his life, he's not seeking sympathy from the reader, but simply highlighting the path into who he became. "Y'know, my book is about my life starting from the very beginning and certainly a certain amount of adversity and having a birth defect and being deaf on one side and the family that I came from," he said. "Certainly people have had more adversity in their lives — and some less — but I, I would think some people would get a certain amount of inspiration and a sense that positivity and belief in yourself will ultimately lead you to a great place."

Microtia is a congenital deformity of the cartilage of the outer ear that can affect normal hearing.

There are four grades of Microtia, ranging from a small ear, to a complete absence of the external ear and ear canal.

The lack of ear canal leads to conductive hearing loss. Microtia occurs in every one out of 8,000 to 10,000 births.

It usually occurs on only one side (more commonly on the right side) and this can lead to single-sided deafness.

Original KISS drummer Peter Criss' memoir, "Makeup To Breakup: My Life In And Out Of Kiss", landed at position No. 7 on the New York Times "Hardcover Nonfiction" best-sellers list. The book arrived in October 2012 via the Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner.

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley's book, "No Regrets: A Rock 'N' Roll Memoir", debuted on the New York Times "Hardcover Nonfiction" best sellers list at No. 10. The book, which was described as a look back at Ace's "life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll," arrived on November 1, 2011 via Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Read original story HERE: http://bit.ly/JhTJM9

Paul Stanley Shopping With His Wife On Boxing Day

Here's KISS' Paul Stanley shopping with his wife Erin on Boxing day yesterday. Paul tweets:

"After-Christmas sales and I'm sitting in the dressing room while Erin grabs stuff! "

Gene Simmons Goes For A Jog

Here's KISS' Gene Simmons just before he went for a jog yesterday.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gene Simmons Has To Choose Who To KISS

Simmons will have to decide whether to include the band’s original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley when the band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2014.

Gene Simmons, founder of the glam rock pop group KISS is facing a dilemma. KISS, who sprang to fame during the Seventies, as much for their dramatic stage presence, including donning face paint, pyrotechnics and wearing weird uniforms as their musical ability, finds himself with a dilemma with the news that the band have been chosen for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2014.

Now Simmons and his fellow founder member Paul Stanley will allow Peter Criss and Ace Frehley , who were also original members of the band, to appear in the band’s line up at the induction ceremony, after they left the band not once but twice during its most successful spells, both times under a cloud of their own making.

Criss, better known as Catman, was the group’s drummer at the height of the success in the Seventies but was sent packing by Simmons and Stanley at the start of the Eighties due to his erratic, often substance induced, behavior. Ace Frehley left KISS a few months later, apparently due to his inability to get along with Simmons and Stanley, mostly on musical matters.

In 1996, both Criss and Frehley joined up with KISS as part of a reunion tour which proved to be an outstanding commercial success, and with all wounds apparently and disputes settled, in 1998 the original KISS lineup set off on successful world tour, during which some of the cracks that had been plastered over began to reappear and became increasingly apparent, meaning that Frehley and Criss were once again were given a final KISS goodbye and the group were never to perform again, at least in their original and most commercially successful line up.

In a recent interview after it was announced that KISS would be stepping up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Gene Simmons was asked whether Frehley and Cross’s contribution to the group would be acknowledged and, even more so, if they would be performing at the induction ceremony to take place on the 10th of April at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Simmons replied that Frehley and Criss were equally important in the formation of the band as he and Paul Stanley had been .

Between the lines, most music industry pundits are predicting that the Seventies super group’s massive fan base will refuse to accept that any of the bad blood still remaining be set aside for the performance so that they can see their heroes performing together for the first time in fifteen years, fully decked out in face paint and breathing fire just like the good old days, even though these particular ” bad boys of pop” are now well into their sixties.

Gene Simmons was born Chaim Witz in Haifa and emigrated with his mother to the United States in 1957, when he was just eight years old.

Simmons is generally regarded as being the creative force behind the KISS image which brought the group global recognition, and help them to sell over 100 million albums worldwide in a career stretching more than forty years.

Read original story HERE: http://bit.ly/19jGAZr

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The Simmons Family At Their Annual Holiday Breakfast

Here's a great photo of The Simmons family enjoying their annual holiday breakfast today in Los Angeles. Gene, Shannon, Sophie, and Nick go to breakfast this time every year at the world famous Beverly Hills Hotel -- in their pajamas. As you can see in the photo, Gene and his daughter Sophie wore their KISS Onesies.

Gene Simmons: "Just had holiday breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I'm annual tradition. Be happy, everybody."

Classic KISS Albums Re-Released On Vinyl In March 2014

 Source: KISSnews.de

Ten KISS albums will be re-released on vinyl on March 18, 2014. "Psycho Circus" will be officially released on vinyl for the first time.

KISS albums to be re-released on vinyl:

Hotter Than Hell
Lick It Up
Psycho Circus

These albums are all available for pre-order at Amazon.com now.

KISS Cookies For KISSmas

  www.KISSopolis.com | Source: Gabi Buschendorf

Gabi Buschendorf sends us this photo of some really cool looking KISS cookies that were sent to her by a friend. Gabi writes:

"Our cookies arrived today nobody will have a bite
Happy Holidays"

The Simmons Family Spends Christmas Eve At Playboy Mansion

Gene, Shannon, Nick and Sophie spent Christmas Eve at the Playboy mansion tonight having dinner with guests. Gene tweets:

"The Playboy mansion with Shannon, Sophie and soon, Nick. Ate dinner. Hef was there. And we watched a decent movie - SAVING MR BANKS."

Merry KISSmas


Merry KISSmas to all of The KISS Army!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Three Sides Of The Coin - Episode #55 - KISS Are Inducted Into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and We Discuss What It Means To Us


KISS have made it into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and discuss it. What does it mean to each of us. What about who might be inducted? Who might perform? We also talk about what one image defines KISS to each of us.

Paul Stanley Q&A On Twitter

KISS' Paul Stanley held a bit of a Q&A on Twitter earlier tonight. We missed it. But, here are the questions Paul Stanley answered:

Q: Are you going to play Life in the Woods live
PS: Hah! Anytime is probably too soon!

Q: Favorite album you've done?
PS: So many. Different reasons. Obviously I love classic ones for the songs. I love the latest two for their sound and playing.

Q: what's the ultimate gadget present you would want?
PS: A time machine.

Q: Will you add another date for Mexico in March? Monterrey wants KISS!!
PS: It looks like the festival will be our only show.

Q: will we get a new KISS studio album?
PS: Tough to say.

Q: (Comment) I was too late Have a Merry Christmas Paul
PS: Only a little. Merry Christmas!

Q: (Comment) *sigh* I'm always too late for the questions! One of these times I'll get a "Hello Mary" lol
PS: Hello Mary!

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Happy Holidays From The Kuehne KISS Family

  Michael Kuehne

Thanks to Michael Kuehne for sending KISSopolis his family's KISSmas card this year.

Michael Kuehne:
"I painted these masks, my family hauled them up the mountain and...Merry KISS-Mas from Taos Ski Valley NM."

Watchin' You - Episode #14 - The KISSmas Special


What started out as a Christmas celebration became a deep discussion of how KISS will handle the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in April 2014. But the Jeff's still had time to explore the true meaning of KISSmas and to toast our Watchin' You friends (far and near). Grab a glass of champagne or some holiday nog and settle in for a cozy hour with Santa Jeff and Santa Jeff.

Ace Frehley’s KISS Hall Of Fame Reunion Rules: ‘You Can’t Have Me And Tommy Both In Makeup’

  www.ultimateclassicrock.com | by Matthew Wilkening |
Photo: Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley says he’s happy to perform with his former bandmates at the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony — as long as he’s the only one wearing his famous makeup.

Frehley reported that he had a “very nice,” congratulatory conversation with founding and current Kiss members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, but that they won’t hash out any details of their April 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony plans until after the holidays.

He did confirm that only the four original members of Kiss — and not Thayer, Singer, Eric Carr or Bruce Kulick, each of whom has logged over a decade in the band — will be formally inducted into the Hall, something Trunk has been reporting since the 2014 class was announced earlier this week.

Frehley also said that he knows “for a fact” that the Hall of Fame wants the original foursome to perform together in makeup and that he’s happy to do so, although he jokingly notes that he’d have to shave off his goatee and “lose 10 or 15 pounds” over the next few months.

He’s also cool with all former members participating — to a point. “You can’t have me and (current Kiss guitarist) Tommy (Thayer) both in makeup,’ Frehley declared on Eddie Trunk‘s annual Kissmas radio show. At another point he stated, “I don’t have a problem with Tommy and (current drummer) Eric (Singer) being there out of makeup if I’m in makeup, because they’re a big part of Kiss today. [But] they had nothing to do with the beginning of Kiss, or the designs or the costumes or the makeup… this is about the celebration of Kiss and how it all began and started, and it should be honoring the four original members.”

But again, he insists there’s room for everybody: “If those guys wanna come up and do ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ with the whole cast of the show, you know, that would be a great thing. They deserve a little!”

Click HERE to read original story: http://bit.ly/1cixHn9

Latest KISS Magazine Cover

  Photo Source: KISSOnline

Here's Gene Simmons on the cover of "Ripper Magazine" in Japan.

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COTN Podcast - Episode #64- Listener Requests #2


Host Cassius plays KISS songs requested by the loyal COTN listeners.

Listen HERE: http://creaturesofthenet.com/?p=348

Best Rock Tours Of 2013

www.ultimateclassicrock.com | by Matthew Wilkening

Hey hey, my my, our countdown of the Best Rock Tours of 2013 proves that rock ‘n’ roll will never die. Once again, some of the biggest names in music history found ways to deliver new thrills for their fans. Several invited former bandmates back for special appearances, and many trotted out rarely heard songs. A couple of particularly generous legends squeezed themselves into intimate venues they’ve long since outgrown saleswise, and one even built themselves a giant mechanical monster — all in a quest to make you forget you still had to go back to work the next day. So here they are: the Best Rock Tours of 2013:

10 - Kiss
"Monster Tour"

There's a lot of great bands that could have earned this spot on our Best Rock Tours of 2013 instead of Kiss, who, after all, played relatively few shows in the U.S. this year. But did any of them add a gigantic, movable, fire-breathing spider to their stage set? No? OK then -- case closed!

See the entire list HERE: http://bit.ly/JQIRVj

PodKISSt #78 - The Rock Hall & Klassic KISS Photographer Len DeLessio


Join us for #78 as we discuss KISS and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pete LaRussa gives us a cool KISS KOVERS KORNER! Michael Mariacher interviews Klassic KISS Photographer Len DeLessio! It’s the 78th installment of PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears!

Listen HERE: http://podkisst.com/?p=1764

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How Gene Simmons Stole Christmas

  www.classicrockmagazine.com |Scott Rowley

Gene Simmons hated Christmas – the whole Christmas season! Please don’t ask why, just read on and enjoy this festive story from Classic Rock, Xmas 2007

Your bah-humbug bard: BP Perry.

It was Christmas in Kissville and Gene was annoyed,
For this was the season he never enjoyed.
He’d found out some years back that people weren’t buying
The mountains of Kiss stuff that he was supplying.
“They’d rather give rubbish to girls and to boys,
Than my officially licensed Gene Simmons toys!”
Gene grumbled to himself as he signed an agreement
To sue a Thai company for copyright infringement.
“What I need to do is to own this whole season!
I need to make sure that the folks have no reason
To buy anything other than Kiss-sanctioned things,
Like the new Kiss speedometer, or these Kiss water-wings,
Or the Kiss sub-machine gun, who wouldn’t want that?
As a present it’s better than Doctor Who tat!”
So later that day Father Christmas he rang,
And demanded to meet the grizzled old man.
“I need to own Christmas,” Gene told old St. Nick,
When they met at the North Pole, the snow falling thick.
“You want to own what? This is surely a prank?”
“I assure you it isn’t… I’ve been to the bank!”
And Santa assumed that Gene was being funny,
Right up to the point that he showed him the money.
“Christ!” cried the old man. “Where do I sign?”
“Here, here and there, Santa – right on the line.”
And after he’d signed, he was off with the bucks,
“Do what you want, Gene, I don’t give a fuck!”
Gene chuckled as off Father Christmas did sprint,
“If only the bastard had read the small print!
He’d have noticed my lawyers included a clause
That if this doesn’t work out under USA laws,
He’ll owe the money back, plus a stipend
To cover my costs – into debt he’ll descend!”
(In matters financial, I’ll offer this warning,
To beat Mr. Simmons, get up early in the morning.)
And so armed with the contract, Gene set about
To make Christmas ‘Kissmas’, he had no doubt
That the people would soon come around to his view
That an exclusive Kiss Christmas was long overdue!
“This night I can promise they’ll receive nothing finer
Than my great Kiss products – manufactured in China!”
So that Christmas Eve Gene mounted his sleigh
And was off to deliver, much to children’s dismay,
Kiss stuff that parents just found unacceptable,
Gene didn’t care – it was all non-refundable.
Like the Kiss garden shears he gave little Lisa
And then made her mother stump-up for on VISA.
Or the Kiss man-sized tissues he sold one little tyke,
The boy was in tears – he’d wanted a bike.
At one house he went to, the kid was still up,
So he opened his bag for the sweet little pup.
“And what do you want from my big bulging sack?
(And if you crack a joke kid, you ain’t getting jack).”
The boy, who at Christmas was used to surprise,
Looked down at the collection of Kiss merchandise.
“To be honest I wanted a PlayStation 3.”
“Then here, little boy, a new Kiss CD!
Now you owe me 10 dollars, including VAT.”
“But it’s fucking Christmas! You mean it’s not free?”
“Oh, nothing in my world comes without charge,
Now hand over the money, you owe me 10 large.”
“I’ll go and get dad, he’s got all our money.”
“Not since I paid him a quick visit, sonny!”
“But that means I don’t get a Christmas present, no?”
“You don’t get the CD if you ain’t got the dough.”
“This is the worst Christmas I’ve ever had!”
“Don’t blame Gene Simmons, kid, blame your dad.”
And with that the boy buggered off back to bed,
And prayed to Lord Jesus that Gene crashed his sled.
Meanwhile the leaders of the world gathered round
And agreed Gene Simmons must be brought to the ground.
“Only one man,” they said, “can stop Simmons’ sleigh,
Britain’s ‘Mr. Christmas’ who wrote Saviour’s Day,
And Mistletoe And Wine and that shit Millennium Prayer
– Send for Cliff Richard with his strangely brown hair!”
So Cliff was despatched on his sleigh powered by God,
To bring down Gene Simmons, the penny-pinching sod.
“Desist in your commercial Christmas high jinks,
Thanks to you, Gene, you’ve made Christmas stink!”
Cliff roared at the rocker, having caught up with Gene
Trying to sell tea-towels to a muttering teen.
“I’ll do no such thing, Cliff, Christmas is mine!
It’s all perfectly legal – I got Santa to sign!”
“As God’s representative down here on Earth,
I declare null and void you stealing Christ’s birth!”
And then, to Gene’s horror, Cliff started to sing
One of his insufferable Christian hymns.
“No, stop!” Gene cried. “My sleigh’s fuelled on rock!
Your insipid warblings will cause it to stop!”
Cliff sang him his hit song, Mistletoe And Wine.
“Oh fuck! I’m going down! You God-bothering swine!”
As he fell from the sky, Cliff heard Gene say,
“There’s no excuse for giving anything awaaaaaaaay!”
And so thanks to Cliff, Noël was restored,
And the singer went back to being ignored
By everyone but the bewildered and old –
For now that the problem of Gene was resolved,
There was no further need for Jesus to appear
In the festival of Christmas, which is all about cheer
And eating too much and excessive drinking,
…And buying the wife crotchless knickers without thinking.
But who could the world entrust the safe-keeping
Of this special season when lords go a-leaping?
A conference was held to decide who should be
The keepers of Christmas, the spreaders of glee.
And they quickly concluded only one band made the grade,
The world, in agreement, handed Christmas to Slade!

Merry Christmas!

Read original story HERE: http://bit.ly/1hv8gzP

Ace Frehley Calls Into Eddie Trunks Radio Show

Source: www.facebook.com/EddieTrunk

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley made a call into radio personality/TV host Eddie Trunk's KISSmas radio special on Friday, Decemeber 20, 2013.

Eddie Trunk reports on his website:

"Thanks to all who listened to my annual Kissmas show last night. Ace Frehley called in and confirmed the Hall does want to original band to perform in makeup and was open to it. Said he did speak to Gene and Paul and everything seems positive, however he did stress the night should be about the original four and didn't see a scenario where he would be comfortable playing with other members beyond maybe in the group jam at the end. Said he was not interested in sharing the stage with someone else in his makeup. Confirmed there is still much to sort out and was staying positive on all fronts at the moment."

Rock Reads: A Seasonal Guide For The Rock & Roll Literate

www.theaquarian.com | by James Campion

Nothin’ To Lose – Ken Sharp, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons (2013)

If there is only one book you read about rock and roll this holiday season, then it has to be Nothin’ To Lose – The Making Of KISS 1972-1975. It is a monster and you will love it. Not because you are a KISS fanatic or remember when KISS mattered or when progressive/glam/dinosaur rock ruled the world, but because for my money this is the finest researched oral history of this remarkably creative and incredibly outlandish period in the culture of American rock and roll.

Author Ken Sharp’s inexhaustible ride through the mean streets of the New York City rock scene—post-hippy and pre-punk—and across the country through over 200 interviews paints an elaborate picture of risk, sacrifice and mayhem that helped to establish one of rock’s most enduring icons.

“What I endeavored to do is create a documentary on paper,” Sharp explained to me during a recent interview. “It was fascinating to bring in all of these voices, everyone from the band themselves to producers, engineers, touring bands, publicists, record company folks, roadies, competing bands from their New York club days, costume designers, the list goes on and on. Hearing from people who have rarely if ever spoken on the record before helped to bring into focus this rare, behind-the-scenes story of what it was like for a band starting out long before they were stars.”

When word got out last year that Nothin’ To Lose was in the works and that original members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were connected, the hullabaloo from fan blogs and on message boards was mixed. Since the other two original members—Ace Frehley and Peter Criss—had recently released tell-all memoirs taking to task their former brethren and the critiques from inside the KISS camp in response had been mostly vitriolic, the buzz was this would be a one-sided tale completely controlled by the usual tight-lipped stronghold of the KISS propaganda machine. Nothin’ To Lose is anything but. Sharp, who has worked with KISS on liner notes for the band’s box set, as well as photograph archiving and tour books, spent years conducting all the research himself; almost, as he describes, as if he were a detective following leads, getting tips and working back channels to compile the real stories behind the hype.

Stanley and Simmons, although heavily involved, read many of these anecdotes only a few months prior to publication and, according to Sharp, did not censor a thing. “To my great surprise, Gene and Paul never attempted to expurgate anything from the final text. And I think mainly it’s because most of the people around KISS at the time I cover in the book, 1972 through 1975, and the band themselves were all on the same page. There was a one-for-all mentality from the road crew to manager Bill Aucoin and Casablanca Records chairman and founder Neil Bogart. They were all on a mission.”

In fact, throughout the process of collecting all these memories, Stanley and Simmons would comment to Sharp how much they were learning about their past, mostly due to having to spent the formative years of KISS constantly touring and promoting the band and not being privy to firsthand knowledge of major decisions and seemingly ancillary incidents that would ultimately decide their fates.

Beyond the vast array of memories shared by those who were there, Nothin’ To Lose is bursting with rare photos and images that sends the reader back in time; gig posters, homemade ads, handwritten setlists, club date tickets, the reel-to-reel tape box of the original KISS demos and much more. “I worked really, really hard on getting so many rare and previously unseen images,” cites Sharp. “Especially my favorite photos of the band recording their first album without the makeup, which I got from Eddie Solan, the band’s roadie/engineer at the time. They really bring you inside a world that, when you were growing up, you always imagined what it would be like to be inside the studio with these guys.”

Nothin’ To Lose – The Making Of KISS 1972-1975 directly answers to that old rock and roll adage of “You had to be there!”

Today's Take: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Finally Gets It Right

I was watching my Twitter feed the other day when I saw something I didn’t think I would ever see. The words seemed to be staring back at me from the glow of my iPhone screen.

“Kiss to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. Finally, one of the great injustices of the century had been rectified.

OK, so maybe that is a bit dramatic, but the fact that Kiss was passed over for 15 years before finally making the grade did not sit well with me. The music critics and high and mighty at The Rolling Stone seemed to be dead set against allowing Kiss to join the ultimate club.

The Kiss Army has been at war on music blogs for more than a decade, and the legion of fans that has followed the “hottest band in the world” for 40 years will finally see the kings of face paint and flash pots formerly enshrined in ... wait for it ... Cleveland.

All joking aside, Cleveland is the place to be for those who want to be considered the best in the music business. Like Canton, Ohio, where the NFL’s legends are enshrined, Cleveland is home to the kings and queens of rock and roll. After selling more than 100 million albums worldwide, Kiss definitely belongs in Cleveland.

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, the founding members of Kiss, are still alive, and if they don’t kill each other before the induction ceremony next year, perhaps they will perform together one more time clad in their trademark costumes and face paint.

Long before I began to worry about losing my hearing, I attended dozens of concerts, saw a little bit of everything, and had the time of my life listening to live music. My first concert was Kiss, which is a little like winning the lottery the first time you buy a ticket. It’s all kind of downhill from there.

In terms of a live act and a real rock show, Kiss has no equal. Kiss has never been known for its remarkable lyrics, vocals or the musical expertise of its members. But no band has ever been able to blend theater, drama, sex, love and rock and roll quite like Kiss.

In the late ’70s, when Kiss was truly at the top of the music mountain, my parents took my brother and me to Duluth, Minn., to see Kiss strut its stuff. It was a little like a comic book coming to life.

As surreal as the concert was, what I will always remember about that weekend was my first brush with greatness.

In 1979, before their album “Unmasked” hit the shelves, no one knew what Kiss looked like minus the makeup. The mystery was part of the legend. The afternoon before the concert, my brother and I were standing in the lobby of our hotel, waiting to get on the elevator. As the doors of the elevator opened, two men with long dark hair stepped out. It was none other than Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. With no fanfare, paparazzi or women clutching to their sleeves, Stanley and Simmons quietly walked out of the elevator and made their way to a limousine. These men were not mobbed because no one knew what Kiss looked like.

As I explained to my younger brother what we had just witnessed, he said “No way. How do you know it was them?”

With no offense to anyone in Duluth, I explained to my 13-year-old brother that no one had hair, clothes or the swagger that Paul and Gene had just displayed. It was a moment in time.

Years later, when photos of Kiss without the makeup became commonplace, I was able to go back to my brother and tell him that I was right. We did witness a miracle in that Duluth hotel lobby in 1979. What we didn’t know back then was that we were two feet away from two future Hall of Famers.

After many battles, the Kiss Army has won the war. Rock and roll justice has been served.

Click HERE to read original story.

Today In KISStory: 2001 - "KISS Saves Santa"

www.youtube.com | Screen Shots: www.fox.com/familyguy

Today In KISStory: Dec. 21, 2001: The original KISS line up of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss appeared on the 16th episode of the third season of the FOX TV's animated comedy series "Family Guy" titled "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas".

In this episode, original KISS members voiced their own characters and played themselves in Peter Griffin's favorite (fictional) Christmas TV special "KISS Saves Santa".

Friday, December 20, 2013

LA KISS Team President At Gene Simmons' House

Here's LA KISS Team President Schuyler Hoversten having an important meeting at Gene Simmons house.

A Very Satan Christmas: Behind The Scenes Photos

Here are a few photos of The Simmons family getting into the holiday spirit with help from the comedy video website "Funny or Die".

Haven't seen the video yet? Watch it HERE: http://bit.ly/1l2zY6M

A Very Satan Christmas

Even the Simmons family gets into the holiday spirit when Satan celebrates Christmas. Merrrrrrry Pissmass!

See video HERE: http://bit.ly/1l2zY6M 

Happy Birthday, Peter Criss


Today is original KISS drummer Peter Criss' birthday!

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Paul Stanley Basks In KISS Rock Hall Induction


Paul Stanley called into Los Angeles' K-EARTH (a Radio.com station) to discuss L.A. KISS, the Arena Football League team that he and bandmate Gene Simmons co-own, but naturally the conversation was dominated by the news of the Rock Hall induction.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today In KISStory - 1987


Today In KISStory - Dec. 19, 1987: KISS Sings ‘White Christmas’

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, and Bruce Kulick sing an acapella version of the holiday Christmas classic 'White Christmas’ during their show at New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, Connecticut on Dec. 19th, 1987.

Paul Stanley On KISS' Rock Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

 Source: www.twitter.com/PaulStanleyLive | Photo Credit: www.KISSopolis.com

Paul Stanley has posted the following statement on his official Twitter page in regards to 'some people' who think that they know what KISS has planned for their Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony in April of next year. Paul tweets:
"Gotta laugh. Some people want to seem important by talking like they know what we'll be doing at the RRHOF. THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"

The KISS Kruise IV "Dressed To Kill" Prices & Info

ATTENTION KISS NAVY! The KISS Kruise IV "Dressed to Kill" prices and info now up at www.thekisskruise.com! Sign up for the Pre-Sale now!

'Tilted Kilt': Official Post Game Party Headquarters Of LA KISS

Tilted Kilt Orange owner Glenn Smith meets with LA KISS team owners Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Doc McGhee, and Brett Bouchy yesterday. We are proud to announce Tilted Kilt is the Official Post Game Party Headquarters of LA KISS.

You can celebrate with the LA KISS players, dancers, and staff after each home game at Tilted Kilt Orange! 

Paul Stanley: "Back From Workout"

Paul Stanley is staying fit this holiday season, working out five days a week. Paul tweets this photo with the comment:
"Back from workout. Feeling really motivated to get it all back. Five days a week should do it!"

LA KISS TV Reality Show Already Filming

 www.KISSopolis.com |Source: www.twitter.com/genesimmons

There's going to be a new reality show on AMC based on the LA KISS arena football owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Gene Simmons states on his official Twitter account:

"Our new AMC reality show,-LA KISS-based around our AFL team, is using most of the original Gene Simmons Family Jewels crew. Welcome back."

Story developing...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My KISS Years: A Reflection And Celebration Of Their Induction Into The Rock Hall Of Fame

 www.huffingtonpost.com | Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

When I heard the news that Kiss was being included in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, I shrieked with delight.

It was final validation for me and for them.

You see, I was probably the first newspaper rock critic to write about the band with anything resembling seriousness. I can still remember the day one of my Chicago Sun Times editors tossed a little poster on my desk advertising a "Kiss Off" contest at a huge shopping mall out in the Chicago suburbs.

He scowled at the PR shot of the band, and gave me the choice of covering it or not. And I have to admit, at the time, the makeup was "off-putting" to be sure.

But I called to let Casablanca's public relations people know I was interested, and a few days later, I found myself face-to-face with four remarkably charming young men, in what looked like full kabuki makeup. They were careful not to allow the press or fans see them without that makeup during those early days, but I actually didn't mind.

What impressed me more than the get up, though, were the band members themselves. Each had a distinct, delightful and well-developed persona. And they could hold their own in an interview, as if they'd been doing them forever -- their notoriously brilliant manager, Bill Aucoin, had trained them well.

But they'd also been coached by their bassist, Gene Simmons, with whom I had something more in common than music. We had both been high school English teachers before pursuing our true callings.

Gene was a huge surprise. In addition to his impressive academic background, he was also a walking encyclopedia of film history, who could recite all kinds of movie trivia for the asking. And he was a very shrewd businessman, on a campaign to convince every celebrity he met to take at least a few business courses, in oder to avoid being bamboozled by record companies, agents and managers.

I would later meet his mother -- all of their parents, at various events they invited me to, whether I was writing about them or not. In fact, I felt like their little sister, sometimes, tagging along with her rock star brothers. Those were heady times.

But that first time remains my fondest memory of all. They scared the bejabbers out of the adults we passed as they walked through the mall -- quite deliberately -- on their way to the place where the contest would be held. It was a silly affair, a "kissing contest" with rules I don't even remember.

What I do remember is how all the younger folks, especially the little ones, reacted to the makeup and costumes. Instead of being horrified like their parents, they ran to the band. They asked them about the makeup, the boots, what their personas were, and what they meant, and most of all, when they could buy their album. It was a stroke of genius -- they sold themselves just by walking through that mall.

So I realized quickly that I was seeing something big. And I hadn't even heard them play yet -- I had an album, but I hadn't seen them live. Neither had any of the kids. The outfits excited them; they wanted to know everything about these devil dolls.

I went back to my skeptical editors and said something Gene was very proud of in those early days. I told them, and everyone else I knew, that whether we liked them or not, they were going to be the next big thing. They might, in fact, make history.

Today, I discovered how right I was. Congratulations, my brothers. You did it.

Cynthia Dagnal-Myron's book of essays, The Keka Collection, can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Read original article HERE: http://huff.to/1bQRup8

Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley At LA KISS Office

Here's a new photo of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at the LA KISS arena football team office this afternoon.

Gene and Paul will be answering fan questions today from 3pm-4pm PST on LA KISS' Twitter page.

LA KISS on Twitter: www.twitter.com/LAKISS_AFL

Huge LA KISS Logo

Check out the huge LA KISS logo at the LA KISS office.

Paul Stanley: "The wall in the entry to LA KISS offices! BIG logo!"

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will be answering fan questions today on LA KISS' official Twitter account from 3pm-4pm PST.

LA KISS on Twitter: www.twitter.com/LAKISS_AFL

KISS Fans KISS Motorcycle Helmet


Here's KISS fan Jeff Halliday and his dog Zaria enjoying a motorcycle trip in style. Jeff writes:

"Here is a KISS sighting for you. My KISS helmet. This was during a ride from Sydney to Gold Coast with my baby to start a new life. Blue tooth in the helmet with KISS playing also!"

Cheers -- Jeff & Zaria

KISS - Paul Stanley Releasing Memoir In 2014

  www.contactmusic.com | by WENN

Kiss fans have been given double the reason to look forward to 2014 - frontman Paul Stanley is set to release his memoir days after the rockers are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Heaven's on Fire hitmakers were announced as part of the Hall of Fame's Class of 2014 early on Tuesday (17Dec13), and hours later, publishers at HarperOne revealed Stanley had signed a deal to bare his life in an autobiography.

Face the Music: A Life Exposed will feature rare photographs of the singer and detail his hard-partying lifestyle as one of the co-founders of the heavy rock band.

The tome will hit U.S. retailers on 22 April (14), not long after Kiss join Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt and other honourees at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York on 10 April (14).

The book won't be Stanley's first - he teamed up with bandmate Gene Simmons to tell the story of the group's formation in 1973 for 2012 release, Nothin' To Lose.

See original story HERE: http://bit.ly/19RIwZd

Paul Stanley Basks In KISS Rock Hall Induction: ‘They’ve Come To See Things Our Way’

“The day started off well,” Paul Stanley said, with uncharacteristic understatement.

He was, of course, referring to the fact that he woke up to the news that KISS, at long last, will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stanley called into Los Angeles’ K-EARTH (a Radio.com station) this morning, originally to discuss L.A. KISS, the Arena Football League team that he and bandmate Gene Simmons co-own, but naturally the conversation was dominated by the news of the Rock Hall induction.

Speaking with morning show hosts Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley, the KISS guitarist was clearly excited about the honor, despite the fact that he and Simmons have been critical of the Rock Hall in recent years. To be fair, they have been passed over for induction for over a decade, eligible for induction since 2000.

“As much as we might have questioned the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the years,” Stanley said, “they’ve come to see things our way.”

Losing just a bit of his trademark bravado, Stanley noted, “It’s very cool, there are some people there who were working very hard, and championing us.”

He credited the band’s induction to a younger voting body, or at least to newer voters.

“There are a lot of great people who are behind the scenes now, and they seem to have taken control. Let’s not call it ‘the old guard,’ but certainly there are people who have been there a while. And there are newer people who are voting, and clearly, their opinion has been different (than the ‘old guard’). A lot of people wanted to see us in it, and who am I to argue?”

Stanley then ended the interview, as he had to get ready to see his daughter in her school play. Coincidentally, he said he’d be seeing fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee-to-be Dave Grohl there, as the ex-Nirvana drummer’s daughter is also in the play.

KISS and Nirvana will both be inducted, along with Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on April 10, 2014. Tickets will be available to the public, and the show will air on HBO in May.

Read original story HERE: http://bit.ly/1i0uP2f

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Peter Criss, Founding KISS Drummer, In Rock Hall

 www.kansascity.com | Photo: Wayne Parry AP Photo

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. — An adopted son of the Jersey shore is heading into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Peter Criss, the original drummer of the rock group Kiss, has made his home in Wall Township for years. The band was among the Class of 2014 inductees announced Tuesday.

"This is absolutely the best Christmas and birthday present I could get," Criss, who turns 68 on Friday, told The Associated Press. "This is amazing, that something like this could happen to a kid from Brooklyn."

Criss said the band always tried to give fans more for their money by adding makeup, costumes, explosives and stage props to the live concert experience. His drum kit, for example, rose 50 feet into the air during his drum solos, which were often filtered through a phase shifter to produce a surreal sound effect.

The big productions Kiss pioneered have been widely embraced by other rock and pop acts, he said.

"When you set someone a strong example and you see it happening with other bands, you know you've opened some sort of door," he said. "We always wanted more, more, more, bigger, bigger, bigger."

In a band where all four members had iconic characters, Criss was the Catman. He is best known for singing the orchestral ballad "Beth" in 1976, one of the band's biggest hit singles. Criss last toured with Kiss in 2003, and has since released a solo album and an autobiography, "Makeup To Breakup: My Life In and Out Of Kiss."

He hopes to be asked to perform at the induction ceremony with co-founders Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley at New York's Barclays Center in April.

"I want to congratulate my other three guys — Ace, Gene and Paul. We were the four guys who dumped the blood into the ink for the stupid comic books and came up with all those other crazy schemes so the fans would love us," Criss said, referring to a 1970s stunt to promote sales of the first Kiss comic book. "We deserve this, all four of us."

Hours later, Stanley wrote on Twitter that he and Simmons had spoken with Criss and appeared to clear the way for him to appear at the ceremony, though whether that meant performing or just appearing onstage was not clear.

"We just spoke with Peter," Stanley wrote. "Whatever ongoing issues, no way to not share in celebrating what we started 40 years ago. "

See photos HERE: http://bit.ly/1jgAToN

Ace Frehley Speaks On KISS' Induction In To Rock Hall

Ace Frehley: "My Congratulations go out to Gene, Paul, Peter, and Bill as well as all of the other talented inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Ceremony!

Our fans were always there for us, and they deserve to be honored as well!

My musical career has been a roller coaster ride, but I never gave up or compromised my musical choices!

I am very excited and honored to be part of the celebration this coming April.

God Bless and Happy Holidays!"

Love, Ace