Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paul Stanley Shooting His Gun On Saturday Afternoon


Here's KISS' Paul Stanley enjoying a Saturday afternoon shooting his gun. Paul tweets:

"Saturday shooting. So cool!."

Charleston KISS Fan Donates Idol’s Bass To Smithsonian | by Glenn Smith

John Downs wasn’t the fastest runner in Thursday’s annual Turkey Trot road race in Charleston. But to be fair, it’s not easy to make good time in a pair of metal-scaled demon boots with 6-inch platform heels.

It’s become a tradition for Downs to run the race each year slathered in makeup and sporting the spiked armor of his favorite musician, Gene Simmons, bassist for the rock band Kiss. His brother gets in on the act as well, taking on the starry-eyed persona of guitarist Paul Stanley.

These are middle-aged men, mind you. John Downs runs a successful auto glass company in Charleston. His brother, Jamie, is a regional medical examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

They’re both in the early 50s. But just mention Kiss, and they suddenly revert to the same fist-pumping teens who borrowed dad’s car to cheer on the flamboyant band from a pair of nosebleed seats in Columbia in 1977.

It was the brothers’ first concert, and they’ve been loyal members of the Kiss Army ever since, attending the group’s shows, fan conventions and cruises whenever they get a chance. There’s just something about that hard rock sound, the flash pots, fire-breathing and blood-spitting. They were hooked from the start.

“Everyone has hobbies,” John Downs said. “Mine just happens to be Kiss.”

Like a lot of Kiss fans, the Downs brothers bristle at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s failure to induct the costume-clad band into its ranks — an unforgivable snub to some. But this year, John Downs happened on an idea to get his hero some recognition from an even more distinguished forum — the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum.

John Downs read a magazine article that mentioned how one of guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s signature axes had been donated to the Smithsonian to be preserved for posterity. Why, he wondered, couldn’t one of Simmons’ iconic basses receive the same recognition?

Downs, who has seen the band about 20 times, got to know Simmons through various fan events and has purchased 15 of his idol’s instruments to display in a Kiss shrine Downs keeps in his James Island home. Though these instruments sell for up to $15,000 a pop, Downs was willing to let one go for the cause. He chose one worth about $2,500 for the occasion.

So Downs worked the phones until he reached Eric W. Jentsch, deputy curator for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The museum’s expansive collection includes everything from original sheet music penned by jazz great Duke Ellington to Stradivari violins and a cigar box guitar from the mid-1800s. Oh, and a Kiss lunch box and Thermos from the 1970s.

While the axe-shaped bass Downs proffered had not actually been played by Simmons on stage, it had his autograph and other intrinsic value that “works on a number of different levels,” Jentsch said. It illustrates Simmons’ knack for merchandising and the strong fan connection enjoyed by a man who immigrated to America from Israel, learned English through comic books and created a lasting musical and commercial legacy, he said.

“We don’t just want to collect the highest-end guitar. We want to show the American experience with the guitar,” Jentsch said. “We like to tell broad stories, and Gene Simmons is a story unto himself.”

The Downs brothers wholeheartedly agree. Jamie Downs has long been inspired by Simmons’ rags-to-demon-destroyer story and the work ethic displayed by an improbable band that beat the odds to achieve fame and riches. It so impressed him, in fact, that he dedicated a forensic science textbook he edited to Simmons and Stanley.

“I learned from them the power of hard work, following your dreams and not taking ‘No’ for an answer,” he said.

After getting Simmons to sign a dedication note to the Smithsonian on the bass, John Downs sent it off to Washington. He received a letter in return, lauding Simmons’ use of “creative vision and entrepreneurial acumen to make a significant impact for our nation’s popular culture, becoming an iconic figure in American music and entertainment.”

The Downs brothers handed a framed plaque with the letter to Simmons during a surprise presentation aboard Kiss Kruise III, a seagoing fan-fest through the Caribbean around Halloween. It took on special meaning for John Downs because he turned 54 that day.

With his brother by his side and wearing a multi-colored shirt modeled on the group’s “Rock and Roll Over” album, John Downs read the Smithsonian letter to Simmons and a crowd of 1,500.

“That means a lot more than the hall of fame any day!” someone shouted from the audience.

Jamie Downs grabbed the microphone and thanked Simmons for “all you mean to this country, for what you’ve done and been through. You’ve taught me so much in my life, and we’re just proud to be your fans.”

For his part, Simmons was uncharacteristically at a loss for words, though he called John Downs “an extra-special guy” and applauded the brothers’ efforts. “It was very sweet of you,” he said. “I’m humbled, and I don’t know what to say.”

For John Downs, the moment was surreal and exhilarating, making him think for a moment about that first concert at Carolina Coliseum, sitting with his back pressed to the wall in the cheap seats.

“To go from the very back row all the way to on-stage presenting this to him,” he said, “it’s kind of like every kid’s dream come true.”

Read original story HERE:

Friday, November 29, 2013

KISS Members Opening New Restaurant In Hawaii | KFIX Rock News

KISS’ Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are set to bring their Rock & Brews restaurant chain to Hawaii.

The hard-rock legends will celebrate the opening of a new franchise of their rock-themed eatery and club in Paia, on the island of Maui, with a two-day event scheduled for January 25 and 26, 2014.

Simmons and Stanley will attend the opening festivities, which will include a January 26 luncheon honoring wounded military personnel and veterans, as well as a bash that same evening that will raise money for the Paia Youth Center.

The new restaurant will include many aspects of other Rock & Brews venues while also saluting Hawaiian culture and history. Visitors will have the option to dine indoors or in an outdoor area.

The family-friendly eatery will feature murals of rock groups, album art and tour posters, as well as flat-screen TVs and a high-fidelity sound system on which various classic live performances will be played. Local artists also will be showcased at the venue.

The restaurant’s menu will include Rock & Brews’ classic comfort food dishes, local cuisine, and an extensive craft beer selection.

The Paia venue will be the fifth Rock & Brews to open. Other franchises are located in Los Angeles, El Segundo and Redondo Beach, California, and in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Simmons and Stanley also plan to soon open franchises in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Overland Park, Kansas.

'KISS In Sweden 1976-2013' Book Now Available

"Kiss In Sweden 1976-2013", a book about all the times KISS visited Sweden filled with exciting stories, interesting facts and almost 1000 pictures, is available for order at

The authors — Johan Falk and Roney Lundell — have one thing in common: their passionate interest in the rock group KISS, and they hope and trust that fans will feel this passion and feel their heart rate increase when they have the book in their hands and open it for the first time.

Comment the authors: "Our story begins when KISS lands at Torslanda Airport just outside of Gothenburg around 4 p.m. on the 25th of May 1976. They arrive by plane unmasked and a Swedish photographer takes a few shots as KISS are about to embark on their first tour in Sweden, a tour which has generated scandalous headlines in the media long before the plane even landed. KISS will come back to visit Sweden again in 1980, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2008, 2010 and 2013 and the band or parts thereof have made promotional visits here in 1982, 1985, 1987, 1992 and 1994. The story of KISS in Sweden ends as Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] board an aircraft taking off from Kristianstad Airport in Everöd at 4 p.m. on the 8th of June 2013, bound for Norway.

"The goal with the book has from the very start been to document all of KISS' visits to our country as thoroughly as possible. We searched far and wide for all the cool pictures that were forgotten or ended up gathering dust in an attic somewhere. We talked to those who met the band, privately or professionally, and we spared no dime uncovering the facts and unknown stories which has until now remained undocumented. We set out to do a book that we ourselves would like to read and we think we have succeeded. We are sure that all KISS fans will enjoy our book!

"The book has 336 pages and weighs in at 1.7 kg. It is filled with almost 1000 pictures (over 600 photos and most of them have never been published before)."

Gene Simmons Lands New Reality Series With Wife, Daughter | Photo: Izumi Hasegawa

KISS rocker Gene Simmons has landed a new reality television series alongside his wife and daughter. The new series will air on Canada's W network and reportedly focus largely on the widely differing personalities of Gene's wife and daughter.

His wife, Shannon Tweed-Simmons is a former playboy model who has spent the majority of her career in the entertainment world, while his daughter, Sophie was a straight-A student and now runs a children's charity.

"In the new series, the duo will show that despite their differences they remain best friends - and when it comes to what they want, they don't take 'no' for an answer," Force Four Entertainment, which are producing the show, said in a press release.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Comedian Jeff Ross Wants You To Vote For KISS

Help Jeff Ross VOTE FOR KISS for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame!

Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick At LA Auto Show


Here's Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick at the LA Auto Show. Bruce Kulick writes: 
"LA Auto Show with Eric Singer! Audis are looking good."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gene Simmons With Pearl Jam's Mike McCready

Source: Judd Apaptow

Here's Gene Simmons with Pearl Jam guitarist ( and KISS fan) Mike McCready backstage at a Pearl Jam concert this past weekend in L.A.

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast - Megan McCracken Talks About Living With Bill Aucoin & Sean Delaney & Early KISS Stories

In episode 51, November 26, 2013 we are joined by Megan McCracken. Megan talks about living with Bill Aucoin and Sean Delaney during the early formative years of KISS. How see met Bill and Sean. What Bill and Sean would discuss about KISS at their house. How she ended up as the girl in the famous KISS S&M photo session. When she remembered Bill and Sean talking about unmasking KISS. And so much more!

KISS Rock & Roll VIP Package

Experience the ultimate Rock & Roll VIP weekend with KISS band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

Package Includes:

- Accommodation in any luxurious one-bedroom suite or spacious villa (January 24 - 26, 2014, 3 nights only) for the opening of Willow Stream Spa and Rock & Brews restaurant.

- Admission for two to The Fairmont Kea Lani’s Willow Stream Spa VIP opening event:

- Meet and take photos with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS

- Experience the brand new, 9,000 square-foot Willow Stream Spa, complete with a KISS black & white manicure station, rock & roll red lipstick station and hot rock neck massages

- Enjoy “Rock & ‘Roll” sushi rolls from the award-winning Kō restaurant

- Two tickets to the Rock & Brews® restaurant VIP grand opening event in Paia, Maui

- Red carpet photo opportunities

- Casual American comfort food and popular Hawaiian dishes

- Tropical cocktails and Paia’s largest selection of craft beers

- Two Rock & Brews® Paia T-Shirts


Between Friday, January 24, 2014 and Sunday, January 26, 2014

The KISS Rock & Roll VIP Package rates start from $349 USD per night in a Fairmont Suite category, plus applicable taxes. This exclusive VIP package is valued at $609/night.

Please Note:

For new reservations made after September 30, 2013, for arrivals on, or after January 1, 2014, The Fairmont Kea Lani has introduced a $30 resort charge per room, per night (plus applicable tax) that includes the following; access to self- parking, basic internet access, local and domestic long distance calls, 1-hour snorkel equipment rental and more.

More info HERE:

Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Of KISS To Open Rock & Brews Paia On Maui

Their Family-Friendly Restaurant Will Embrace Hawaiian Culture and Cuisine

Special KISS Rock & Roll VIP Package Available at The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui


Today, Rock & Brews® announced that KISS rock legends Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, co-founding partners in Rock & Brews family-friendly, rock-themed restaurants, plan to open a Rock & Brews restaurant in the beach-side, historic community of Paia on Maui in January. A two-day opening celebration is scheduled for January 25 and 26, with a special KISS Rock & Roll VIP Package available at The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui, the official resort sponsor of the event.

Rock & Brews Paia was designed by Maui architect Jim Niess of Maui Architectural Group, along with teacher, spiritual leader and artist Al Lagunero of Maui, serving as a consultant on Hawaiian culture and art. The ‘ohana restaurant will pay tribute to the familial warmth and character that is synonymous with Paia, while respecting the vibrant Rock & Brews brand look and feel. It will feature Rock & Brews’ popular casual American comfort food, as well as local favorites, and a full bar, including Paia’s largest selection of craft beers.

Guests will be able to enjoy al fresco or indoor dining in a family-friendly rock concert-like environment complete with concert lighting, multiple screens presenting concert videos, hand-painted murals of rock artists, album and tour art, as well as art by local artists and art that salutes Hawaiian history and culture. The restaurant is designed to welcome local families and visitors alike. Ample parking is available.

The grand opening of Rock & Brews Paia will pay tribute to both Wounded Warrior Project and the Paia Youth Center. A luncheon will be held on January 26 for wounded warriors, returning vets and active military, and an evening celebration will benefit the Paia Youth Center. Both events will be hosted by Simmons and Stanley.

The Fairmont Kea Lani, located in nearby Wailea, will be offering a KISS Rock & Roll VIP Package, available to guests attending the opening. The package includes a one-bedroom suite at The Fairmont Kea Lani, access to the Willow Stream Spa VIP grand opening party (with meet and greet and photo opportunities with Simmons and Stanley, as well as a black & white manicure station, a rock & roll red lipstick station, hot rock neck massages, rock & roll sushi rolls from the resort’s award-winning Kō restaurant, and more), two tickets to the Rock & Brews opening celebration on Sunday, January 26 (including red carpet photo opportunities), and two Rock & Brews Paia t-shirts. It is valid January 24-27 (three nights) and priced at $349 per night, plus tax and resort fees. For more information or to make reservations, please visit

Rock & Brews Paia is located at 120 Hana Highway in Paia. For more information, please visit

Register Now For KISS Kruise IV

KISS NAVY! It begins again! Register for the pre-sale for the hottest Kruise in the world: The KISS Kruise IV "Dressed to Kill"

Register at

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gene Simmons & Eddie Vedder With Judd Apatow In L.A.

Here's Gene Simmons with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and film producer, director, and screenwriter Judd Apatow backstage at Pearl Jam's concert tonight in L.A. at the Sports Arena.

Gene tweeted:
"PEARL JAM rocked tonight. Director Judd Apatow photo bombing Eddie Vedder and I. Young Nick came with us."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Paul Stanley & Erin Stanley With Rod Stewart In Las Vegas


Here's a photo of Erin Stanley, Rod Stewart, and Paul Stanley before Rod's show last night in Las Vegas.

Paul Stanley tweets: "Gentleman, legend and a brilliant singer. Impressed again."

Become A Member Of The KISS Entourage On Their 40th Anniversary Tour

LIVE BID: Become a Member of the KISS Entourage on Their 40th Anniversary Tour on 2 Back to Back Shows.

Any time in the next year, you and a guest can become members of the KISS Entourage on their 40th Anniversary Tour.


- You and a guest will fly to meet up with KISS on tour anywhere in the US. (Valid for continental US flights only).

- You will see the KISS show as all access members of the group, stay in the same hotel as the band and fly from 2 back to back shows on the KISS jet with the band!

- Receive autographs and photos with the Band in Full Makeup during meet and greets

- Hang out at sound check and kick it with the crew-- this is your pass to be "With the Band" for these 2 shows!!

- We will then fly you back to your origination spot after the second KISS show.

This package also includes 2 coveted seats to THE Fundraiser- an epic event being held on December 5, 2013 at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Those attending the event will meet all of the members of KISS backstage at the event and get a photo with the whole band without makeup on.

Donated By: KISS and McGhee Entertainment 

Proceeds Benefit: Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire

Start bidding HERE.

Join Gene Simmons In L.A. For A Visit Of His Home & A Tour Of His KISS Collection

LIVE BID: Private Gene Simmons Experience in L.A. including a visit to his home and a tour of his famous KISS Collection. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity with Gene Simmons!


- On a mutually agreed upon date, you and a guest will fly to Los Angeles and stat at the Beverly Hills Hotel with the flights and hotel stay paid for.

- You will be transported, blindfolded and via Private Security to the Home of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed-Simmons. You will get at tour of his famous office from his hit television show which is a literal KISS Museum.

- Take photos with Gene while he shows you the coolest KISS collection on the planet.

- After your tour, Gene will join you for dinner in Beverly Hills at a restaurant of Gene's choosing.

- Winner receives an autographed BASS guitar that will be played by Gene.

This package also includes 2 coveted seats to THE Fundraiser- an epic event being held on December 5, 2013 at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Those attending the event will meet Gene Simmons at the event where he will present you with your autographed BASS and get a photo with Gene.

Donated By: Gene Simmons of KISS 

Proceeds Benefit: Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire 
Start bidding HERE.

Join Paul Stanley In L.A. For The Ultimate Sports Experience

LIVE BID: Join Paul Stanley Jan. 5 - Jan 7 in LA for the Ultimate Sports Experience. Perfect for sports and rock and roll fans alike, bid now on this Paul Stanley experience!


- Sunday, January 5th: You and a guest will join Paul in courtside seats at the LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets game in Los Angeles at Staples Center.

- Monday, January 6th: You and a guest will get to attend the BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.
- Tuesday, January 7th: You and a guest will have the best seats in the house for the sold out Anaheim Angles vs. Boston Bruins Hockey game at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Winner will have the chance to watch the warm ups from the Penalty Box along with a customized Ducks Jersey for you and your guest.
- Includes breakfast or lunch with Paul one day during your trip.
    If traveling from Las Vegas, fly to Los Angeles and back on a Private Jet for this experience.

- Deluxe accommodations will also be covered while in LA.

- Winner receives an autographed Washburn Signature Model Guitar that will be played by Paul Stanley at THE Fundraiser event.

This package also includes 2 coveted seats to THE Fundraiser- an epic event being held on December 5, 2013 at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Those attending the event will also meet Paul Stanley at the event where he will present you with your guitar and take a photo with you.

Proceeds Benefit: Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire

Donated By: Paul Stanley of KISS

Start bidding HERE.

Paul Stanley & Erin Stanley Leaving Las Vegas


After a weekend getaway in Las Vegas, Paul Stanley and his wife Erin are on their way back home to L.A. today.

Tommy Thayer On The KISS Kruise III

Here's Tommy Thayer during "Rock And Roll All Nite" on the KISS Kruise III.

Remembering Eric Carr

Paul Charles Caravello, better known as Eric Carr, passed away twenty two years ago today.

The KISS Army misses you, Eric.

(July 12, 1950 – November 24, 1991)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Paul Stanley & Erin Stanley At Picasso In Las Vegas

Here's Paul Stanley and his wife Erin Stanley at Picasso in Las Vegas. Paul tweets:

"Thanks Julian Serrano for another spectacular meal!"

Watchin' You Podcast - KISS Kruises Into The Hall of Fame?

Jeff and Jeff discuss a number of KISS topics such as the KISS KRUISE III and the impending induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Paul Stanley & Erin Stanley At Dinner In Las Vegas


Here's Paul Stanley and his lovely wife Erin enjoying dinner at the couples favorite restaurant in Las Vegas -- Picasso.

Krazy Knights Podcast - Steve Coronel Interview

Krazy Knights

This week on Krazy Knights only your host Jamie McNicol is able to sit down with Steve Coronel the man who started it all. This is the man who introduced Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to each other. With this event happening there would be no KISS. So let's take a look down history lane and see where it all started

Friday, November 22, 2013

Paul Stanley & Erin Stanley On The Way To Las Vegas


Here's a great photo of Paul Stanley and his wife Erin on a jet to Las Vegas tonight. Paul Stanley tweets: 

"Selfie on the jet to Vegas! Time off!"

KISS To Appear At Brennan Rock & Roll Academy Fundraiser

KISS will be special guests at 'The Fundraiser' for The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy on December 5th at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Other musicians that will be making an appearance with back to back hits:

Alice Cooper (School's Out)
Vince Neil (Wildside)
Rob Zombie (Dragula)
Dee Snider of Twister Sister (I Wanna Rock)
Tom Keifer of Cinderella (Shake Me)
Stephen Pearcy of Ratt (Round & Round)
Joey Tempest & John Norum of Europe (Final Countdown)
Jack Blades of Night Ranger (Don't Tell Me You Love Me)
Kip Winger (Seventeen)

Plus a special encore performance from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer of KISS (Rock N' Roll All Nite)

Reserved Seats, VIP & Sponsorship Packages Are On Sale Now:

The Fundraiser benefits The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy and The Boys & Girls Clubs of The Sioux Empire.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The KISS Room - November Edition

Here's the November edition of Matt Porter's "The KISS Room" -- originally broadcast on Montco Radio and recorded live on Friday, November 15, 2013.

Join Matt in the studio with Chris Giordano from KISStory, Bob Brodsky, John Barbieri, and Chris Ann Colvin for a KISS Kruise wrap-up, round table and more.

Listen HERE:

Creatures Of The Net Podcast - Episode 63 - The KISS Kruise III

Cassius is joined by crazy KISS fans John Beckett, Anthony Lauro and Kyle Hirshon for a full review of the third annual KISS Kruise. This episode provides an inside look at all aspects of the Kruise including the pre party, acoustic show, drum off and much more.

Listen HERE:

Paul Stanley: "Building A Man-Cave"

Paul Stanley: "Building a man-cave/listening room in my art studio to hang out and listen to music the way it's supposed to sound!"

Tommy Thayer Backstage In Australia

  Photo Credit: Ross Halfin |

Here's a photo of Tommy Thayer backstage in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year.

Happy 38th Anniversary To The KISS Army | wikipedia

Today In KISStory - November 21, 1975, The KISS Army was born in Terre Haute, Indiana.

In January 1975, Starkey and Evans, two teenage KISS fans from Terre Haute, Indiana, began contacting local radio station WVTS in an effort to get KISS music played. After being repeatedly turned down by program director Rich Dickerson, Starkey and Evans began calling WVTS claiming to be "the KISS Army." Additionally, they sent letters to the station and signed them, "Bill Starkey–President of the KISS Army," and "Jay Evans–Field Marshall." By July 1975, WVTS had begun to play KISS records, often referring to the KISS Army. Some of the letters included threats to blow up the station. Before long, listeners started calling the station asking how they could enlist.

Dickerson worked with Starkey and Evans to provide advance promotion for a KISS concert at the new Hulman Civic-University Center in Terre Haute. Before the show, KISS publicist Alan Miller contacted Starkey to discuss the KISS Army. At Miller's request, Starkey and Evans took phone calls on the air at WVTS to recruit as many members as possible for the KISS Army. As a result of these efforts, the November 21 show sold out (10,000 seats).

During the concert, Starkey was brought on stage and given a plaque by KISS. On November 21, 2010 the KISS Army turned 35 to celebrate it the Mayor of Terre Haute declared it KISS Army day and co founder Bill Starky spent the day as guest DJ for 105.5 the river A Terre Haute radio station playing KISS music.

Soon after the Terre Haute concert, the KISS Army became the official fan club of the group. Order forms for the KISS Army first appeared in November 1976's Destroyer. Former head of KISS merchandising Ron Boutwell estimated that the fan club (at its peak) earned US$ 5,000 per day, and had nearly 100,000 members.

KISS Army Founder Bill Starkey On The Truth About His Story, True KISS Fans, His Experiences 38 Years Ago and Much More | By John Parks

Bill Starkey founded the KISS Army 38 years ago today.  Bill is now a school teacher for inner city kids in Indianapolis and his life is a success with or without his KISS experience, but it was absolutely an experience.  Can you imagine going onstage with the band?  Or being able to make a phone call and pretty much get any piece (or twenty) of KISS Army merch you wanted?  Pretty cool stuff but before KISS, Bill was truly a normal Indiana kid in the 1970s.  His dad worked at the Columbia House Music Club (a pretty cool story in of itself) and brought home some KISS records, proceeding to set forth this chain of events that led to Bill becoming the most famous KISS fan ever.  38 years after he and his friends started the KISS Army, people still recognize Bill and remember the story (in various formats, more on that…) and I wanted to talk with him about it all, read on…

Legendary Rock Interviews:  Hi Bill, thanks for talking to us.  I, like everyone else, know you as the original KISS Army guy and you’re well versed on that classic era but I wanted to start by asking you about the band’s most recent work.  What did you think of Monster, for instance?

Bill:  I really like it, I do and I don’t have a dog in the fight so to speak, KISS isn’t going to leave me backstage passes or tickets but I liked the album.  I also bought the remastered Destroyer and thought that was just amazing, I heard things on there that I’ve never heard before so if you haven’t picked that up I suggest you do.  I’m not one of those people who goes out and buys everything the band puts their name on, god bless those people who can do that and afford it and their house is swamped with that stuff.  I’m pretty discrete about my KISS collection, it’s modest and a lot of it is music but I do enjoy those Monster and Destroyer CD’s.

LRI:  I had to have the vinyl.

Bill:  Really….well, you know vinyl really does sound better.  You know it’s funny, KISS and other bands have talked about how they’re against fans stealing music and mp3s and all of that.  I had a lot of MP3 stuff but I found that most of it sounded horrible, just horrible.  There’s something about that process of compression and making the mp3 that it is almost like a bootleg to me, I was never into bootlegs either.  I applaud you picking up the vinyl, I don’t have a turntable or a cartridge but I would imagine it probably sounds pretty shocking how good the new stuff sounds on vinyl.  It took me a while but what I have found is that “Monster” sounds best played REALLY loud, which is funny to hear from a man in his fifties (laughs).  I wish they would tour and play the whole album start to finish.

LRI:  At this point one of the things KISS fans complain about is the setlist so you make a really valid point.  I know Gene and Paul feel they have this down to a working science and the box office reflects that so is it just a “KISS nerd” thing for us to bitch about the set?

Bill:  I don’t know that it’s a nerd thing.  I think KISS’s decisions these days are based mostly on the bottom line and things like that.  They do what they can get by with doing while still keeping their fanbase content which….hey, they seem mostly content.  I always laugh about KISS fans who complain about stuff whether it’s 4 thousand dollar books or 3 thousand dollar Kruises or Meet N Greets or  what have you.  You know guys….you don’t HAVE to buy those things (laughs).

LRI:  It’s the hard truth that while I have been lucky as a writer to have interviewed some of the guys over the years, as a fan I just can’t afford tickets to many shows unless I get a review comp, I can’t afford to buy all the merch or do the Kruise, etc.  That doesn’t make me NOT a fan…..

Bill:  You know you’re right, it’s unfortunate, maybe sometimes people think the “true” KISS fans are the ones who can do that but as for myself, I disagree.  You know why?  I know some pretty big, pretty amazing KISS fans who have never even been on a KISS KRUISE yet.  There’s just reasons, it’s not always a logical expense in life but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the band to death or in my case, work kind of takes priority over something like that with my schedule.  I have talked to others who couldn’t make the cruise for whatever reason who said if they did a big weekend convention or something similar on land they would absolutely make it but sometimes with travel and all that goes with a cruise it can be difficult.  Also, if I went down there and didn’t get to meet the band or anything like that after going to all the trouble, it would be a big disappointment for me because I too am used to being spoiled so..(laughs)

LRI:  You wrote the intro for Dale Sherman’s great KISS book, KISS FAQ and have also been interviewed tons of times, including now.  Does that ever get to be a drag or get old doing this?

Bill:  No.  It’s an honor to be able to talk about the band or to do Dale’s book or do anything relating to KISS.  It’s a privilege to do that and to be a part of that history.  I was also interviewed for Ken Sharp’s KISS book “Nothin To Lose”.

LRI:  I have an interview coming up with Ken.  One of the cool things in Dale’s FAQ book is that he talks about all the stuff that isn’t mentioned in other KISS books, including variations and alterations to the KISS story over the years, which is something not unique to KISS of course bands and publicists tweak their story all the time.  There’s the “flash and balls” ad to find Ace and other things but the biggest one that stands out to me is actually your story.  For YEARS I bought the whole story Gene told about “the fans surrounding the radio station” like a mob in KISSTORY and all that.  It was such a cool story I can see why Gene would like it but the truth is a little different isn’t it?

Bill:  You can’t imagine how uncomfortable I was revealing that.  I mean, right now, as I’m sitting here I am probably still uncomfortable because I feel like Gene doesn’t like me revealing the truth about that story, at least I don’t think he does.  He and I, we’ve never, face to face talked about the truth about that.  I know that when the KISS Convention was here in Indianapolis Gene had wanted a copy of the photo of the kids surrounding the radio station and I didn’t know what to say.  I was thinking “Um Gene, the kids didn’t surround the radio station” (laughs).  Paul brought me up onstage at the convention and kind of set it up for me to tell the story but I sort of danced around it and told my version of how we came to the station’s attention and the band’s attention.  I don’t know what to think about it or if it is that big of a deal today but I still have friends in Terre Haute that I have to be true to in terms of telling the truth.  As a matter of fact, a few years ago when I did the 35th Anniversary thing TV/Radio thing there in Terre Haute I actually had one of the guys who was in the KISS Army whose daughter was now in her 30s calling the radio station complaining saying that I lied about the KISS Army and that her dad was in the original army and she could verify her story.  The producers asked me what I thought about it and I just laughed and said that I would put my story up against that any day of the week.  I’m not saying that for any reason other than the fact that I know that when I wrote those letters to the radio station I signed my name to them (laughs) and that when KISS called the radio station to ask who they should contact about the “KISS ARMY” the radio station told the band, “You need to contact Bill Starkey, 446-4479″ and that’s exactly what they did.  I never said I was the only one who called the station or wrote letters, I have NEVER said that and I wish sometimes that some of these producers would actually call other members of the original army, guys like Jay Evans, so they could get their take on it, I think it makes for a better story and not only that it JUSTIFIES the story.  I didn’t ask to be the center of attention but that’s kind of what happened because the station mentioned my name to the band.  I’m not the only part of the KISS Army story but I am obviously a part of it.  I mean, let’s face it, they didn’t have to use the KISS Army, they didn’t have to contact me. They came to Terre Haute to play which was amazing and then it just became a madhouse.

LRI:  Well, whether it’s the story as Gene imagined it or the real story of the fans forming a grass roots campaign to break their favorite band, it’s still a good story with a human element that would make for a nice book or movie, maybe better than “Detroit Rock City”….

Bill:  I don’t know about a book, but I think the KISS ARMY story would make a great movie, I don’t think it will ever happen until I’m dead and gone but I do think it would be a great movie and there’s no reason to embellish on the truth.  I could be wrong but I don’t think the band has mentioned the “fans surrounding the radio station” thing much in the past ten years or so.  In the KISSTORY II book, in the KISS FANZINE book, I have told my version of the story so I think by this point it’s pretty common knowledge.

LRI:  When you first had that moment onstage with the band, you were standing in front of a hometown crowd, including some kids that had given you shit about the band and so on.  It had to be the ultimate moment and obviously memorable but what other moments were there that weren’t as well publicized?  Back then were you also given backstage access to Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter?

Bill:  Oh yeah, quite a few times.  I had access, all during the 1976 Destroyer Tour pretty much, all I had to do was get to the shows.  Then what was even cooler was I would get to the hotels where they were staying and get to hang out with some of them.  It was usually Gene who was the one who “put up” with me.  I don’t think Paul was really into it but Gene was very much more like a fan.

LRI:  That’s always been one of the more endearing things about Gene is that you do sometimes see that fan side of him.  It’s like he and Eric and Tommy are basically huge fans of the band….

Bill:  They are.  I used to take my scrapbooks up to Gene’s room and we would go through them sitting  on the back of his bed.  The only bad thing was he would always ask for them and I would always tell him no.

LRI:  (laughs)  That’s cute but how could he be doing that while he was having sex with 20,000 women every night?

Bill:  Well, by god, and I am proud to say this, there were some nights where he didn’t.  I can say that because there were some nights when I was in there and they were beating on the door and he didn’t open it.  You know what was bizarre about Gene, and this was really odd, even in the 70s, but he always registered under his real name at the hotel, everybody else didn’t but you could call the hotel and ask for Gene Simmons (laughs).  Many times, I just would.  You could call up the Holiday Inn and ask for Gene Simmons and do you know how he would answer the phone?  He would growl “GRRRR” and i would just start laughing because I knew that he was expecting the women, I was sure.  I mean, these guys screwed their brains out, they both did and it’s amazing they got anything else done.  I mean they screwed their brains out and I saw these girls.  I read some of the rumors and nonsense about Paul being gay and immediately laughed because I remembered these guys in the 70s and they were just surrounded by women.  Paul was a little more selective but they were everywhere for all of those guys and you didn’t have the STDs to worry about, it was a simpler time.  I remember the time Gene showed me his polaroids.  I was sitting on the bed and Gene always took great delight in and always wanted to embarrass me just because I was such a naive, midwestern kid.

LRI:  Oh man.  How old were you again??

Bill:  I was 19 and Gene was like 22 or 23.  One time one of the radio stations was kind of mad about the other radio station getting attention for KISS and started telling a story about how KISS wasn’t playing Terre Haute because they felt they were “too big” for Terre Haute.  So I had started getting a big head from all of this and felt it was my duty so I told Gene, “Gene, do you know what they’re saying about you, they’re telling all these lies”.  So we arranged to do an interview to clear the air and I will never forget, it was me, Gene, the disc jockey and the disc jockey’s wife and Gene was eating club sandwiches and drinking Fresca.  We were watching “The Midnight Special” and watching Gene do the stupidest interview, he was being really funny and it was just amazing.  The Gene back then was so funny and so playful, in so many ways it’s totally night and day from how he is now.  Gene now is so much like a pro wrestling guy cutting a promo bit but back in the 70s he was hilarious and witty; kind of like Robin Williams in a way.  He would fly from one tangent to the other and was always cutting jokes and being a smartass rather than just boasting about being the biggest, baddest whatever.  So in the middle of this interview, Gene goes “Bill, go over there and look in that suitcase”, so I go over and look in the suitcase and there are these polaroid camera pictures of all of these women.  His whole damn suitcase was FILLED with these pictures.  Now, there were twins, mothers and daughters, girls tied to bedposts and they were all in rather unflattering poses on his bed but you know, back then, that’s what they did and he had their names and address on the back of them all.  I was just red-faced and floored, I didn’t know what to say.  Those were his pictures….and he did it to embarrass me, which was fine but that was the truth.  There were so many women and I don’t know why they were there but they were.  They could have gone through 5 or 10 a night if they wanted to or had the stamina.  I also got to hang out with them without their makeup on which was cool but the bad thing was you couldn’t take pictures of them or with them.  If you were hanging with the band at a party or a function that was strictly forbidden.

LRI:  Flash forward.  You get a job, go to college, lose touch with KISS and get into other music during the 80s.  Then in the 90s the reunion happens on Unplugged.  Were you super excited and did you attend the Alive Worldwide tour?

Bill:  Of course.  I was a little disappointed in Ace and Peter though.

LRI:  So you weren’t really surprised when the band went with Tommy and Eric?

Bill:  No, when I first saw it I was all for it and I’m still all for it to be honest with you.  Tommy and Eric do a better job with it and, to be fair, I guess I maybe feel that way because I was always pretty friendly with Tommy and I never knew Ace.  Honest to god, I have never met Ace Frehley.  To this day, I have still never met him.  When I was with the band he was always, always intoxicated and he just kinda went off and did his own thing.  When I was with Peter and Lydia (Criss, Peter’s ex wife) was there, he was great, the sweetest guy in the world but when Lydia wasn’t there he was not the nicest person.  To me, I have no sympathy for the guys because they had a chance, multiple chances with the band and they could still be with the band had they been able to stay in shape and stay straight.  So you kinda tend to lean towards people you’re friendly with.  I’m not saying by any means that Tommy and I are best friends but of all the guys in the band, he’s the most likely to contact me so I can appreciate Tommy.  The one thing I can say about Tommy is; whether he was the road manager or in the band, he never made promises for things he couldn’t do and he never made promises he couldn’t keep.  He is a reliable guy, which I’ve always appreciated.  If I asked for tickets to a show it was either yes or no and that’s it, he’s a real cut and dry guy.  I get upset with people who get mad at Tommy and Eric like it’s somehow their choice to play those roles and not Gene and Paul’s.  I think back to before I met the band, back then I couldn’t identify with Gene or Paul, my favorite member was Ace.  I was a guitar player and I thought he was really flashy and liked his persona until I actually got close to the band and saw him for what he was.
Bill, with the reunited original KISS

Bill, with the reunited original KISS

LRI:  Of all the tours you saw, which was your favorite? Bill:  Probably the KISS Alive tour in 1975.  That was unreal.  To me, they were the tightest then and you have to remember they played that same setlist, they played almost every single night.  So even though some people would say they were only marginal musicians, if you play every single night, every single set like that you are gonna sound pretty damn amazing.  Plus, I think just the audience reaction at that point really fed them.  When I saw KISS back then there was something magical, something macabre or dark about them, fights would break out and they would have to stop the show, they were a more dangerous band at that point.  I remember one rock writer they had with them who incidentally hated the band telling me that the audience was just insane.  The band could have told them to go out and burn the city down and they would have done it happily, that was the kind of mesmerizing power the band held in those days.

LRI:  Before I let you go….What’s the coolest party or hang instance you haven’t told me yet and did you see Gene or Paul drink at either of them (laughs)??

Bill:  No, never.  Probably one of the coolest invites was the New Year’s Eve concert/pool party which had a bummer twist for me.  I have the invitation on my facebook page.  Paul was the only one who ended up swimming and Gene was sitting at this table with like six of us and, this was the first time I was crushed by the band but Gene asked who I was.  I was dumbfounded that he didn’t remember me, not thinking about or realizing that KISS probably meets fifty new people every single day.  I was at parties all the time with them all the time back in those days though and I never saw those guys on substances but I could tell you stories about the road crew.  That was the first time I had ever seen cocaine and on top of that those guys back then were armed, so it was like, wow!  Can you imagine.  It was a circus and that road crew were personalities just like the guys in the band were personalities. It was a once in a lifetime situation.

Read original story HERE:

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‘We Liked Them’: You Won’t Believe This Dead-On Rush Imitation From KISS’ Gene Simmons

When Rush opened for Kiss in 1974-75, one of them was the biggest band in the world and the other had Geddy Lee on vocals. In fact, during a June 1975 date at the Winterland in San Francisco, Kiss had to intervene just to get the guys in Rush something to eat before show time.

On those particular dates, Gene Simmons says in this Kiss Kruise Q&A, the two bands were sharing a bill at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco with the Tubes — a band managed by venue owner Bill Graham. To perhaps no one’s surprise, the Tubes had a huge array of snacks, while Rush (then just breaking into the national scene on their Fly By Night tour) were roundly ignored.

The headliners stepped in: “You’re going to feed these guys,” Simmons told the promoter, “or we’re not getting up on stage.” Everybody, he adds, got fed.

“They were nobody,” Simmons says, in the clip above. “Nobody knew them, and they were from Canada, too. In those days, Canada meant: ‘We don’t care.’ We liked them. ‘Working Man,’ you know that song?”

Simmons goes on to do a dead-on impression — not just of Lee’s distinctive sky-high voice, but also the classic Rush track’s distinctive rhythmic signature — to huge laughs. Kiss bandmate Paul Stanley interupts then to say: “Hold on, Geddy’s on the phone,” to still bigger laughs.

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast - Interview With Eddie Trunk

In the 50th episode we celebrate with special guest, Eddie Trunk. For over two and a half hours, the four delved into Trunk's start in the music business at Megaforce Records, the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame, his love and support of influential guitar hero Ace Frehley, his thoughts about the current KISS line-up, his sometimes shaky relationship with KISS frontman Paul Stanley and much more.

Why KISS Should Get In The R&R Hall Of Fame


KISS invented theatrical arena rock ... and had some pretty good songs, to boot. Songs that are still popular today, like "Rock and Roll All Nite.''

You can make fun of the makeup, of Gene Simmons’ tongue, or his tales of bedding so many thousands of women, or the open-to-the crotch, chest-hair-baring costumes. But dang, those progenitors of rock ’n’ roll pyrotechnics could put on a concert. And they STILL do.

But as theatrical as KISS is, the band is more than just show. “Rock and Roll All Nite” may be THE party song. Some folks joke about “Beth,” but I personally find it one of my favorites.

I saw the band in Houston in 1976, at a venue called The Summit. I confess pharmaceuticals MAY have been involved, but it’s a show I’ve never forgotten. Plus, I think my ears are still bleeding.

Fan voting continues into December at

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Detroit's Adopted Band KISS Leads Fan Votes For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

DETROIT, MI - The band that called Detroit "Detroit Rock City," and fell in love with the Motor City because of its fan support, is leading a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame poll that asks fans to vote for members of its 2014 class.

KISS, originally a New York City band formed in 1973, led the Cleveland-based Rock and Rock Hall of Fame poll with 182,846 votes as of 8 a.m. Monday. Other music acts in the poll include Nirvana, Hall and Oates and Deep Purple.

There are 16 music acts to choose from in the poll. The second place vote getter so far is Nirvana with 179, 247 votes. Voters can vote for a maximum of five acts in the poll.

The top five artists, as selected by the public, will comprise a “fans’ ballot” that will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the 2014 class.

The new class, according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is expected to be announced in "the coming weeks."

KISS has a love for Detroit for a variety of reasons. The city was one of the first places that embraced the band early in its career, and it is also where - at Cobo Hall - KISS recorded its wildly successful "Alive" live album.

What do you think about KISS chances of getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Have a fond memory of KISS in Detroit? Share your thoughts in MLive's comments section.

See photos HERE:

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast - Did KISS Dig Deep Enough With The KISS Kruise Setlist?

In episode #49 - Did KISS dig deep enough with the rare tracks they played on the KISS Kruise? Should they have played Rock N Roll All Nite? KISS Shockers from Mitch's Locker is EXPLOSIVE this week. Someone pushed Mitch's button and we get to see his reaction.

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Tommy Thayer & Amber Thayer Featured In Westlake Magazine

Check out Tommy Thayer and his wife Amber featured in Westlake Magazine's holiday issue.

KISS 7" Inch Vinyl Guide


The KISS 7"vinyl guide is printed in a limited edition of 400 books and contains pictures and information about all released KISS 7"vinyl singles / 45 rpm from all over the world.

Did you know that there are 38 different countries who released KISS singles? All are in this KISS 7"vinyl guide, in alphabetical & chronological order. Showing full color pictures of front & back sleeve + label, catalogue numbers, extra information, mentioning b-sides and even a RATING SYSTEM which shows the rariety of each single.

Also in the KISS 7" vinyl guide are: Acetates, test printings, promo's, picture discs, colored vinyl, re-issues, aberant labels, mispressings etc. All is there, from Argentina till Zimbabwe, from their 1st 1974 USA Nothin' to lose till the 2012 The Casablanca singles 1972-1982 box!!!

There are over 1700 full color pictures shown in this 208 pages book. (A4 size) Written in English language.

The KISS 7"vinyl guide is made with the help of the worlds largest KISS collectors and will surprise you with a lot of knowledge and never seen before pictures.

The book is released on November 11th. So the ink is still wet...Over 50% is already sold by pre-order, so don't let this one pass, order now.

The following countries are mentioned in the KISS 7"vinyl guide: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, England (UK), France, Germany, Guatemala, Hongkong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

Available on Ebay:

Paul Stanley On The Cover Of Musician's Friend Catalog


Here's the cover of the December issue of the Musician's Friend catalog featuring Paul as their 2013 Rock N' Roll Santa! The issue also features an interview with Paul.

Paul Stanley Introduces The New Washburn PS12

Paul Stanley introduces the new Washburn PS12. He shares with us the idea and concept behind the design of this amazing guitar.

For more information visit:

Paul Stanley - The Starchild Santa

During his tenure in KISS, Paul Stanley has played more guitars than any of us can imagine, and gleaned from each what makes an instrument truly exceptional. Combine that with his keen sense of visual design and you get the Paul Stanley Signature Series from Washburn. We sat down with this knight in Santa’s service to discuss these stellar instruments, and how gear has evolved over 40 years of being in the hottest band in the world.

Musician’s Friend: Tell us about your longstanding relationship with Washburn, and how the line of Paul Stanley Signature guitars came to be.

Paul Stanley: The idea of being able to create my own guitar has always been a dream. I think it’s everybody’s dream, especially when you’re growing up and you draw the ultimate guitar. Unfortunately, when you’re a kid and you draw a guitar, it looks like a ray gun. Given the opportunity to really design something, I found myself leaning on the past. The past is what got us here. Tradition is at the core of everything I try to design. I went through a couple of different companies, but ultimately I found my way to Washburn. The thing I love there is that they’re really great craftsmen, but you don’t have the red tape of a company where someone has to call someone else who has to clear what you did, and five months later you get a prototype that’s completely wrong. I went through that. When I started working with Washburn, I sketched something out and within six weeks I had a finished guitar to look at. We’ve had a great relationship.

I’m really proud of the guitars we do because they hearken back to the golden age. There’s a reason why people have always wanted vintage guitars. They were well crafted, the combination of woods and pickups was right, and that’s at the core of what I try to do. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, just put my own spin on it.

MF: You’re a visual artist as well as a musician. How does your sense of visual style find its way into your guitar designs?

PS: The idea with this guitar was to create something classic, something that echoes things that were here before, but improves on them. Whatever guitars this may remind you of, quite honestly, this kills ‘em. It’s better balanced, the tone is tremendous, the neck, the radius, the action, the playability, everything about it. It’s great because you can have it around your neck and let go, and it stays horizontal, whereas other guitars, because of heavy tuning pegs and other things, just dip and hit the ground. The abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays are something that I’ve done over the years. Classic big frets. This is the guitar I always wanted, that never was.

MF: Some of the models in the series are equipped with mini humbuckers. What is it about the tone of the minis that earned them a spot on these guitars?

PS: Mini humbuckers are something tried-and-true, and I try to keep that in the equation when I’m designing a guitar. Something that’s been around for a while has been around because it works. The great thing about my relationship with Washburn is that they pretty much give me the freedom to run amok, and I hold their hand to the fire to make sure that we stay true to tradition. I’m a big believer that the greatest guitars were made already, and all we can do now is emulate them. There’s no secret to making a great guitar; anyone can do it. All you need is great components and great woods, and the rest is just about craftsmanship.

MF: Does that philosophy also extend to other pieces of gear, like amps and effects?

PS: When we were recording Sonic Boom and when we did Monster, our last album, the idea was to remain true to the roots of all the stuff we loved most. A lot of times in the studio, you can go for perfection, but what you give up is passion. You can get something perfect, but what you get is sterile. All the music that we grew up loving, whether it was Motown or James Brown or Zeppelin or the Beatles or Elvis Presley, was made by live people and there were all kinds of imperfections. That’s part of what gave it that excitement, that feeling that every once in a while it’s going to go off the rails. Listen to that first Zeppelin album—what made it so great was that these guys were careening together. The beauty of a great band is that it moves and breathes as one beast. So we recorded analog, because all the greatest albums were recorded on tape. You can’t change something that works that well and expect the same results. So it was recorded on tape and we used a lot of vintage gear: Fender Bassman amps, Marshall Plexis… anything we could get our hands on.

MF: What advancements in music gear technology have enhanced KISS performances most over the years?

PS: One of the strangest things to happen to us was that we were the first band to go wireless. When we first started using them, they were tremendous for us because we no longer had to dance around each other to untangle wires. But the other side of it was that people thought we weren’t really playing. But that was a great step forward, to go wireless. PA systems obviously get better and better, which is a great thing. But in terms of gear, in all my years, I took a good guitar and plugged it into a great Marshall or some other kind of tube amp. Maybe there was some compression, or a power boost, but outside of that, it didn’t take a pedalboard on the floor that looks like it makes cappuccino. I don’t understand that kind of stuff because my heroes didn’t use that kind of stuff. Most times, that stuff sounds pretty fake. What they’re trying to emulate can be had just by plugging your guitar into a good amp and figuring out the settings. If technology becomes a barrier between the guitar and the amplifier, then what’s the point?

MF: KISS has thrived for the past 40 years by rolling with radical shifts in the musical landscape. Do you have a favorite era of the band in particular?

PS: There is no denying that when you’re first starting out, you have this incredible passion and hunger. You’re aspiring to be recognized. Whether you know it or not, you’re aspiring to make some money, whether it’s just to pay the rent or buy a Rolls Royce—it’s all the same thing. You want recognition and validation. So those days were very special for four guys who were told that something wasn’t possible, and went against the grain and said, if you stand in front of us, we’ll walk all over you. So those early years were magical. But I sure wouldn’t want to go back there! It’s like a picture of an old girlfriend you look at. If you were to get back with her for one day, you’d remember why you broke up in the first place.

MF: What are the fundamentals you’ve adhered to in order to succeed and have such a long career?

PS: The basic tenet for longevity is passion. You have to love what you’re doing. If you’re doing it for any other reason, you’ll ultimately fail. You do something not because you want to, you do something because you have to, because there’s an obsession within you. If someone comes to me and says, “I’m thinking about staying in music or…” I say, “Stop. Do the other thing.” If you have to ask yourself if you should be doing this, the answer is no. You have to find something you totally believe in. That’s what will get you through the tough times. Passion will not only help you succeed, it will get you through the failures.

Read the original story HERE.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eric Carr Elder 10 Inch Resin Figures

This beautiful 10-inch sculpture presents a startlingly realistic likeness of ERIC CARR in his signature Makeup. Eric Carr KISS MUSIC FROM THE ELDER FIGURE is cast in Polyresin, hand numbered, hand painted with marvelous detail. Figure is posed in true rock 'n' roll fashion. (This is limited to 150 pieces worldwide numbered and signed) The attention to detail on this KISS, ERIC CARR figure is tremendous, from the amazing facial makeup likeness to the metal type zippers, spaced throughout the entire outfit. Realistic creases along the pants and outfit and arms. A replica pair of drumsticks are held tightly in his hand. Lets not forget the small detail to chest hair and Eric's metal fox pendent to complete the figure! This figure is displayed on an amazing 1 inch circular bass with Eric's name and a hard-to-believe zipper effect base, which mirrors his Elder outfit.

This Limited figure, pays homage to a classic metal hero.
1. Stands 10 inches tall with base.
2. Sculpted to accuracy, this figure captures Eric Carr during the KISS Elder Era
3. Highly detailed and accurate figure.
4. Officially licensed Merchandise
5. Hand numbered/ signed under base and authenticated by a Carr family member.


Order HERE:


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KISS Wishes Cadillac High Good Luck In Football Playoffs

Gene Simmons and the boys gave a shoutout to the Cadillac football team on the band’s Facebook page today. Along with a picture of Kiss with Cadillac football players in 1975, the post read: “Good luck to our friends, the Cadillac HS Football team as they play their 3rd playoff game tonight. They are 12-0 so far this year! We go way back!”

(The Vikings actually are only 11-0 heading into tonight’s 7 p.m. Division 4 regional final at Comstock Park. And if Son of Swami is right, 12-0 isn’t in the offing. But still, pretty cool.)

A little background on the Kiss-Cadillac connection:

Back in 1974, when the powerhouse Cadillac Vikings started the season with two losses, assistant football coach Jeff Neff had the idea of playing Kiss music in the locker room as a motivational tool. After all, the music was fast and loud, and, in football, as he explains, Kiss stands for "Keep it simple, stupid.”

Once the Kiss songs started flowing, the Vikings won the last seven games of the season.

In the midst of those victories, Neff got in touch with Kiss and eventually heard directly from its members. "My chair is located in the same place where Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons called me," Neff told the Free Press in 2012.

That started a connection between the band and the school that, in 1975, led to a famous visit. Kiss, scheduled to play around that time at a Michigan college, accepted Neff's invitation to come to Cadillac High for homecoming.

What happened next exceeded his and everyone's expectations. During two days in October — just a month after Kiss' landmark "Alive!" album was released — band members Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, in full Kiss regalia, visited the high school, posed for photos on the football field and performed a show at the Cadillac High School gym attended by about 2,000 people. "To be part of that was surreal, to say the least," remembered Stanley, who said Michigan has long had a place in the band's heart. "Let's face it, we're blue-collar. We didn't grow up with a silver spoon. We were embraced and taken in by Detroit and Michigan. But Cadillac was unique."

Stanley says it was mind-boggling to see the enthusiasm of the town where the football team went "from worst to first" with help from its songs. Kiss even attended a civic breakfast in Cadillac, where Neff, coach Dave Brines, Mayor Raymond Wagner and other dignitaries wore Kiss makeup and gave Kiss a key to the city.

"To see the mayor and everybody doing it, and doing it willingly, it was a testament to a small miracle, " Stanley said. Later that day, Kiss made a dramatic exit when a helicopter landed on the football field. As it flew away, thousands of flyers fluttered onto the field that read, "Cadillac — Kiss loves you!"

In the decades since, not a week has gone by that someone hasn't contacted Neff about the visit. "Your 15 minutes of fame, if it can last 36 years, that's cool," said Neff, who retired from teaching after 31 years.

KISS Perform "Detroit Rock City" In Calgary - Multicam

Here's multiple fan camera video of KISS performing "Detroit Rock City" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Scotiabank Saddledome on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Relive Your KISS Kruise III Memories


Our friends at Sixthman have posted an amazing video recapping many of the memorable moments aboard KISS Kruise III! Watch the video below: