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KISS at O2 Arena in Prague

Photos: Mats Vassfjord |

Here's some amazing KISS photos taken by photographer Mats Vassfjord  live on stage at 02 Arena in Prague on June 14, 2013. 

Bruce Kulick Talks KISS, Summerfest And More | By Lindsay Garric

Ask prolific guitar player Bruce Kulick why being a judge for the School of Rock "Battle of the Bands" June 29 and 30 at Summerfest is important to him and the former member of KISS says that "seeing them be creative or just cover a classic rock tune is truly a joy to me."

It’s that love of music that has fueled a career that has continued to climb since 1975. Kulick debuted as a touring member of Meat Loaf’s band playing dual guitars with his brother Bob. From there, Kulick rocked in Blackjack with Michael Bolton, opened for Ozzy Osborne with the band The Good Rats, played on Billy Squier’s "Tale of the Tape" and perhaps most famously, held down lead guitar for 12 years for the "hottest band in the world," KISS.

Kulick is kind, warm and well spoken. A workaholic and animal lover, Kulick is refreshingly down to earth, but still possesses little eccentricities that communicate he is a highly creative individual. Dressed sharply in designer denim, a tailored jacket, fabulous shoes and tasteful "rocker" jewelry, he exudes a confidence and mastery for his craft that only comes with the experience he has garnered working with some of the music business’ biggest and "baddest."

Could there be anyone left for Kulick to shred for? He says, "I always wanted to jam with Paul McCartney! I love that he still rocks and he is in his 70s. A real inspiration for all."

With a resume that reads like a who’s who of rock n’ roll, Kulick offers some great advice for the up-and-coming artists he will be judging this weekend on the Summerfest stages:

"Be patient, and follow your instincts. Being a clone of another band is never a great idea. Be influenced by the bands that you love, but don't copy them exactly. Put yourself into your own idea of what a band or artist should be."

School of Rock is a national, franchised music education program that utilizes the expertise of stars like Kulick for mentorship and instruction. The Summerfest "Battle of the Bands" will showcase over 200 students in 30 bands on several stages over the two-day contest where Kulick will be joined by fellow celebrity judges Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats), Earl Slick (David Bowie), Jim Peterik (Survivor, Ides of March), Metal Mike (Rob Halford), Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult), Nathan Willett and Matt Maust (Cold War Kids).

The battle’s finale will be staged at the BMO Harris Pavilion on Sunday, June 30. For detailed show times and stages click here.

This will be Kulick’s first Summerfest outing and he is thrilled that it will give the School of Rock hopefuls the chance to "get to feel like a pro." Part of that experience is the fans. The School of Rockers will be joined by over 300 supporters and will be garnering new cronies with every note they play.

KISS fans are known in the music world as some of the most dedicated devotees. Kulick makes several appearances at KISS Expos around the world and describes KISS fans as "amazing, loyal, and opinionated."

He is moved by how his part in rock history continues to inspire. "I am blessed with my 12 years playing guitar for (KISS), as I was able to get a body of work that won't be forgotten. What's amazing me lately is meeting young fans of mine that are crying and shaking saying 'hello' to me. Guess what? I have been out of the band longer than their age! So, I am quite moved by that."

Kulick currently plays lead guitar and tours with Grand Funk Railroad. He also keeps busy with his two side projects, Union (with John Corabi) and ESP (the Eric Singer Project.) He is involved with session work, producing new artists, instructional DVDs, music compositions and Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.

Kulick has also released three solo albums, most recently BK3 (available on iTunes and from that includes the vocal debut of Nick Simmons, son of KISS bassist Gene Simmons on the song, "Hand of the King."

Was working with Nick anything like being in a band with his notorious father, "The Demon?"

"Anytime I worked with Gene it was 'Gene Simmons of KISS!' You know, he (Gene) has lots of experience. Nick is fearless, but he didn't have that experience yet," said Kulick. "My producer and I watched him grow in his confidence and ability and his performance was 'stella.'"

Perhaps the most exciting impending development for Kulick will be more personal than professional. He is engaged to be married in early 2014. The challenges and triumphs of relationships for road-traveling musicians have been documented sonically since needle scratched vinyl, so will tying the knot affect Kulick’s career or perhaps inspire his own ode to love on the road?

"Marriage will give me an even firmer foundation than what I already have. Lisa, my fianceé, obviously has been a huge part of my life and having her become Mrs. Kulick, will be a strong statement of what she means to me. If it helps a song, great, but honestly sometimes it's heartache and trouble that inspires musicians. But, I am not opposed to a love song here and there, so who knows!"

You can catch Kulick with Grand Funk Railroad through the remainder of 2013.

Latest KISS Magazine Cover: Cool! Magazine

KISS is featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Cool!” magazine #44, June 2013 from Austria.

The Projection Booth Podcast - Episode #100: KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park

You wanted the best, you've got the best! We're looking at this made-for-TV movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, a oft-maligned sci-fi fantasy where KISS got superpowers and had a Scooby-Doo-type adventure.

We're joined by KISS superfan (and Paul Stanley tribute artist), John Stockwell. This podcast is going to put us on the map once and for all, Snede.

Special Guests: producer Terry Morse Jr. & KISS fan Ron Albanese

Listen HERE:

Music Producer Bob Ezrin Inducted Into Canada’s Walk Of Fame

Nimbus co-founder, music producer Bob Ezrin will be inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame this year. The Walk of Fame ceremony will take place on September 21st, 2013 at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto. Bob was also recently named an Honourary Fellow of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Bob Ezrin has an incredible legacy spanning 50 years and counting with immense contributions to Canadian music and entertainment. He has garnered many awards through his work with some of the world’s most well-known and influential artists, including: Alice Cooper, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Jay-Z, Peter Gabriel, Fefe Dobson, The Tenors, Taylor Swift and more.

Bob has been part of the Nimbus tradition since his early days working with Jack Richardson at Nimbus 9 Studios in Toronto where he also worked with another Nimbus co-founder, GGGarth Richardson. Bob has an uncompromising dedication to excellence that informs all of his work. This focus on excellence carries through to the training and mentorship we offer here at Nimbus School of Recording Arts. While he lives and works in Nashville, Bob is frequently at Nimbus offering his time and wisdom to our students and alumni.

In response to this most recent recognition, Bob said, “I have to say that I’m a bit overwhelmed by this honour. I honestly don’t feel like I belong in the company of most of the current and past inductees, which makes this both thrilling and humbling – and makes me truly thankful.”

He went on to say: ”If it weren’t for Nimbus 9 Productions, Jack Richardson and Allan Macmillan, I may never have had the kind of career that could lead to something as amazing as this. I am so grateful for the opportunity they provided me and for the education I received there. I have decided that, as a way of “earning” the star legitimately, I will use the platform that it provides to promote music and arts education in Canada.”

We are very proud of Bob for this great honour and wish him a wonderful day at the ceremony in September.

Congratulations, Bob, from the whole Nimbus family!

Today In KISStory - 1977

Today In KISStory - June 30, 1977: KISS release the album "Love Gun".

Love Gun is the sixth studio album by KISS. It is notable for being their first album to feature a lead vocal performance from Ace Frehley, this marks the first Kiss album to feature lead vocal performances from all four band members.

It was also the last studio album to feature the entire original Kiss lineup on every track, as Peter Criss was replaced by session drummer Anton Fig for most of 1979's Dynasty album.

Track listing

1. "I Stole Your Love"
2. "Christine Sixteen"
3. "Got Love for Sale"
4. "Shock Me"
5. "Tomorrow and Tonight"
6. "Love Gun"
7. "Hooligan"
8. "Almost Human"
9. "Plaster Caster"
10. "Then She Kissed Me"

Today In KISStory - 1977

1st KISS Marvel Comic Released

Today In KISStory - June 30, 1977: The members of KISS were immortalized in the pantheon of legendary comic book superheroes alongside the likes of Superman, Batman and Wolverine. KISS were already real life superheroes to millions of  fans around the world but now they were the stars of their own comic book.

From this moment on, Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter would be forever known as The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and The Catman. These iconic characters have become a part of American folklore and have endured for over three decades in the form of movies, toys, action figures and comic books (not to mention, over 80 million records sold!).

The perfect combination of rock and roll and science fiction, KISS were a natural to feature in their very own comic.

After all, the bands outfits were inspired by those of Marvels superheroes.

So, befittingly, in 1977, the legendary Stan Lee and Marvel Comics published the first KISS comic book.

The monumental first issue was called KISS Marvel Comics Super Special! #1 and it quickly became Marvels best-selling comic book ever!

Realizing this was a major event in the comic book industry, Marvel opted not to print the KISS comic in standard comic
book size and decided instead to release it in the much larger magazine size format.

The forty page book featured the origin of KISS and an epic battle between KISS and Dr. Doom plus never before published KISS photos and features.

Also, in keeping with the bands outrageous image, the comic was printed in real KISS blood!

The band was flown to Marvels printing plant where they added their own blood to the ink used in the KISS comic book.

Never one to pass up a good marketing opportunity, KISS came up with the promotional gimmick to spur sales of the first edition.
The four members of KISS, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley, allowed their blood to be drawn during a concert stop in New York at Nassau Coliseum on February 21st, 1977.

They later flew up to the Borden Ink plant in Depew, New York, to be photographed adding their vials of donated blood to a barrel of red ink on May 26th, 1977.

A notary of the public duly certified the authenticity of the process, and the notarized document was made available as the KISS comic book contract.

Gene Simmons recalls: As the KISS comic book project moved along, someone came up with the idea of putting real blood in the ink.

It wasn't me maybe it was Bill Aucoin or Sean Delaney. We got into a DC3, one of those big prop planes, and flew up to Buffalo to Marvels printing plant, where they pour the ink and make comic books.

A notary actually witnessed the blood being drawn.

The promotional stunt paid off. The first KISS comic broke every comic book sales record imaginable and soon became the biggest selling comic book of all time.

KISS Marvel Comics Super Special! #1 would hold that distinction for fifteen years until it was dethroned by Todd McFarlanes, Spiderman #1.

It was the beginning of 30 years of KISS comics and the transformation of four kids from the streets of New York to international superstars.

This major milestone in KISStory also touched off an explosion in new KISS merchandise and a starring appearance in the bands own 1978 NBC movie of the week, KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.

- Source: KISS OFFICIAL Magazine Issue #5 by Spiro Papadatos

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Paul Stanley On How To Survive A Music Festival | Transcribed by

KISS frontman Paul Stanley talks about surviving music festivals in the recent issue of "Maxim" magazine:

KISS frontman Paul Stanley helps you enjoy your time in the mud.

Pack wisely: "Don't go anywhere without Purell, condoms, and breath mints."

Pick a partner: "Don't go with a large group. A festival is not a time to see democracy in action; its a time for you and one person to agree on a strategy."

Find the turntables: "Some bands don't bring their all to festivals, so look for a tent with a DJ. There should be a lot of ecstasy on there. And from what I understand,  even a dog passing gas sounds good on those drugs."

Don't be a dick: "You want to get you money's worth, so don't throw shit at the stage. Also, let the people who are paid to sing do the singing. And if you want to do your '60s freak dance or some flower-child thing, move to the side."

Score a backstage pass: "Other than the photos of people dancing in the mud with hot topless chicks, the festival scene looks miserable. So, if you're not in the front row, try and convince one of those hot girls to wrangle a backstage pass for the each of you."

Tickets For KISS Shows In Japan Now On Sale

General public tickets for KISS' two October Japanese shows go on sale today.

Japanese Tour Dates:

October 19 - Tokyo, Japan
October 21 - Osaka, Japan

New KISS Lyric Video "Right Here, Right Now" Encourages Fans To Never Give Up
40 years after their formation, KISS still truly is the "Hottest Band in the World." They work hard to prove it even when they don't have to. They just released a new lyric video for the song "Right Here, Right Now" that shows the band doing what they do best: Rock 'n' Rolling every night and partying every day.
Related topics

The video highlights the band's latest international tour in support of their 20th studio album, "Monster." It features explosive footage of the band energetically performing to their excited fans. You could even say it's a commercial for what many would rightfully call "the Greatest Show on Earth." There are scenes of each band member performing the familiar moves they've become known for over the years on an all new state-of-the-art stage design that includes a gigantic metal-framed spider which descends from above complete with a platform for members to stand on.

"Right Here, Right Now" is a bonus iTunes track and didn't even appear on the actual physical CD copies of "Monster" released in stores. However, the song shouldn't be looked at as just extra material or a "B-side" left over from the recording sessions for the album. It's every bit as aggressive and passionate as any of the other tracks on the record.

Not content to just have the lyrics to "Right Here, Right Now" flashing on the screen over miscellaneous pictures of the band, Paul Stanley makes a special appearance and sings the chorus of the song to viewers. This continues to show how KISS always goes the extra mile to hold themselves to a higher standard. Most bands don't even appear in their lyric videos. All you get are words flashing over background images of their new album artwork.

The song itself is a call to action for KISS's legion of fans. The band uses their musical platform to encourage them to be pro-active and never give up on their dreams, just as the band didn't 40 years ago when they formed against incredible odds. The lyrics speak for themselves:

"You were born, got it all; The rest is all up to you; You stand or you crawl; Gotta chase to break; And run with the fall; Get up when you fall. Right here, right now; Yesterday's gone, tomorrow's always in doubt; Right here, right now; The only time, the only time; That matters is now. "

"Right Here, Right Now" has been adopted as the theme song for the Arena Football League (AFL). It will be played every night throughout the 2013 season to get the players and audience invigorated. It just goes to show that KISS still has a universal way of getting any crowd anywhere ready for action.

You can buy "Right Here, Right Now" by clicking here:

Tommy Thayer Talks About Supporting His Friends' Charity Event

Tommy Thayer talks about helping St. Jude Children's Hospital and supporting his friends' charity event.

Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger's 2013 Celebrity Golf & Concert Event benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital takes place on September 16th.

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed In Dallas, Texas

 Photo Source: Shannon Tweed

Here's husband and wife Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed in Dallas Texas tonight (Friday, June 28) watching their daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons perform with the musical vocal group "The Tenors".

Sophie is currently writing and recording an album in Nashville to be released next year. The idea for this duet came after Sophie congratulated "The Tenors" on Twitter following their June 1st performance at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

KISS In Stavanger, Norway

Photo Source:

Here's KISS rocking at Viking Stadion in Stavanger, Norway on June 8th during the bands European leg of their "Monster World Tour 2013".

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Watchin' You Podcast - Episode #7 - MTV Unplugged & 1996 Reunion

Watchin' You Podcast

This week, Jeff and Jeff take an in-depth look at the MTV Unplugged session, the image and politics of KISS in the early/mid 90s, and the monumental reunion of Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul in 1996. Grab a cup of coffee, or a cold one, put on your favorite KISS T-shirt and settle in for a trip back to the 1990s.

"A World With Heroes" KISS Tribute Album: "Reason To Live" Now Streaming

Here’s the mastered cover version of "Reason To Live" as performed by Johnnie Dee & Derry Grehan of Honeymoon Suite with Michael Foster & Bill Leverty of Firehouse.

Listen HERE:

New Swedish "Destroyer" Fanzine Cover

KISS Army Sweden's new "Destroyer" fanzine will be made available in a few weeks. Contents of the magazine include Sweden concerts with KISS, exclusive interview with Peter Criss, a Tour-Chronicle, an interview with Robben Ford and much more.

Eric Singer Visits Glashütte Original

On Thursday, 13th June 2013, the watch manufactory Glashütte Original received a prominent visitor: Eric Singer, the drummer of the American hard rock band KISS. Singer was accompanied by Doc McGhee, the manager of the current KISS “Monster Tour”.

After being greeted by the Managing Director of Glashütte Original, Günter Wiegand, Eric Singer was shown the manufactory and was given detailed insights into the production process at Glashütte Original. In several departments, Eric Singer could observe live the accuracy and the craftsmanship of the employees at work. After being shown the current collection, both guests visited also the German Watch Museum and the Glashütte Original Boutique in Dresden.

Remembering Bill Aucoin Today    
Legendary KISS manager Bill Aucoin passed away on this date in 2010. We thank you, Bill, for all you did for the 'Hottest Band In The World'.

From The

In the 1970s, Kiss were one of the most popular rock acts in the US, known as much for their painted faces, protruding tongues and carnivalesque performances as their albums, including Love Gun and Dressed to Kill. The group's success was carefully plotted by their smart, neat, sharp-suited manager, Bill Aucoin, who has died following cancer surgery aged 66.

Aucoin first saw Kiss perform in August 1973 at the Hotel Diplomat in New York. He recognised the potential of the band, previously known as Wicked Lester, and asked them to give him 30 days to get them a record contract. By September he had attracted the interest of Neil Bogart, who was starting up a label backed by Warner Brothers.

Kiss became the first band to sign to Bogart's Casablanca Records, and Aucoin moved them into a rehearsal space remembered by the singer and bassist Gene Simmons as a "rat-infested loft". By the end of the year, the band had recorded their eponymous first album. They celebrated New Year's Eve by playing on the same bill as Iggy and the Stooges.

Aucoin put each of the four members on a weekly salary of $75, urged them to share their profits equally and put the bill for their first tour on his credit card. Kiss's debut LP and its follow-up, Hotter Than Hell, only scraped into the Top 100 albums chart in the US in 1974, but the band quickly developed a reputation for their inventive live performances and striking personas.

When Aucoin first saw Kiss, "they were wearing black jeans. No one could afford leather," he said. They were already performing in face paint but, according to Aucoin, Warner Brothers had doubts about the band's image and wanted the make-up removed. Aucoin argued that it was an integral part of the Kiss image and, under his management, the band's look grew even more extravagant. There was bespoke make-up for each member – most famously, Simmons's "Demon" appearance – as well as big hair, studded chokers, thigh-high platform shoes and costumes that were futuristic and horned. Their stage act became part circus sideshow and part horror movie, with fake blood, fire-breathing and pyrotechnics.

The first Kiss albums sold steadily, but Aucoin pursued other revenue streams such as a lucrative and still unmatched range of band merchandise, including action figures, necklaces, board games, make-up kits, Halloween outfits and a Marvel comic book, partially inked in with the band's own blood. Tucked inside their albums were mini-catalogues of Kiss gear, helping to achieve merchandise sales of about $50m from 1977-78 alone.

In his 2001 book Kiss and Make-Up, Simmons credited Aucoin and his right-hand man Sean Delaney with turning Kiss's vision into a career: "Without them, we were a high-spirited young band with enough enthusiasm to carry us along for a while. With them, we were poised to become superstars."

Raised in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Aucoin studied business administration at Northeastern University in Boston and had an apprenticeship at a local television station, WGBH. He pursued a career in TV as a cinematographer and director, and was hired by Teletape Productions in New York. He worked on advertisements for Robert Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign and developed a 13-week TV series about the music industry, Flipside (1973), which brought him to the attention of Kiss, who bombarded him with letters, press releases and backstage passes. When he became their manager – a position previously held by Lew Linet – Aucoin drew upon his experience of directing, encouraging the group to videotape their rehearsals and study their performances.

It took two years under Aucoin's management for Kiss to achieve a breakthrough. Exploiting their reputation for explosive concerts, they recorded a double live album, Alive!, which reached No 9 in the US charts. The single Rock and Roll All Nite reached No 12 and became the group's signature tune. In 1978 Kiss put out a greatest hits LP, starred in a TV movie and simultaneously released solo albums made by each of the band members.

But Aucoin slipped up when he chose not to sign a young rock group who had impressed Simmons enough to fund their demo recording and organise a meeting with the manager. Eddie Van Halen recalled arriving in Aucoin's office to be told, while Aucoin was getting his shoes shined, that his band had no potential. Van Halen's self-titled debut, released in 1977, went on to sell 10m copies in the US.

Aucoin chose instead to manage another band, Piper, who supported Kiss on tour. Aucoin left Kiss in 1982 – supposed reasons included his disagreement with their idea to go make-up free, which they did the following year. He formed Aucoin Management Inc and handled clients including Billy Idol.

He later guided the careers of the glam-rock band Flipp, the industrial metal act Crossbreed and the Eurovision-winning, Finnish monster-rockers Lordi. He also recorded a spoken-word album of tales from the Kiss days, and in 2005 co-produced Quad, a theatrical staging in Los Angeles of the Who's rock opera Quadrophenia.

KISS 'Pop-Up' Store Profits Benefit Surrey Facility For Kids

Surrey-based Sophie's Place will benefit from profits made at a KISS Army Depot "pop-up" store when it opens in Vancouver this Friday, June 28.

The shop will be filled with KISS-related merchandise for little more than a week - until July 7 - as a satellite operation at Tom Lee Music, 929 Granville St.

Just 200 wristband-wearing fans will get to attend an in-store appearance by KISS band members next Thursday as they launch their "Monster" tour of Canada, which includes a Saturday, July 6 concert at Rogers Arena. The fan "check in" time at the store is 10 a.m. July 4.

I'm told Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts will be at the noon press conference due to the city's connection with Sophie's Place, a facility for kids who have been physically, mentally or sexually abused.

The centre, located at The Centre for Child Development in Surrey, is named after Sophie Tweed-Simmons, daughter of KISS bassist Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.

KISS Army Depot pop-up stores are also due open next month in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

Vancouver KISS Army Depot Store Opens Today

Here are a few photos of the inside of the Vancouver KISS Army Depot Store. The Depot's staff worked late yesterday to compete the store in time for today's Grand Opening at 4 PM!

Location: KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-up Store (@Tome Lee Music – 929 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.)

KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-Up Store will offer an array of KISS merchandise and music, including exclusive product only available in the Pop-Up Store. A portion of the proceeds from each of the Pop-Up stores will be donated to local charities. In Vancouver, the participating local charity is “Sophie’s Place.”

Store Hours:

June 28 Friday - 4pm to 8pm
Mon to Fri - noon to 8pm
Sat - 10am to 6pm
Sun - 10am to 6pm
July 1st - noon to 4pm


KISS Live On Stage In Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Source: Magnus Fredriksson

Here's KISS live at The Forum in Copenhagen on June 11, 2013.

Paul Stanley Backstage In Copenhagen

 Photo Source: Magnus Fredriksson

Here's Paul Stanley during fan meet and greet backstage in Copenhagen on June 11, 2013.

Tommy Thayer Backstage In Copenhagen

 Photo Source: Magnus Fredriksson

Here's Tommy Thayer during fan meet and greet backstage in Copenhagen on June 11, 2013.

Gene Simmons Backstage In Copenhagen

 Photos Source: Magnus Fredriksson

Here's Gene Simmons backstage during fan meet and greet in Copenhagen on June 11, 2013.

Gene Simmons & Eric Singer Backstage In Copenhagen

 Photo Source: Magnus Fredriksson

Here's Gene Simmons and Eric Singer backstage during fan meet and greet in Copenhagen on June 11, 2013.

Paul Stanley In Copenhagen, Denmark

 Photo Source: Magnus Fredriksson

Here's a photo of Paul Stanley on stage at The Forum in Copenhagen on June 11, 2013.

Today In KISStory - 1996

Today In KISStory - June 28, 1996: KISS kicked off their 'Alive Worldwide/Reunion Tour' at Tiger Stadium in Detroit, MI, before a sellout crowd. It was the first tour with original KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley since the bands 1979 Dynasty Tour.

The tour grossed $143.7 million, making it the most successful KISS tour to date.

Set List:

King Of The Night Time World
Do You Love Me?
Calling Dr. Love
Cold Gin
Christine Sixteen
Love Gun
Shout It Out Loud
Watchin' You
2,000 Man
Shock Me
Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
Rock Bottom
Gene Simmons Bass Solo
God Of Thunder
Peter Criss Drum Solo
New York Groove
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
100,000 Years
Rock And Roll All Nite
Detroit Rock City
Black Diamond

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jimmy Page & Gene Simmons In New York City

Photo Source:

Here's a photo of two music legends -- Jimmy Page and Gene Simmons in New York City.

"A World With Heroes" KISS Tribute Album: "Calling Dr. Love" Streaming

You can now listen to a cover version of KISS' "Calling Dr. Love" from the forthcoming "A World With Heroes" KISS tribute album.

Performed by "Burning Rain" featuring the band members Keith St John, Doug Aldrich, Sean Mcnabb and Matt Starr.

Listen HERE:

Vancouver KISS Army Depot Store Opens Friday

The first KISS Army Depot store will open tomorrow in Vancouver @ Tom Lee Music - 929 Granville Street. This location will remain open until July 7th.

On Thursday, July 4th, KISS will hold a press conference at this store.

Each KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-Up Store will offer an array of KISS merchandise and music, including exclusive product only available in the Pop-Up Store. A portion of the proceeds from each of the Pop-Up stores will be donated to local charities. In Vancouver, the participating local charity is “Sophie’s Place.”


Vancouver - Open June 28th - July 7th, 2013 - 929 Granville Street (@ Tom Lee Music)

Calgary - Open July 6th - July 14th, 2013 - Chinook Mall

Edmonton - Open July 13th - July 21st, 2013 - West Edmonton Mall

Toronto - Open July 19th - July 28, 2013 - 842 Yonge Street

Lydia Criss Interviewed On Talking Metal Podcast

In the new Talking Metal podcast, Sealed With A KISS author Lydia Criss (former wife of original KISS drummer PETER CRISS) talks about the book, Bob Gruen, her recent trip to Finland, GENE SIMMONS, ACE FREHLEY, Tommy Thayer, PAUL STANLEY, Peter Criss, Sean Delaney, New York City and Mick Campise.

Listen HERE:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gene Simmons Checks Out KISSopolis |

Here's a photo that KISS' Gene Simmons tweeted on his official Twitter account of his computer open to his personal website

Gene: "GENESIMMONS.COM is where I post lots of stuff I can't put on Twitter. Check it out." (Tweet:

If you take a look at the tabs Gene has open on his Mac, you'll notice he has been checking out

How much ass does that kick? We dig it! (click photo to view larger image).

Thanks to Cassius Morris for sending this in to KISSopolis.

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast - Four Go In Two Come Out. Who Wins A KISS Cage Match?

Three Sides of the Coin Podcast

In episode 29, June 25, 2013, We read some of your iTunes reviews, discuss if playing casinos is band for the band, talk about if Gene and Paul moving from New York City to Los Angeles impacted the band, rather than Vinnie saving KISS... did KISS actually save Vinnie and end with a discussion of a 40th anniversary show... in recreating the KISS Meets the Phantom fight scene if Eric and Tommy met Peter and Ace who would be left standing?

KISS Performing "I Love It Loud" At Hellfest In France

Here's fan filmed video footage of KISS performing "I Love It Loud" at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on June 22, 2013.

This was KISS' last show of their European leg of "Monster World Tour 2013".

KISS will kick off the Canadian leg of their "Monster Tour 2013" on July 5th in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Opening act for KISS on this tour will be the band "Shinedown".

KISS Performing "Black Diamond" At Hellfest In France

Here's fan video of KISS performing "Black Diamond" at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on June 22, 2013.

Billy Gibbons & Paul Stanley In France

  Photo Source: Ross Halfin

Here's Bill Gibbons of ZZ Top and Paul Stanley (sans make-up) at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on June 22, 2013.

Photo Source: Ross Halfin: /

KISS Kicks Off Their Monster Canadian Tour On July 5th

KISS will kick off the Canadian leg of their "Monster Tour 2013" in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on July 5, 2013.

Opening for KISS on this tour will be the band "Shinedown".

Canadian Tour Dates:

July 5 - Victoria, BC

July 6 - Vancouver, BC

July 8 - Kelowna, BC

July 10 - Lethbridge, AB

July 12 - Edmonton, AB

July 13 - Calgary, AB

July 14 - Saskatoon, SK

July 16 - Regina, SK

July 17 - Brandon, MB

July 18 - Winnipeg, MB

July 23 - Sudbury, ON

July 25 - Ottawa, ON

July 26 - Toronto, ON

July 27 - London, ON

July 29 - Montreal, QC

July 31 - Saint John, NB

Aug 1 - Halifax, NS

Aug 3 - St. John's, NFLD

Aug 4 - St. John's, NFLD

Review: KISS At O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic

KISS released “Monster” in 2012, an album that rightfully pleased their fans a lot! So, it was about time they were coming back to Europe after 3 years and their “Sonic Boom Over Europe” tour in 2010.

It was Prague’s turn in a packed O2 Arena when at 9:15 we heard the scream “Allright Praaaaague!!! You wanted the best, you’ve got the best! The hottest band in the world – KISS!”. As the curtain falls we see the “spider” on top of the stage with Kiss –like they were coming out from a fairytale- playing “Psycho Circus” destroying the arena and every inhibition, or suspiciousness that anyone could possibly have that night. Without losing any time stronger than ever Kiss carry on with “Shout It Out Loud”, and “Let Me Go Rock’n’Roll”.

Two huge banners with the legendary Kiss Army logo are on both sides of the stage and the four masked knights wouldn’t leave you alone with “I Love It Loud”, “Hell Or Hallelujah” and “War Machine” where the “Demon” Simmons spits a huge flame from his lungs! “Heaven’s On Fire” and “Deuce” are up next with the tireless duo of Stanley and Simmons portraying their amazing feeling for what they do. Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer take the lead on “Shock Me” until the first chorus and the jam followed by a fireworks effect, after the guitarist sung on “Outta This World”, another song from “Monster”. Their last four songs before the encore is simply devastating: “God Of Thunder” with solo, blood and Simmons flying around while the crowd is in ecstasy. Even some of the coolest ones are flabbergasted now! “Lick It Up” and “Love Gun” where Stanley flies over our heads, while on “Rock And Roll All Nite” there is absolute mayhem with Simmons and Thayer on two gigantic hydraulic platforms over the crowd thirty meters inside their stage set, while Stanley destroys his guitar.

The encore features “Detroit Rock City”, “I Was Made For Loving You” and “Black Diamond” on a crescendo of fireworks where Singer proves not only his amazing vocal abilities, but the fact that kept the band in perfect shape throughout their latest studio albums, as well as live shows, as well. This is a two-hour great show that doesn’t make you regret your choice to attend. It’s worth it!

Yes, Kiss are better than 2008, and 2010. I don’t know how they do it, and I don’t care. They are better. They released two very good albums, they tour, as they celebrate their 40th anniversary of a successful career and looking ahead because the future belongs to the strong ones!

New Lyric Video For KISS' "Right Here Right Now"

Here's the new lyric video for KISS' song "Right Here Right Now" from their 20th studio album "Monster".

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gene Simmons’ New Restaurant Gig

KISS co-founder Gene Simmons on going into the restaurant business.

Billy Gibbons & Paul Stanley At Hellfest

Photo Source: Ross Halfin

Here's a photo of two music legends -- Bill Gibbons of ZZ Top and Paul Stanley of KISS at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on June 22, 2013.

Ross Halfin: "Funny Paul had not seen Billy in years, KISS opened for ZZ Top in 1975."

Photo Source: Ross Halfin: /

Ace Frehley To Appear At Celebrity Guest at Scare-A-Con 2013

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will be appearing as a Celebrity Guest at Scare-A-Con 2013 which starts on September 12th-15th at the Event Center of Turning Stone Resort & Casino.

More info HERE:

Vancouver KISS Army Depot Press Conference

Event will feature all 4 members of KISS in full make-up to mark the start of their 40th Anniversary Canadian Tour. The press conference is open to all approved media & the first 200 KISS fans. Each of the 200 fans will have the opportunity to get their KISS ARMY DEPOT merchandise signed by the band following the press conference.

Press Conference Start Time: 12:00 PM PT

Date: Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Location: KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-Up Store (@ Tom Lee Music - 929 Granville Street)

Fan Check In: 10:00 AM (First 200 fans will receive a wristband.)

KISS Army Depot Stores

Legendary Rockers KISS To Visit Vancouver KISS ARMY DEPOT Location On Thursday, July 4th!

Legendary rock band KISS is celebrating the release of their studio album Monster with a month-long Canadian Tour kicking off in Victoria, BC on July 5th. To coincide with their Canadian Tour dates, KISS and Live Nation Merchandise are teaming up to create 4 KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-Up Stores across Canada. The stores will be featured in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. The first store to open will be the Vancouver location (@ Tom Lee Music - 929 Granville Street) on June 28th and it will remain open until July 7th. On Thursday, July 4th, KISS will hold a press conference at the Vancouver KISS ARMY DEPOT to mark the start of their Canadian Tour (full details below).

Each KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-Up Store will offer an array of KISS merchandise and music, including exclusive product only available in the Pop-Up Store. A portion of the proceeds from each of the Pop-Up stores will be donated to local charities. In Vancouver, the participating local charity is “Sophie’s Place” and in Toronto the charity is “About Face”. For more information on all 4 Canadian KISS ARMY DEPOT Pop-Up Stores, please see below.

Be sure to join KISS in Vancouver at the KISS ARMY DEPOT at 929 Granville Street (@Tom Lee Music) on Thursday, July 4th as they mark the kick-off of their Monster Canadian Tour!

There will be four Canadian KISS Army Depot Pop Up Stores:

Vancouver - June 28-July 7th
Calgary-July 6-July 14th
Edmonton July 13-July 21st
Toronto July 19-July 28th

Today In KISStory - 1996

Today In KISStory - June 25, 1996: KISS release the live hits album "You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!!"

"You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!!" was released to coincide with KISS' 1996–97 Alive/Worldwide Tour. The songs on the album are live versions mostly taken from 'Alive!' or 'Alive II'. Four recordings on the album had been previously unreleased.

The liner notes report the tracks are outtakes from Alive! and Alive II-era recordings. The final track is an interview of the reunited group conducted by Jay Leno.

Monday, June 24, 2013

KISS & Down At Hellfest In France

 Photo Source: Ross Halfin

Here's the band Down with our guys KISS at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on June 22, 2013.

Down is an American heavy metal supergroup that formed in 1991 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Photo Source: Ross Halfin: /

Eric Singer At Hellfest In France

Photo Source: Ross Halfin

Here's a photo of KISS drummer Eric Singer at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on June 22, 2013.

Photo Source: Ross Halfin: /