Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today in KISStory - 1973


Today in KISStory - Dec. 31, 1973: As Gene Simmons breathes fire at the end of "Firehouse", he sets his hair on fire for the very first time onstage during KISS' New Year's Eve show at the Academy of Music in New York City.

Blender Magazine reports:
"As the bombastic Kiss bassist certainly knows, one of the perils of breathing fire is that you can't always control where the fire goes. Problems arose the very first time Simmons attempted the stunt onstage on New Year's Eve 1973, in New York City. Toward the end of "Firehouse," Simmons walked offstage to fill his mouth with kerosene, but when he returned to the center of the stage and blew a large fireball, it set his copiously hair-sprayed locks ablaze. A roadie quickly extinguished the flames with a wet towel, but Simmons hardly learned his lesson: He'd repeat the mishap another half-dozen or so times in his career."
The video clip above is not from that exact incident in 1973, but we're sure it would have looked similar.