Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paul Stanley Q&A On Twitter

KISS' Paul Stanley held a bit of a Q&A on Twitter earlier tonight. We missed it. But, here are the questions Paul Stanley answered:

Q: Are you going to play Life in the Woods live
PS: Hah! Anytime is probably too soon!

Q: Favorite album you've done?
PS: So many. Different reasons. Obviously I love classic ones for the songs. I love the latest two for their sound and playing.

Q: what's the ultimate gadget present you would want?
PS: A time machine.

Q: Will you add another date for Mexico in March? Monterrey wants KISS!!
PS: It looks like the festival will be our only show.

Q: will we get a new KISS studio album?
PS: Tough to say.

Q: (Comment) I was too late Have a Merry Christmas Paul
PS: Only a little. Merry Christmas!

Q: (Comment) *sigh* I'm always too late for the questions! One of these times I'll get a "Hello Mary" lol
PS: Hello Mary!