Thursday, December 5, 2013

Katey Sagal Talks About KISS & Gene Simmons | Photo: Wire Image

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine actress/singer Katey Sagal talks about KISS and Gene Simmons. Here's a few excerpts from the interview:

You got your first big break as a backup singer from Gene Simmons.
That's right – on his solo album. He also got me a record deal. I met him while I was working at a restaurant where you had to sing.

You were a singing waitress?
It was a place called the Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was this happening scene. Danny Elfman worked there. Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan's daughter – she was one of the hostesses. You didn't need any restaurant qualification to work there. You just had to have some special talent.

Any kind of talent? It didn't have to be singing?
You could play music or juggle or whatever. You just had to do something interesting. I was a for-shit waitress. I was terrible. But I made really good money because I could sing.

Did you sing the specials to them?
It wasn't as corny as that. You'd sing whatever you wanted. We'd sing original songs. We had a piano in the middle of the restaurant and sometimes five people would get up and do background singing, just to keep everybody entertained. It was really fun.

And one night KISS sat in your section.
That's right. It was their first tour and nobody knew who they were yet.

They weren't in makeup?

I thought they were super-secretive about their identities in the Seventies.
Well, this was. . . Are you sure they wore makeup at the very, very beginning?

I'm almost positive they did.
Well they weren't wearing makeup that night. And they'd just come from a gig. Nobody knew who they were.

What did you sing to them? Did they make any requests?
They asked for a Beatles song, but I can't remember which one. They talked about being big Beatles fans – we had that in common. I almost got arrested once for being too much into the Beatles.

Sorry, we got off topic. We were talking about your singing waitress job and Gene Simmons.

Yeah. [Laughs.] It sounds ridiculous, but that's how I introduced myself to him. I took his food order and sang him a Beatles song, and I guess I did okay because Gene was hugely helpful to me and my career. He came to one of my band practices that week and took us to Neil Bogart at Casablanca Records and they signed us. Without him I don't know how long I'd have waited for a break.

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