Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ace Frehley Calls Into Eddie Trunks Radio Show


Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley made a call into radio personality/TV host Eddie Trunk's KISSmas radio special on Friday, Decemeber 20, 2013.

Eddie Trunk reports on his website:

"Thanks to all who listened to my annual Kissmas show last night. Ace Frehley called in and confirmed the Hall does want to original band to perform in makeup and was open to it. Said he did speak to Gene and Paul and everything seems positive, however he did stress the night should be about the original four and didn't see a scenario where he would be comfortable playing with other members beyond maybe in the group jam at the end. Said he was not interested in sharing the stage with someone else in his makeup. Confirmed there is still much to sort out and was staying positive on all fronts at the moment."

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Coldsweat Sweat said...

There was a time i would have felt the same as Ace, but as a paying and adoring fan of KISS since 1975 during the heyday from the heart of it all Detroit. I have to say KISS has continued and and many forms beyond those few short, but life changing years. Leaving out members of today would be just as much of a dishonor of leaving the early day members as were the members of the 80-90s. It took 40 years of work to get to 2014.

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