Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why KISS Should Get In The R&R Hall Of Fame


KISS invented theatrical arena rock ... and had some pretty good songs, to boot. Songs that are still popular today, like "Rock and Roll All Nite.''

You can make fun of the makeup, of Gene Simmons’ tongue, or his tales of bedding so many thousands of women, or the open-to-the crotch, chest-hair-baring costumes. But dang, those progenitors of rock ’n’ roll pyrotechnics could put on a concert. And they STILL do.

But as theatrical as KISS is, the band is more than just show. “Rock and Roll All Nite” may be THE party song. Some folks joke about “Beth,” but I personally find it one of my favorites.

I saw the band in Houston in 1976, at a venue called The Summit. I confess pharmaceuticals MAY have been involved, but it’s a show I’ve never forgotten. Plus, I think my ears are still bleeding.

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