Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eric Carr Elder 10 Inch Resin Figures

This beautiful 10-inch sculpture presents a startlingly realistic likeness of ERIC CARR in his signature Makeup. Eric Carr KISS MUSIC FROM THE ELDER FIGURE is cast in Polyresin, hand numbered, hand painted with marvelous detail. Figure is posed in true rock 'n' roll fashion. (This is limited to 150 pieces worldwide numbered and signed) The attention to detail on this KISS, ERIC CARR figure is tremendous, from the amazing facial makeup likeness to the metal type zippers, spaced throughout the entire outfit. Realistic creases along the pants and outfit and arms. A replica pair of drumsticks are held tightly in his hand. Lets not forget the small detail to chest hair and Eric's metal fox pendent to complete the figure! This figure is displayed on an amazing 1 inch circular bass with Eric's name and a hard-to-believe zipper effect base, which mirrors his Elder outfit.

This Limited figure, pays homage to a classic metal hero.
1. Stands 10 inches tall with base.
2. Sculpted to accuracy, this figure captures Eric Carr during the KISS Elder Era
3. Highly detailed and accurate figure.
4. Officially licensed Merchandise
5. Hand numbered/ signed under base and authenticated by a Carr family member.


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