Friday, October 18, 2013

‘You Will Have Landed On Planet KISS’: Gene Simmons Talks New Recordings, And A Huge Anniversary Tour | Photo: KISS Catalog, Ltd

Gene Simmons is already writing new stuff, just a year after 2012′s Monster, Kiss’ 20th studio effort. The band had previously gone three years between albums, dating back to 2009′s Sonic Boom.

Simmons is comparing “Your Wish is My Command,” a new song, to one of Kiss’ iconic concert favorites: “It could,” he tells Dorothy Lucey in this clip, “be the next ‘Rock and Roll All Nite.’”

But whatever excitement he has about these fresh sounds is tempered by huge plans out on the concert trail.

“We are going to go back in the studio at some point,” Simmons tells Dorothy Lucey. “But there’s a 40th anniversary world tour that’s going to happen, including Kiss with symphony orchestras. We already did that at Melbourne Stadium (on 2003′s Kiss Symphony: Alive IV), where the entire symphony orchestra was playing Stradivariuses — you don’t know what that is, but look it up — and we’re all wearing Kiss makeup, the entire 70-piece orchestra. You will have landed on Planet Kiss. We’re going to duplicate that around the world.”

Local orchestras will be used, Simmons says. “We’re going to have us a good old time,” he adds, “and of course blow stuff up.”

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