Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Will Tim Tebow Sign With Gene Simmons’ LA KISS?

Following his unwelcoming performances recently in NFL and subsequently opting to become a free agent, the media now reports that renowned quarterback, Tim Tebow, might be on the hunt for other avenues.

The report comes after a press release, published on Monday, quoted Gene Simmons as agreeing to have Tebow play for LA KISS, the Arena Football League, which is set to make its debut during the 2014 season.

LA KISS through the press release established that that they are offering Tebow an opportunity for a comeback in American football where the quarterback has an open invitation to sign up for a 3 year deal.

The press release also noted that the former New England Patriots will be able to make several millions if he agrees to sign the contract.

But this opportunity doesn’t come easy according to the release. The star will have to commit full attention and work hard to achieve the team’s anticipated goals as the season kicks in.

Since he has already played for NFL, his high status will have to be maintained by the team and thus “LA KISS will offer intense training and unwavered commitment,” to ensure that he keeps up with his play level.

One quality particularly emphasized by the press release on alleged deal offer by Gene Simmons of LA KISS and his counterpart Paul Stanley to the free agent, Tim Tebow is that connected to his athleticism.

Stanley said that Tim Tebow remains “one of the most recognized and respected athletes in sports.”

And Simmons seconded the idea by saying that Tebow would bring more than just a “great investment to the team.”

The overall objective by LA KISS to sign up Tim Tebow has also been linked to his many fans that are reportedly said to have fought hard to have him reclaim his title in NFL.

Simmons and Stanley on the release also added on the business advantage the team would gain after Tebow signs the contract.

But once the contract has been accepted, the press release further acknowledged that AFL’s (Board of directors and the Players Union) will be required to have it approved.

Despite the press release whose aim was to confirm the team’s interest to have Tim Tebow play for the LA KISS, the American football quarterback has not given any answer or sign that would portray his interest to play for the described Arena Football League, LA KISS.