Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Jersey KISS Expo Special Guests List

Here's a list of guests that will be at the upcoming 2013 New Jersey KISS Expo on Saturday, September 28th:

-Featured Guest-

Tommy Thayer
KISS lead guitarist. Recording credits include KISS Monster, Sonic Boom and Symphony CDs. Performed with KISS on Monster, "The Tour", Sonic Boom, Alive 35, Rock the Nation and World Domination tours. Bring your Monster and Sonic Boom CDs, Albums and action figures to be signed! For prices on Tommy autographs and photos click HERE.

-Special Guests-

Lydia Criss
Author of Sealed with a KISS and ex-wife of Peter Criss - She will be selling her second edition of the book and signing autographs at her table. Lydia has been a long time friend and favorite of all the KISS expos and we are always thrilled to have her at ours.

Ken Kelly
Artist for the KISS Destroyer and KISS Love Gun album covers. Ken will have a huge gallery of his work set up for display and will also be selling and signing art at his booth. Bring your albums to get signed!

Len DeLessio
KISS photographer from the mid-'70s with one of his classic shots adorning the cover of the new official KISS book, Nothin' to Lose, the Making of KISS 1972-1975. Len will have an amazing gallery of his KISS prints for display as well as purchase. Truly stunning and unusual classic images, not to be missed!

Jim Cara
Jim Cara is Gene Simmons guitar designer and works directly with Gene and Paul Hayeland at GSAXE.COM. He created the Chrome, Gold, Clear, Relic, and Special Effects instruments used by Gene. In addition he has researched the heritage of Genes historic basses and builds exact replicas for GSAXE VIP’s as well as Gene’s personal collection.

Lyn Christopher
Recording artist from the early '70s. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are credited for singing background vocals on her self-titled album released in 1973. Also a friend and photographer of the band - there is much we do not know about Lyn, and will find out at this event. Bring your Lyn Christopher albums to be signed!

Carol Ross
President of the Press Office and handled publicity and did press for KISS as they were rising to the top from the Dressed to Kill album and throughout the '70s. Was instrumental in the Cadillac High event, Marvel Comic "blood" comic promotion, the infamous '77 and '78 Japan tours and KISS solo albums.

Eddie Solan
Long time friend of Ace Frehley, actually drove Ace to his KISS audition. Worked as a roadie and sound man for the band's pivotal 1973 gigs - Coventry, The Daisy, Palisades library benefit, Hotel Diplomat and the Bleeker Street loft party. This guy will have some AMAZING stories to tell!

Binky Philips
Attended High School with Paul Stanley and was was one of the few people in the world who got to see KISS play in the loft. Guitarist for the NYC band The Planets, who shared the bill with KISS at the Hotel Diplomat and Coventry shows in 1973. Also is reported to have played on various Gene Simmons demos in the mid '70s.

Ken Sharp
Author of Nothin' To Lose, the making of KISS 1972-1975, KISStory, KISS: Behind the Mask and co-author of The KISS Years. Ken has been a relentless historian of the band for many, many years and will be bringing his wealth of knowledge to the NJ KISS Expo this year, we are thrilled to have him!


Saturday, September 28, 2013
11 am - 7:30 pm

NJ Convention and Exposition Center, at the Raritan Center
97 Sunfield Ave, Edison NJ 08837

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