Sunday, September 1, 2013

Legendary Rock Star, Gene Simmons, Embraces Next Generation Rock Band, REBELMANN

Local rock band, REBELMANN®, has exploded onto the rock music scene with fiery instrumentals and strong vocals. They have caught the attention of the iconic, Gene Simmons, who along with Paul Stanley, formed "the ultimate rock band," KISS. The band and it's rock idol connected at Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp last year, when REBELMANN backlined Gene Simmons. In the past year, a NoiseCreep article about REBELMANN was linked to Gene Simmons' personal website. Mr. Simmons also tweeted at the band to send him their demo, when they inquired about his label.

REBELMANN is a band of brothers. Front man and youngest brother, Clayton, is a young man with a booming voice and powerful stage presence. Twins, Bryce and Johnathon play the drums and lead guitar. Bryce creates his own rythm with his skill and speed on the drums. Lefty lead guitarist, Johnathon, is one of few guitarists who uses his pinky finger when rocking out. Tim Joyce fills in as studio bassist. The brothers are accomplished musicians, write their own music and are committed to "keeping real music alive." REBELMANN's mentor is Bruce Kulick. He played lead guitar for KISS for 12 years.

Gene Simmons turned 64 on August 25, 2013. KISS is in their 40th year celebration of being a band. They are still performing and making a profound impact on the next generation of rock. "Hopefully REBELMANN will be the next big branding of a rock band," as stated by front man, Clayton.

REBELMANN has released 3 of 10 singles on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and all worldwide platforms. They also have ringtones available on iTunes. REBELMANN is currently on tour with the Anti-Bullying "Teen Nation Tour." They are playing the Montgomery County Coliseum in Winona, Mississippi. This fall, they are focusing on finishing studio production of the additional 7 original songs and continue to write their own music.

For shows and booking, visit the REBELMANN website: