Friday, September 6, 2013

Bruce Kulick Interviewed For New KISS Documentary

Bruce Kulick: "Had an exciting day yesterday filming an interview for the official KISS documentary, You Wanted The Best… You Got The Best. Great questions by Alan G. Parker, the director (Who Killed Nancy and Rebel Truce: The Story of The Clash). Looking forward to the release!"

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Anonymous said...

What's happening here is simple: Paul and Gene are angry about the revelations in Ace's and Peter's books showing them the way they really are: money money money ... and then even more money. Again, they know that these books sold quite well so it is also a way of making yet more money, but basically it is about getting back at them. So now they are trying to rewrite Kissstory with Thayer and Singer!! and thus trying to make more recent fans belive that Ace and Peter never existed, that it wasn't them who were the ones with the musical talent, even though they were difficult characters. That is just lame but fits to these mega egos who recently bought a football team and have done everything to minimize Ace#s and peter#s contribuitions. rememeber: Kiss was fast going downhill in 1996, playing smaller venues and not even outselling them - P and G needed the two original members to keep it going, to make those millions they made in the reunion tour only to throw them away afterwards - Kiss would not be here today had it not been for the reunion tour ...

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