Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tommy Thayer Fan Experience Letter

What a good looking’ bunch! Really awesome guitar too. OH YEAH! That’s my guitar! Tommy Thayer played it for me in Edmonton, Alberta on July 12, 2013.

First off, I can’t begin to describe how cool it is when I receive a personal call from Tommy Thayer’s guitar tech, Michael. This doesn’t happen every day, people! Introductions, pleasantries and arrangements are made and after concluding our conversation I’m left with quite a WOW! feeling. It was hard to focus on work from that point on. I was so eager to get on the road home for this experience!

On the day of the show, Michael met us personally and escorted us behind the stage. My wife and I waited in a separate room for Tommy’s arrival. I will never forget the smile on my wife’s face as I introduced her to Tommy. He took his time to talk about his guitar, what songs he was going to play and we got to take a lot of pictures. Tommy signed memorabilia, signed a picture for our daughters and of course he signed my guitar. Then it was time for Tommy to go. SHOWTIME!

Watching Tommy playing my signed guitar on that massive screen for the rest of the 15,000+ Edmonton KISS Army members to see. Let me tell you. There are pinnacle moments in people lives and for me, this certainly ranks up there!

You’re the best Tommy,

Tom Simon.