Tuesday, August 20, 2013

KISS Coffeehouse Closing In Myrtle Beach

 www.myrtlebeachrestaurantnews.com | Becky Billingsley

Tuesday, August 20, 2013, Myrtle Beach – KISS Coffeehouse, which opened in June 2006 at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, is closing at the end of September.

The shop was the first and only licensed coffeehouse by the band, who backed the business owned by KISS fan Brian Galvin, through a brokered deal with the KISS exclusive merchandising company called Signatures Network, Inc. Today the coffeehouse website lists Johnny Rock as its owner.

KISS Coffeehouse is having a going out of business sale.

Legendary KISS band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons attended the opening seven years ago, and guitarist Ace Frehley came to Myrtle Beach for the one-year anniversary.

But in the end, there weren’t enough sales to keep it open.

“We just found out this week we’re closing,” general manager John Goldschmidt said today. “The sales just aren’t growing. It’s too seasonal, too small of a market.”

Joe Bennett of Madison, Ohio, has been a KISS fan since 1976. He was sorry to learn the coffeehouse is closing, but he took advantage of the going out of business half-price sale and spent more than $100 on magnets, T-shirts and more.

KISS Coffeehouse is at Celebrity Square at Broadway at the Beach, and the number is (843) 626-5477.