Sunday, August 4, 2013

From Cobain To KISS: Remembering The Forum In L.A.

As part of The Times' coverage on plans for the Forum's comeback as a concert venue, we asked readers to contribute memories of their experiences at the storied Inglewood building. Check out some of what they've written -- lightly edited for length and clarity -- plus concert photos and reviews by The Times. And add your own memories here, and see even more archival Forum reviews here.

"My first concert, August 1977 (don't remember the exact date), KISS and Cheap Trick. I was 9 years old and went with my brother, my parents, my cousin and his wife, and my best friend and his mom. We had dinner at the Sizzler across the street before the concert. I think my friend and my brother and I were the only kids not in makeup. (My parents were cool enough to take us to the concert but not cool enough to let us wear makeup. Still trying to figure that one out!) We were on the floor about halfway back from the stage. When the live album came out later we looked at the crowd shot on the back to see if we were in it. No such luck." — Jeff, San Francisco

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