Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: KISS Rocks Vancouver


Last year the Paul McCartney concert reportedly scorched Rogers Arena roof on fire, leave it to KISS try and top Sir Paul by practically blowing the roof off (NOT literally). The band lived up to their hit song by "rocking all night" during the second stop of their 2013 North American tour. The fact that they have this much energy at their age is amazing, especially when you consider the multitude of Vancouver appearances they made this week.

Original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been rocking with KISS since they formed the band in 1973. The performers proved to be in top touring shape with both physical stamina as well as powerful vocals. The two were accompanied by newer KISS members Tommy Thayer (Spaceman/guitar), and Eric Singer (Catman /drums) .

The concert was a spectacular event complete with an amazing pyrotechnics, light show, and a massive set design which included a gigantic mechanical spider for a stage. True to his KISS persona as the "Demon" Simmons drooled,dripped blood and of course waved his famous tongue at the audience. Simmons hovered over the stage and Paul Stanley (Starchild) played his guitar as he flew over the audience to a platform in the center of the floor seating area.

KISS performed tracks from their new album 'Monster', and their biggest hits including,'Love Gun', 'Rock and roll all night', and 'I was made for loving you'. They all sounded fantastic, even when Paul sang 'a capella' he was able to hit the high notes LIVE, without the hi-tech sound engineering, and lip syncing so many current artists rely on.

The band is part of a pack of aging rockers like The Rolling Stones , who simply refuse to retire. When you can still rock all night and perform at your peak like they can, it's no wonder they refuse to sit back on their laurels. KISS in concert is everything you'd expect from them and more! If you get a chance to see KISS on their 2013 Tour, I highly recommend you go!

See photos HERE: http://exm.nr/1ddvOVX