Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meeting A Muse: Sitting Down With KISS' Beth

Toronto rocker DANKO JONES has posted a new column at Canada's Huffington Post. Following is an excerpt from his latest article:

I met Beth. As in the Beth in that song, 'Beth' by the rock band KISS off their album Destroyer.

Sung by drummer Peter Criss, the song became the band's biggest hit, achieved gold status and opened them up to a new level of respect and reverence despite it being directly obverse to the band's known hard rock sound.

Piano, flute and a symphony of strings were delicately utilized by producer Bob Ezrin for this sweet romantic ballad about a musician wistfully singing to his girlfriend/wife, desperately wanting to come home but unable to do so. And even though the song might've been sung to/for Peter's real life wife at the time, it may surprise people to know that her name wasn't Beth at all. It was Lydia -- Lydia Criss -- and I met her.

When you become a fan of anything, be it a rock band, a sports team or whatever else, after you've exhausted your fandom on the object/person in question, you either lose interest in said obsession and move on to something new or you graduate from novice fan to diehard fan. Your obsession mutates into a fascination for the minutiae surrounding said object d'amour.

I met Lydia in Manhattan on a day off from tour this past April '13. We agreed to meet at my hotel room to record a conversation for my podcast and to say I was nervous would've been the understatement of the year. Here was a woman who had in-turn inspired a thousand first/last dances, accompanied many a lonely heart and represented the longing for what countless others were going through. Truthfully, I only grew to love the song when I was far from home on tour and caught myself saying over the phone that I "can't come home right now" too.

All my fears and nervousness quickly dissipated within the first five minutes of meeting Lydia. She was disarming, charming and apologetic for being only two minutes late. I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief and nervousness turned to excitement -- I was about to have a one-on-one with "Beth."

Listen to the interview HERE: