Sunday, July 21, 2013

KISS Stops In Sioux Falls To Visit Brennan Rock & Roll Academy

The four members of the legendary rock band KISS were in Sioux Falls today.

Four rehearsal rooms at the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy were named for them today.

The group was influential in the fundraising effort which led to this Sioux Falls academy.

Frontman Gene Simmons tells us, the investment is more than worth it. "Anything to get the kids off the streets. and they actually from what I can see they love coming here and that is what you want to do. you want to have a place that's safe where they can get excited, do things, be together and get them off the streets. this is a great place."

This really was a rare occurrence: KISS doesn't play a lot of concerts anymore and makes few public appearances..but they wanted to recognize what is happening in Sioux Falls.

See video HERE: