Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KISS Concert At Saddledome In Calgary Cancelled


CALGARY — The task of cleaning up the Scotiabank Saddledome from the devastating flood was so monumental it forced organizers to cancel four high-profile concerts scheduled for this year’s Stampede.

On Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that the following concerts would not go ahead this year: Carly Rae Jepsen (Wednesday July 10), Tim McGraw (Thursday July 11), Dixie Chicks (Friday July 12) and KISS (Saturday July 13).

“We were trying very hard ... At the end of the day we have 2,500 fewer seats. We have no opportunity to provide food of any kind. We have no opportunity to even provide a beverage service of any consequence, of any kind,” said Calgary Flames’ president Ken King. “Electrical, potable water, sanitation and at the end of the day personal safety would be compromised if we made any further attempt even on a restricted basis to afford the building for the use of these concerts.”

He said the July 17 Bruno Mars concert, after the Stampede, will also be rescheduled.

King said the current status of the Saddledome would be what he imagines it would have looked like in 1982 when they were partially done construction.

“It is down to the cinder block concrete in almost all areas,” he said. “Pressure washing is taking place. The seats have been removed. And it is bare bones ... Basically we’re starting from scratch on all sorts of interior issues and on all mechanical issues, ice plant, etc. We’re looking for backup equipment in order to put us in a position to start our season which is scheduled for October 6.”

Calgary Stampede chief executive Vern Kimball said the four concerts couldn’t proceed due to the damages the facility suffered during the recent flooding.

“We understand that this news is disappointing and we’re disappointed too as we wanted to present our guests and our fans with an awesome concert experience,” said Kimball. “It became evident late (Monday) to the Stampede and the Flames that the services necessary for an acceptable concert experience just weren’t available given the current status and limitations of the building.

“Given the size of the four shows, and that they’re all intended for indoor setup with tailored effects and lighting, there was no feasible alternative to host any one of these shows at another Calgary venue during Stampede.”

Kimball said ticket holders will receive admission to Stampede on the day of their concerts by showing their tickets and “we’re also hoping to reschedule these shows at later date and we will know more about rescheduling right after Stampede.”

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