Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Decibel Geek Podcast - Episode #92 - GPS: KISS Landmarks Volume 2


One of the most popular KISS-related shows we've done was our GPS: KISS Landmarks episode with special guest host Chris Epting. Chris is well-versed in KISS, pop culture, and travel as he's written books on all three. He also now hosts a great new music talk show that you can access HERE.

We had such a great response to that episode that we knew we had to do a part 2 for this year's KISSMAS in JULY. We're fortunate that Chris was equally enthusiastic about coming back to discuss KISS Landmarks. So, let's crank up the engine and hit the highway!

1. Washington Blvd Detroit, MI 48226 - Cobo Hall
A very pivotal location in KISS’ history. Most well-known for a sold-out 3 night stand in January of 1976, Cobo was one of the hosts of the Alive! album and was a meeting place for the blue-collar faithful that made up KISS’ early fan base.

See full story HERE: http://bit.ly/185ix4J