Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bruce Kulick Looking For His Stolen KISS Guitars

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick is looking for a few of his missing 80's KISS guitars. Bruce Kulick writes:

"I get asked often about certain early KISS guitars that I have toured with and used in videos. Sadly THREE of mine used during the Animalize and Asylum eras were stolen from the KISS warehouse in NJ, sometime back in the mid to late 80s. The thieves cut a hole in the ceiling and got away with these three guitars of mine, as well as some others. At least one of Paul's that was stolen was recovered years ago when someone sold it to the Hard Rock Cafe. If any of you have seen these, I'd like to have them back. I don't have serial numbers, but they are very identifiable to me. Please contact if you have any information. Thanks for reading!!"

(Below are details on the individual guitars.)

Picture One: Custom graphic (designed by me) purple Charvel with a Floyd Rose and one pickup. Appeared in a KISS video and on stage

Picture Two: Black 1984 BC Rich Eagle Standard with rosewood fingerboard and two humbuckers

Picture Three: Blue Charvel with a black Floyd Rose, one pickup model. The neck had figured birdseye maple