Sunday, June 9, 2013

‘We’re Dedicated; Maybe Some Of The Others Weren’t': Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer On KISS’ Current Lineup

Kiss’ battles, in the media, in books and in person, are legion. They’ve split with two co-founding members, and gone through a series of legal actions with one of their replacements. These days, though, it seems the issues are few.

With the addition of Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, who serve not as equals but basically as hired guns, Kiss has enjoyed a lengthy period of peace behind the co-leadership of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

“No matter what you do in life, even in your own household growing up, somebody has to be in charge,” Singer tells Sweden TV4′s Nyhetsmorgon in the video below. “Somebody has to make choices and decisions. Not everybody is the quarterback. You need teamwork to make it all work, and that’s what the band is all about.”

Asked what moved the current lineup to its most recent argument, Stanley quips: “Somebody didn’t flush the toilet.” Singer quickly adds: “That’s usually Gene. It’s always Gene. He pees on the toilet seat, and he never flushes!”

Kiss was in Sweden to kick off its European tour in support of Monster, its second straight studio album with this four-man roster. Singer served an early 1990s tenure before taking over in 2004 for good. Thayer has been Kiss’ guitarist since 2002.

“All four of us are extremely dedicated to what we’re doing,” Thayer added. “We’re dedicated to Kiss. Maybe some of the others weren’t so much that way. This is a great team, like Eric said. We have a great chemistry, and great spirit in the band.”

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