Friday, June 21, 2013

Twisted Sister's JJ French "I Was Never In Wicked Lester" The Band That Eventually Became KISS!

The Internet -- Twister Sister and their guitarist JJ French have been on a tear in recent years. First off we have the never ending feud with Krokus over stage clothes from 1982. Then the boasting of the bands ability to kick ass and how they 'blow everyone' off the stage. French makes sure to let everyone know how 'great' they are. More recently the band threatened to sue a Coffee Shop and now he wants to make it very clear. "I was never in Wicked Lester."

The band Wicked Lester would later become KISS. And French found success with Twisted Sister years later. Both bands are still active today and as goofy as ever. At least that is what some fans think. Others love these bands. We love them all. Even Krokus. But one thing is for sure, most of us know the difference between a band and a coffee shop.

French latest post is noted below.

"Too set the record straight for the millionth time.......I was never in wicked lester, I was one of dozens of guitar players who they tried out from June to August 1972. I wasn't anywhere near good enough when I auditioned for the band."