Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today In KISStory - 1977

Today In KISStory - June 30, 1977: KISS release the album "Love Gun".

Love Gun is the sixth studio album by KISS. It is notable for being their first album to feature a lead vocal performance from Ace Frehley, this marks the first Kiss album to feature lead vocal performances from all four band members.

It was also the last studio album to feature the entire original Kiss lineup on every track, as Peter Criss was replaced by session drummer Anton Fig for most of 1979's Dynasty album.

Track listing

1. "I Stole Your Love"
2. "Christine Sixteen"
3. "Got Love for Sale"
4. "Shock Me"
5. "Tomorrow and Tonight"
6. "Love Gun"
7. "Hooligan"
8. "Almost Human"
9. "Plaster Caster"
10. "Then She Kissed Me"