Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Playmate Carrie Stevens Talks About Eric Carr, KISS, Etc.

Carrie Stevens will forever be linked with KISS due to her once in a lifetime relationship with drummer Eric Carr. She’s a celebrity chef (read on), a Playboy Playmate, an actress with credits in movies like “Rock Star” and TV shows like “Two and A Half Men” and most importantly a mother to her budding rock drummer son Jaxon, Still, despite her family, career and life going on following Eric’s death in 1991 , Carrie continues to hold a strong sway in the KISS Kommunity as an insider and flamekeeper. Her unbreakable bond with Eric, as well as his lifelong dedication for being fan-accessible, leads her to be respectful about doing interviews with people like me for the benefit of fans who continue to keep Eric alive in spirit, read on….

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