Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paul Stanley On How To Survive A Music Festival | Transcribed by

KISS frontman Paul Stanley talks about surviving music festivals in the recent issue of "Maxim" magazine:

KISS frontman Paul Stanley helps you enjoy your time in the mud.

Pack wisely: "Don't go anywhere without Purell, condoms, and breath mints."

Pick a partner: "Don't go with a large group. A festival is not a time to see democracy in action; its a time for you and one person to agree on a strategy."

Find the turntables: "Some bands don't bring their all to festivals, so look for a tent with a DJ. There should be a lot of ecstasy on there. And from what I understand,  even a dog passing gas sounds good on those drugs."

Don't be a dick: "You want to get you money's worth, so don't throw shit at the stage. Also, let the people who are paid to sing do the singing. And if you want to do your '60s freak dance or some flower-child thing, move to the side."

Score a backstage pass: "Other than the photos of people dancing in the mud with hot topless chicks, the festival scene looks miserable. So, if you're not in the front row, try and convince one of those hot girls to wrangle a backstage pass for the each of you."