Saturday, June 29, 2013

New KISS Lyric Video "Right Here, Right Now" Encourages Fans To Never Give Up
40 years after their formation, KISS still truly is the "Hottest Band in the World." They work hard to prove it even when they don't have to. They just released a new lyric video for the song "Right Here, Right Now" that shows the band doing what they do best: Rock 'n' Rolling every night and partying every day.
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The video highlights the band's latest international tour in support of their 20th studio album, "Monster." It features explosive footage of the band energetically performing to their excited fans. You could even say it's a commercial for what many would rightfully call "the Greatest Show on Earth." There are scenes of each band member performing the familiar moves they've become known for over the years on an all new state-of-the-art stage design that includes a gigantic metal-framed spider which descends from above complete with a platform for members to stand on.

"Right Here, Right Now" is a bonus iTunes track and didn't even appear on the actual physical CD copies of "Monster" released in stores. However, the song shouldn't be looked at as just extra material or a "B-side" left over from the recording sessions for the album. It's every bit as aggressive and passionate as any of the other tracks on the record.

Not content to just have the lyrics to "Right Here, Right Now" flashing on the screen over miscellaneous pictures of the band, Paul Stanley makes a special appearance and sings the chorus of the song to viewers. This continues to show how KISS always goes the extra mile to hold themselves to a higher standard. Most bands don't even appear in their lyric videos. All you get are words flashing over background images of their new album artwork.

The song itself is a call to action for KISS's legion of fans. The band uses their musical platform to encourage them to be pro-active and never give up on their dreams, just as the band didn't 40 years ago when they formed against incredible odds. The lyrics speak for themselves:

"You were born, got it all; The rest is all up to you; You stand or you crawl; Gotta chase to break; And run with the fall; Get up when you fall. Right here, right now; Yesterday's gone, tomorrow's always in doubt; Right here, right now; The only time, the only time; That matters is now. "

"Right Here, Right Now" has been adopted as the theme song for the Arena Football League (AFL). It will be played every night throughout the 2013 season to get the players and audience invigorated. It just goes to show that KISS still has a universal way of getting any crowd anywhere ready for action.

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