Friday, May 24, 2013

The KISS High School Homecoming Movie

If you were in high school in the 70s could you ever have imagined Kiss showing up at your school to perform? Well that’s what happened in 1975, at Cadillac High School in Michigan.

Here’s how the story goes, the school’s football team was struggling until they started cranking up Kiss in the locker room before games. After winning seven games in a row to become conference co-champs the team credited their success to Kiss. The band heard about the team and in 1975, visited the school and performed there during homecoming weekend.

Now the story is in the process of being tuned into a film. Vh1 Radio caught up with Gene Simmons last week at the opening of his new Rock & Brews restaurant in California and gave them an update on the status of the film: “There’s a gentleman named Mark Johnson who’s a producer, who’s produced the Narnia movies as well as other things. There have been some meetings. You know, they don’t call it development hell for nothing. It’s hell to launch anything and he’s almost there, the financing is almost there.” Gene went on to say, “I mean there’s a script, I read some of it. It’s about Cadillac. Kiss is part of the culture, the inspirational story about how a nowhere, nobody football team scaled to heights by infusing their blood with Kiss blood.” Gene added, “We are not producing this movie, by the way, this happened naturally out of Hollywood.”