Sunday, May 19, 2013

Re-Creating Ace Frehley's Smoking Gibson Les Paul Guitar

So here you have a brief tour of how we re-created the Kiss Alive 1 - Gibson Les Paul, and were brought to Gibson Headquarters for Ace to sign and provide our missing links.

Don't be fooled, I'm the only one to replicate the original Ace Frehley Smoking Les Paul, originally built by John Robison. This is that story.

John's designs and his work making custom guitars were an inspiration and partially responsible for me building guitars as my livelihood. I remember watching Ace's guitar smoke and shoot rockets as a teenager in 1978, and building many half-cocked replicas and had stated building a reputation as someone who could recreate the guitars. I would hire myself out for special events, and also rent out the guitars to bands. I even designed a Red, White, and Blue color changing smoke guitar and played the Star Spangled Banner when Robbie Knievel jumped over Marshal Amps. Through the years I've accumulated much more information and was ready to replicate his design most accurately.

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