Friday, May 17, 2013

Paul Stanley: Smashing Guitars Through The Years

Paul Stanley has been approximately smashing guitars since late 1975/early 1976, it's not known why he started smashing them, he started after he got a deal with Gibson guitars, first he sold some guitars seeing the band was completely broke in 1975, after their success started to come around after the huge sales from the Alive! album Stanley started to smash them, my personal thoughts about it is that he started to smash them so he had a act of his own beside his small solo before Black Diamond, seeing Gene had his fire breathing and blood spitting, Ace and Peter both had their own solo's, so this way Paul could end the show with a bang...

Paul has approximately smashed around 1560 guitars on my calculations.

In the beginning Paul started smashing as the guitars were, just a guitar, but smashing a guitar is not easy seeing a good guitar is sturdy and can withstand a beating! And it certainly can't be safe for people near the stage as parts can fly off, so later on he would get guitars that were sawed about 50% through the neck so they break easier and with unnecessary parts removed like volume knobs, even complete fake guitars were used once with no strings, knobs, bridge, electricals at all.

Paul almost never changed his smashing act, but during the Animalize tour he came up with a small trapeze stunt that would bring him back on the stage when he acquired the guitar to be smashed, but he changed his act the most in 1994, when he would pour lighter fluid on his guitar and lit in on fire!

Since 2010 fans can buy a autographed guitar that will be smashed at the show by Paul himself, the website:

In late 2004 Paul had two hip replacement surgeries, so since 2004 his hips do not have the same flexibility and his smashing has not been as brutal as it was in the past seeing he can't bend forward as much as he could in the past, the huge platform shoes are of course also add more to this as well!

I want to point out that Paul also smashed his guitars during the Britain leg of the Revenge tour in 1992, but i could not acquire the right footage from these shows.